Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fooling around in Photoshop class . . .

I was working on my mood board but got distracted.

It's unfinished and kinda sketchy but I feel that that may be my style.

P.S. Kid who has face I want to draw said yes! Thanks guys! More on this will come later!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Breaking News Brought to You from The Dinner Table

My dinner table is the only table where you will be allowed (and possibly encouraged) to put your elbows on the table. And listen to my random spurs of randomness (<----that sentence was obnoxious . . . )

This past weekend became one of the best weekends I've had in a while. Which may be lame to say, because apart from doing fashion art homework, I spent the majority of it watching ALL THREE SPIDER MAN MOVIES.

My friend Carla thinks I'm crazy for watching all 3 back to back, but I did have several hours in between all. AND I MADE IMPORTANT DISCOVERIES.

For example, the usher from the 2nd movie that stopped Peter from interrupting Mary Jane's show is THE SAME guy from the restaurant scene where Peter tries to propose to MJ. And as much as people already knew this, I totally didn't, so world let me have this one!
Oh, and in the first movie, in the scene where Spider Man first starts becoming a big thing and people are being interviewed about him, one of the guys is the guy who does the Fiber One commercials, Ajay Mehta. CRAZY I KNOW.

And when I was done, I had this brilliant idea to make a low budget super hero webisode series! It'll be a combination of Monty Python and Star Trek and everything else that matters in this world!!!! I'm pretty excited. This has fashion relevance as I will purposefully [probably] try to make the tackiest best costumes ever.

But on to other equally important news!

1. Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone SPLIT.

And they were engaged only a few months ago! But apparently it's true, and apparently Lorenzo has already found other men (this I don't know if it's true though) I hope Marc finds true love soon!

2. I have terrible cellphone pictures of my fashion art homework (that is still not done yikes!)

Left is an under drawing I did for the next project which will be evening wear. The right is my current project where we chose a certain country and made a military inspired outerwear collection based off of it. I chose the bashi-bazouks, irregular/hit and run soldiers from the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). Hence the turban! I took the picture with an orange my friend gave me.

3. I had my first bagel at Brooklyn Bagel a really long time ago.

If only you could see the enormity of this thing! A small bagel there is like a regular, and their regulars are like monsters! But I love their different spreads! This day I had an apple cinnamon spread, but on another occasion I had pumpkin! If you love bagels and don't plan on a huge dinner, I suggest going here!
Location: 286 8th Ave., Chelsea, NY 10001

4. I mentioned earlier that my mother went to Japan for a little vacation. Well, my father, who is usually exhausted after work made supper a few nights and I managed to snag a pic of yesterday's dinner!

He's super picky about food and presentation because he's worked as a restaurant chef all his life. And being that he's a sushi chef, we had this whole fish dish (on the right), along with some lotus roots and pork cutlets. I couldn't finish it all, but hey, that's what leftovers are for! Food is a wonderful thing.

I've decided she can actually read my mind. Or we have a telekinetic connection. Or it's just a mother daughter thing. But remember when I mentioned before about craving apple chips and then my mother buying them?
Well, here's an eerier story! Whilst my mother was gone, you all know my camera broke. Well, I didn't tell my mother and I didn't plan on telling her until after she got back. I did think about emailing her, thinking maybe cameras are cheaper in Japan and therefore better to get it there. But I decided not to since I didn't want to bother her all the way in another country.

Well, I came home today and my mother was unpacking. AND LO AND BEHOLD, A NEW CAMERA CAME OUT OF HER LUGGAGE.

*Note: This is my cell pic of the camera because it can't take a picture of itself.

AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. It's AWESOME. My bulky little Olympus with it's 6 megapixels (I always edited the pictures to make them presentable) had nothing on this baby. It's light weight, sleek, has a big screen, and 14.1 megapixels. I AM IN A NERDY HEAVEN (that kind of heaven where watching star trek and having a new camera is ideal).

And the cherry on top?

One of my favorite Japanese actors does the advertising for it!
*Note: That picture was taken with the new camera!

I barely have to edit these images now!

I got snap happy and took some pictures of the false eyelashes I requested from Japan.

