Sunday, January 31, 2010

Things to bring tomorrow:

-Clear Ruler
-Schedule of new semester
-Heart Thrives
-Walkman (yes, I do use a walkman, and if I could, I'd want instead a cassette player because I just want to be a teen from the 80s)
-A brave heart
-A brave face
-Killer outfit

*EDIT: Do Fafsa

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cookies are quite good, I do agree.

Which is why Scott Sternberg from the Band of Outsiders has made The Cookie Blog!!

The Cookie Blog

Basically he talks about cookies he's had, cookie commercials, cookie places. And well, I like them cookies . . . (which is exactly why I bookmarked his blog, and also that fashion people can have a humorous blog about sugary confections)

Now, straying away from the topic of cookies, I'm going to talk about Sonia Rykiel for H&M again! I know, I did it once this week already. But behold! It seems pictures of the items are out now!


And me being a dork, I have collaged the ones I like and may get when the collection is out:

I liked more, but I was trying to be super selective.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to have to get ready for a sleepover now, and then in two days, school is starting! Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I like to yawn periodically

Hey everybody. I have a huge migraine right now because I was up all night writing. And now, I am still writing (I mean, apart from on this). So please excuse any errors!

This picture is actually me yesterday, really yawning while fiddling with my camera. I was waiting for my friend in Whole Foods.

My beautiful haul:

I went to Westerly yesterday and grabbed a few things: Chunks of Energy (yum, and cheaper than where I normally get them!), some produce, and Heart Thrive! I've tried the Lemon Poppy variety but I never had the apple so I thought I'd give it a go!

BTW, I'm going to assume that everything in the fruit package is organic because all the produce at Westerly is. Well, I had the orange today and maybe I just haven't had orange in a long while, but it was so good. Oh how I missed you, sphere of citrusy goodness.

My friend also got:

Yes, the plastic warped in the microwave.
She didn't like it too much. It may be because she doesn't eat the health food store food (for lack of better words) as often as I do. I had some, and I have to admit I've had better. But still, the price was agreeable.

Lastly, I hung out with my friend Crysbel on Tuesday! She came back from Ecuador. We walked around downtown and talked about movies and the works. She got me back a gift!

Isn't it cute?
And it has my name on it, so it's like having a stylish name tag. Thank you!

Anyway, I believe it is time I probably get off. Have a nice Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So when did I actually become a dork?

Good question.

It may have been those times in English AP junior year when pretty much every lunch period I went to go talk to my English teacher about theories I had about Shakespeare's plays, or how I could improve on all of my essays. Or when he wasn't there, hanging out with my Japanese teacher.

Or, I don't know, totally following up on my math teacher's wardrobe senior year because she actually had cuter clothes than a lot of the people in the hallway?

Or we could trace it back some more to middle school when I wore fake lip piercings to imitate my favorite singer.

No, it probably goes back even further. I mean, I was kind of one of the best spellers in elementary school. And yeah, I collected rocks. And now I collect figurines (okay, given that I only accept them when they come around and I don't actually go looking for them) But this is when that phrase "Don't judge me" [insert shifty eyes] really comes into play.

So you know that moment when you're heart kinda stops because you're so excited? And you breathe more heavily and your hands get a little sweatier and maybe you might even squeal?

Well, I do. I mean, know that moment. And it happens to me a few times a week, when something just feels right.

A few examples as of the past few days:

1. Sonia Rykiel: Pre fall and H&M collab
Okay, so not that I totally don't love her on a daily basis anyway, but come on.
I'm not the biggest fan of all the collabs (not that I'm not excited about hearing about them and looking at look books, but I try not to expect too much), but I for one think she is doing EXACTLY what should be done, which is, she's retaining her style constantly both in her own line (of course) and collaboration pieces. And she makes things many women would love to wear: casual enough, sexy/sweet/cute/fun/lovely, but still dressy. I for one just go gaga for Sonia.

2. Christian Dior SS2010 (Couture)
Um, yes, so I am one of those many many people who love the collection. So I won't go too far, let me just say the two things that come to my mind right away:
-John Galliano
Yes, that may have made sense . . . note that those were two separate things, but they could work together too. Just saying.

3. High Def. DVDs
Okay, so I didn't exactly stop and die but it's pretty mind blowing. I actually saw the pores on Jame's McAvoy's face in Wanted. And Morgan Freemans. I didn't ask, but that's just how mind blowingly awesome the quality is. Off note, but that movie was also quite enjoyable. Peanut butter . . .

Point is, I dork out immensely. And I have moments that are obviously when I am dorking out. But I really just wanted to share the recent moments with you guys, and to express my love for fashion and high definition dvds. I hope you all will have moments of your own.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lately I am a hungry little caterpillar . . .

