Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Comment Responses are Delayed

I just wanted to write a formal apology.

I am busy lately and swamped with work. I'm currently on the computer right now to message some group mates and to charge my mp3 player (I'm going to need my music for the rest of the week).

School is kind of eating my soul right now. I'm also kinda eating these right now.

Seasonal items are the best.

Anyway, that's pretty much what I've had time to do as of late. Now I'm off to message people, then marker my night away. Commenting back will happen in the future, but not until all of this is over.

Later and g'night.


  1. when school bites you, you bite back.


  2. yummy~
    Hey Aya, could you send me an email, I am kinda away form the blog, was stressed and deleted all the posts... so we can talk...my email is anagoncalvespadilha@gmail.com

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