Normally I would re-size these pictures even more, but thought I would leave it today.

Then I went to the kitchen to make tomorrow's lunch and breakfast (I've been good about that lately).



I love how everything looks more delicious than it probably is. Although that salad, piled high with greens, yellow peppers, tomatoes, tofu, kidney beans, and shrimp, actually probably will be a very delightful lunch. Along with my blueberry banana apple smoothie.

Finally after dinner, my sweet tooth told me it was time for sugar. So naturally, I photographed some sweets my mother brought back from Japan (Note: I didn't eat all of these!)

I love cute Japanese packaging!
And I also love the juxtaposition of cellphone pictures to new camera pictures.

If I didn't tire you guys with my overall excitement and random stories, then you are a brave warrior! But alas, I must go and finish my sociology paper!

Good day everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I have been dying these past few days . . .

So I haven't updated in a few days due to an overload of work over at school. And it really never stops. After one thing is done, something else is assigned. So of course, I wanted to take a break this weekend, but it's not going to happen. I also wanted to write a paper for sociology to enter for a contest, but I don't have time, so I'll just have to finish it by the regular due date. Thinking about everything is quite sickening, so I'll spare you further details.

On another note, thank you to all those who gave advice on how to approach the aforementioned dilemma. I actually couldn't use your advice due to gym class being canceled, but will probably use it next week!

So a few things Ive been up to . . .

1. Yesterday, I saw Maya Luz in St. Marks.

And it's creepy because Project Runway people are everywhere! I've already encountered Kara Janx (season 2) twice in the past 2 or so months.
But I didn't know Maya was in NY now. She was/is one of my favs and I wanted to say hi, but got distracted and lost her. She was sporting some cute pink headphones though!

2. I borrowed my friend's camera in Flat Pattern class and took self timer pictures. HENCE THE SHAMEFUL CROPPING OF MY FEET.

-Yellow Sweatshirt from Uniqlo (one of my new favorites)
-Blue overalls
-Blue sparkly tights from Anna Sui
-Black boots from Double Decker

I'm surprised I usually wear more things and I've only got 4 items on!

3. Okay, so this is about 2 weeks overdue, but I finished my Draping Project #3 (?) It's a Dropped Sleeve with a Shawl Collar.

I apologize for the fact that you can't really tell it's a dropped shoulder. Since I'm already famous for my overabundance of design and overall general details everywhere-ness, I decided to make 42 flowers and sew 21 of them on each sleeve. I forget that muslin is HEAVY and making layered flowers and hand sewing them on would weigh the sleeve down. So unless there's an arm in there, the sleeve just kind of droops. But I'm really proud of it! This jacket hath garnered an A+.

I'm currently working on my term garment, which is the MOST IMPORTANT of them all and pretty much shows what you've learned this whole semester. I will be doing a dropped shoulder for this as well. Oh, and it will be fully lined and in fabric.
Pray for me!

4. I recently tried this flavor of Grown up Soda (GuS):

I don't really drink soda, and actually, I never really buy bottled drinks. But my friend always gets this in pomegranate flavor, and since it was on sale at Whole Foods, I gave it a whirl.
This one is Cranberry Lime. I remember liking Cherry Limeade when I was younger, so I bought it.
The flavor really grew on me! It's not too sweet (hence why it's for grown ups), and it was refreshing. My only complaint is the fact that there's less than 10% juice and the second ingredient was sugar. Even though it's not sugary at all. But I guess that means you're mostly paying for carbonated water? Well, it's definitely a way better alternative to coke. And again, I liked the taste.

That's about it for now! I'm off to eat lunch, get some cardio in, and go to school! Have a good Friday everyone!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little pictures for little ol' me.

It's a tragedy that my camera is broken.

But life must go on, so for the time being, I am taking pictures on my cellphone. The will be small, but will have to do!

Yesterday I went to school to do some of my pattern homework.

The day before, I bought an Odwalla Bar at Whole Foods because it was on sale. I ate it on the way, and I have to say, it may be just this bar but it wasn't the most pleasant of bars. It actually tasted like it was a health bar, and I didn't like the after taste.
However, after getting into school, I did notice I actually had energy to do things, so maybe this bar helped?