Hey guys! It is Monday once again.

So lately I've been eating a bit more than I normally do. Or, I find myself snacking a lot. I take it to be for two reasons:

-The cold weather
-Lack of sleep

People are known to eat more during the winter to keep warm (you know, body fat = heat, and we want to stay warm). In Japan, the culture is more heavily based on baths than showers, which is how they remedy this. If one takes more baths, their body stays warm longer (or at least the heat travels throughout the body and stays longer).
It's weird because I do have the time since I'm still on vacation to make baths, but I often end up taking showers instead. I believe it may be in part of the fact that I don't like having to wait until the tub is full.

Also, lack of sleep. I was watching this one test where a woman who normally sleeps about 4 hours a day was told to sleep 8-9 hours a day instead. What resulted was that this woman, who ate a lot on a normal basis (she ate about 6 FULL meals a day plus snacks) started eating much less and lost some weight. This is due to the fact that when you're sleepy, your brain is more prone to listen to your hormones that tell you you're hungry and that you want to eat. But with sleep, it's easier to block them out. Also when you're sleeping, you're not being active, so you're not doing anything that would make you hungry.

That being said, I haven't been sleeping quite as much. I believe it's due to the fact that my bed has been cluttered this whole time with books and blankets and bears that I often found myself rolling around to find the right spot. Also, being on break means you think you have all the time in the world to do absolutely nothing.

But aha! Yesterday I finally cleaned out my entire bed and pretty much made double the space! And break is near ending. So is winter (well, kinda).

I want to see how these two factors will affect my eating habits. I hate science and yet I find experiments really intriguing. Well, I'll update on how it goes.

If I bored you, I'm sorry. Something better will come soon enough.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Water bottles, SAG Awards, and Vegan Peanut Butter Cups!

Hey guys! The weekends are almost ending, which pretty much means I have about one more week until school starts. I should be more productive . . . (like going to school beforehand and cleaning out my locker!) We'll see what happens.

Anyway, I would like to introduce to you all:

My new water bottle!
Well, I have a bad habit of buying water when it's convenient, but it always bothered me since a. paying for water I already have, and b. the waste from the bottles, didn't seem good.
Today I happened to go inside Old Navy with my mom and saw one of these for $5 and decided to get one! In my mind, I'm thinking finally!
The picture is an outcome of me using my web cam (which miraculously worked today!)

You know what they say about naming things though, right? That if you name your personal belongings, you take better care of it (therefore it lasts longer). I think I'll name him (or her, it's undecided, but right now, it's just confused) Sunny.

I also watched the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night! Highlights include:

-Betty White's hilarious speech
-Drew Barrymore being cutely nervous
-George Clooney oddly looking down every time his name came up
-Tina Fey being Tina Fey

And my favorite Red Carpet looks came from these 3 ladies:

From Left: Kate Hudson in Emilio Pucci, Diane Kruger in Jason Wu, Christina Applegate in Roberto Cavalli

So I think I like trains and back cleavage. Kate Hudson was my absolute favorite though. She is one person that just rocks white. I also didn't know it was Pucci until I looked it up. It's really one of my favorites.

Finally, Vegan Peanut Butter cups.
Okay, so I religiously follow the Lilveggiepatch, and she's always linking these great recipes from other blogs! Recently, she had posted about Vegan Peanut Butter Cups from another blog (here's the post and recipe) and I told my friend Ana about it.
Well, her being vegan, my being open to anything, and us both being chocoholics, we thought it sounded easy and wonderful! Then we also thought, hey, if there are leftovers, why not sell them and donate the money to Haiti?

Now the only thing is to set up a time and then get ingredients. I never worked with nooch before (nutritional yeast). My only problem is buying it, and then not being able to use it as much. Like, buying an ingredient for something, but then realizing you don't have many uses for it? I guess that's what google is for!

Anyway, leaving on that thought, I think I'm going to go contact Ana right now to plan this! Pictures will come when it happens! Toodles guys!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop bullying me you trendy fiend!

Well, fashion likes to poke at me from afar with long sticks. But then it feels bad and comes to give me a hug. It's kinda like a sour patch kid. Hey, what happened to those commercials anyway?

I was reading a few things and was just thinking about this. But alas, the arguments have been made time and time again, and when I deem it time to make mine (which will happen on numerous occasions I am sure), I shall. But not now.

I went on a little adventure yesterday with my friend to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (one of my favorite places to be). Of course, American Stories was a must. It's the new exhibit that's out right now. I highly recommend it.
I often find that European paintings have a sense of humility, like "We know we're great, you know we're great, but we don't need to remind you." American paintings are more "We're great. You know it. So we shall flaunt it." I really felt that sort of an energy come from the paintings.