My outfit for yesterday:

Flippers, it's getting cold again! I should've worn something other than grey (thanks to Jennie, I learned gray is the American spelling, however, I will use the English spelling of it instead!) sweat shorts.

-Jacket borrowed from mom
-Pony necklace embroidered shirt from a store in Chinatown
-Grey Sweat shorts from ???
-Geoffrey Beene scarf
-Black Tights
-Payless boots

Oh, in case you're wondering, I took this picture in a dressing room. I visited H&M before school. [sweat]

I also managed to find a cute polka-dot shirt dress.

Why yes, I did purposefully make this upside down.

And I don't know about you, but I noticed H&M now has a whole bath pampering line going on. And some make-up as well. Actually, funny, because H&M does have a make-up line, but it's only sold in Europe (as stated in some of their free magazines). So maybe they brought it over here? Or this may be a U.S. exclusive.

Never the less, I bought myself a bottle of nail polish.

Webcam saves the day! The color is called "Preppy Pink" and it's actually the kind of pink I've been wanting for a while. It's pale pink mixed with some white. I like it.

Also, this is from a while back, but I was so fried from school work, I took a two minute break to draw my hand.

I have double jointed fingers hence the crooked-ness being correct. But it's too flat. And the palm part is just too . . . stiff. I know it's like a two minute sketch, but this is just proof my art major skills have been depleting.

And speaking of art skills depleting, I love drawing faces. I actually decided to go to my art high school partially because I loved portraits, and most of my portfolio was just that. And so I just have this problem where if I see a face I love, I GO CRAZY. Sometimes I'm in a crowded subway so at that point, it can't be helped, but I end up just glancing at that person's face a couple of times throughout the whole train ride.

[insert creeper jokes]

But the point is, I haven't drawn faces in a while, and I'm worried I'm a bit rusty.


There's this kid in my gym class and I LOVE HIS FACE. I want it in my collection (okay, this conversation keeps getting creepier). I can't say I have a specific trend in faces I enjoy drawing (I really like quirky odd faces, but then again, it just has to be the initial impact that becomes the deciding factor), but all I know is that I've been wanting to draw his for a while.

So I need advice from everyone.

How should I go about asking this person if I can draw them?

The worst thing they could say is no. But actually, I think the worst thing they could do is say no and then think I'm this freaky weirdo that stares at people and thinks about how cool it would be to draw them and contemplate about whether I would do it in charcoal or pencil. Which I am.

So, advice from all parts of the world wide web would be appreciated. Thanks to you all!

And now off to school again! Hazzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Everybody's gonna love today.

You know what? I keep pronouncing Mika like My-ka, but it's actually Mee-ka. I bet you all knew that.

A recent look:

I went heavier on the eye make-up than usual, which turned out to be a success.
This day I went to school to do some draping. My friend saw me and said I looked like I should be in a music video.

I wasn't sure. However if it were this music video, I would not mind. AT ALL.

How does one man make me want to tell all my male friends to get a pair of white pants? I don't know.

Well, actually, I do. Have you seen how he moves in those suckers?

Oh, but back to my outfit and make-up. The reason for dressing up a little?


It was also my friend Sandra's birthday! And birthdays are joyous occasions.

Speaking of joyous occasions, I've been looking for some new clothes on Japanese sites. I've found nothing because I decided to be more picky, however, it's joyous because I've found some cute coordinates that I will post here:

I'm creeped because the model in the first 3 pictures looks EXACTLY like one friend I have from high school. I'm actually convinced they're twins.

But using these pictures, you can see the trends I like:

-Colorful Sneakers
-Graphic Tees (I've been eying many at Uniqlo lately)

I'm also looking for a floral skirt, but something super specific. It doesn't even have to be made (as in, I could buy the fabric and make it), but I'm having such a hard time finding the fabric as well! I have to keep hunting.

I would just like to say in between seasons have the worst stock anywhere, thrift store or retail. Maybe I should test my luck more.

I'm getting sleepy so let me respond to comments and get some shut eye! Another day of working on homework in school tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have tea in my cup

Hi everyone. So my camera is officially dead . . . When I turn it on, it's initially blurry so I have to turn it off, but then the shutter starts clicking and by the time it's finally fixed, it shuts itself off.
I either fix it (but my battery cover is also already broken anyway), or invest in a new camera.

This makes me sad.

But I have some good news!

1. My friend noted that on April 15th, if you bring a reusable coffee mug to Starbucks, they'll give you freshly brewed coffee. I'm more of a tea person but if I remember, I may do this! For those who like coffee, remember that's this Thursday!

2. Limelight Market

I also got wind of this through a friend. It opens on April 29th.
It's basically this church turned market, and it looks like it's going to be HUGE. There are small shops inside, like food markets, fashion stores, apothecaries, sneaker stores, home/galleries, etc.
That, and it's going to be extended along 6th Avenue and 20th street which is in Chelsea and pretty much where I am everyday. That's pretty psychedelic.
If any of you guys are in the area after opening, it'd be worth checking out! (more info can be found by clicking the above image)

Shop the Zac Posen for Target collection before it hits stores at their 24-hour pop-up party. Alt-girl band the Like will perform and there will be D.J. sets throughout the night.
481 Eighth Ave., at 34th St.; 11 p.m. on 4/15 to 11 p.m. on 4/16.

I don't know if there's time, but since it's a 24 hour party and it's pretty near my school, ummmmm, the only thing stopping me is oh, nothing.

I LOVE Zac Posen.

I'm there.

Have a nice day.


I like lists.


-Get locker renewed before getting clipped

-Talk to Liberal Arts Department about SATs and AP English
-Do Fashion Art's 1 million and 1 homeworks
-Sketch out Draping Term Garment
-Do Sociology Paper

I'm wondering how I'm alive.

Wish me luck?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

This town ain't big enough for the both of us

So my dream is to become a cowboy . . .

Whoops, not that one.

That's more like it.

Luckily, I'm not the only one.

Givenchy spring 2009

Chloé spring 2010

D&G spring 2010

Hermés spring 2009

My weapon of choice?

Uhhhhh . . . no.

Something more like . . .


*NOTE: I have actually been wanting golden cowboy boots for about 3 years. It haunts my dreams.

all runway and boot image via
others found through google

Have a nice day.

Friday, April 9, 2010

So it's been a while . . .

It's been a while since Easter (the last time I posted), and I thought I had to post again soon! So here I am.

The funny thing is, I've developed a habit of making a list of 10 goals to accomplish per month (starting last month). One of my goals for this month is "Post more on my blog than last month" So far, this is not being accomplished . . .
But lets hope it will be!

On a happier note, Jukebox the Ghost is going on tour again~! Oh the joy that travels through my body. I've already started to plan out my outfit, but that will come much later (the concert is in late late May)

Recent food:

My mother wanted to try these and bought some. Crazy coincidence is, for the past few days before she bought them, I was craving apple chips. So nostalgic!
These are granny smith apple chips so they're tart. Really yummy.

I like soy milk.

The warm season = awesome seasonal fruits!
I recently went on a crazy fruit buying spree, so I stocked up on about 7 different kind of fruits. This fruit salad contains 5: strawberries, mango, grapefruit, pears, frozen grapes.

Recently I also found myself walking around downtown (near Chinatown/the village/LES). I love this area because the buildings are all so small and cozy looking and they have the best eats. That and I found a store called "Just Shades" with about a billion lamp shades on display, and a store just for people who want to open a pizza joint. WIN.

Some shots:

(this is so trippy I love it!!!)

(my feet and a bag from whole foods)

Finally, I was reading today's issue of WWD, which is the Beauty Biz. I LOVE the Beauty Biz. Nothing like a good Friday to check up on new cosmetics and fragrances.

So of course, I came across a page of fragrances and immediately thought to myself I have to try this scent:

I love Viktor & Rolf (I think I mention this often), but I have yet to try out their scents. This one is called Flower Bomb (actually, this name makes me think of Lush), and comes in this chic pink bottle with a black V&R tag.

I don't know about you, but now I'm excited for Spring.

I'm off to go do some school work [in school]! Tata!