Anyway, after American paintings, we went jousting with the best.

Okay, no, just went to visit some brave knights in the Medieval Arts section on the first floor. I never actually took a good look at them (I was usually right next door in the Rococo rooms) but they are so radical!

I am digging it.

Which makes me think of this from a few weeks back.

The Japanese Samurai Armor made by Tetsuya Noguchi, honoring the one and only Chanel. Oh the wonders of the human mind . . .

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Miss Crafty

My break started December 21st and is ending February 1st. Yes, my friends have already thrown rocks at me and run over me with scooters.

And took my juice box.

And animal crackers.

B-b-but I have emerged stronger!

And craftier!

So I will show you some of the little trinkets I have been making in my own sweatshop room.

A hair tie I made for a friend. A heart and a pom pom! This fabric I actually got from a skirt my friend didn't want.

This one I happened to make for myself. This one is an elephant and a pom pom!

This was just a corsage I made. I was originally going to give it to my mom's acquaintance but decided the brown may not have been the best choice, so I still have it.

This one took a while because the fabric I used was pretty thick. But it's worth it because it's really fuzzy! This one is hanging on my bag right now.

A cellphone charm I made for a friend (except I have yet to see her so hopefully she won't see this beforehand). This made me realize I need another pair of pliers because only having one means I have to hold the wire still with my actual hand, and it hurts. This one is made with buttons, chain I got at Toho Shouji, beads I got in random places, and a flower I crocheted. Oh, and head pins and jump rings from Toho too. I really need to go to a bead show again, because I'm dying to buy some more clasps and earring hooks.

This is a barette (hair clip) I made my mother for Christmas! She likes blue and wears blue often, so what better than blue flowers and white pearls? The pearls I got from my last bead show. They work well with thread because the hole is really small.

I believe that may be all for now. I have some unfinished projects, but those will be put up in due time.

Hope you guys enjoyed looking. Tell me what you think! ^^

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inspiration of the Day

Actually, it's a lie since Camilla Belle is one of my inspirations daily, but then again, I also have many.

I mean, who else is as classy as her and looks good in EVERYTHING? Especially Mcqueen's recent collection, which I didn't think could be pulled off by many (still don't). But wow, she definitely proved me wrong.

I am currently being antisocial and staying at home a lot. This being because I need to organize a few things . . . especially my sleeping schedule.

I am going to vow for the rest of the month, I WILL NOT BUY CLOTHES. The only exception I am making is IF I find a pair of lace up boots, because my current pair has been broken for a year or so now and it's not working for the cold weather . . .

Now, can I break the reality bubble for a sec and mention the earthquake in Haiti? I know I don't own a current events blog, but it's been a few days now since it's happened and it just seems that it needs to be touched upon.
I am really glad that so many charities and donation boxes are popping up. I was watching the news, and recently there has been controversies on certain charities that apparently they're spending the money for Haiti on other things. It's been denied, but I really hope that it won't happen in the future. Remember in Sex and the City when Samantha was trying to make a charity for a dead fashion designer and she started it so she could get contacts of everyone in NY's social circle? And in the end, nobody helped her because she made out with one guy who had a wife who pretty much had every connection to every place in NY?
That was just to connect, but the real point is, if you're going to do a good deed, do it with a good intention. And I also believe that even if you can't directly help out with the earthquake, spreading the word or praying also helps.

Here's a website to learn more and help out:

Hope for Haiti

There are many more if you search online.

Remember, to be a glamorous human being, one must have a glamorous heart. <----As lame as that sounds, go with it guys. Much love to ya!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zac Posen and Project Runway

Okay, so my verdict on the new Target Collabs is thus:

Zac Posen = Win
Jean Paul Gaultier = . . .

Obviously, this is solely based on my opinion. And yes, I have friends that like the Gaultier collection. And no, this isn't a competition. Just, if a pop up shop comes up in the near future of these releases, you'll know which one I'm going to be spending my money at.

I'm a little (let's face it, a lot) bias towards Zac Posen because I love him and admire him. But I really dig the collection mainly because of two reasons:

1. It's actually really Zac, despite the fact that it's a collaboration line.

2. Fun, funky, and quirky, which is great also for the upcoming season. That, and colors galore.

I guess I'm not digging Gaultier's because it's a little . . . confusing to me? It's not so much my aesthetic. I also am not on board when it comes to the whole weird tattooed skin looking clothing. I mean, tattoos are fine, but I don't really get why I would want to wear clothes like that. My friend who likes the collection though might convince me otherwise. I guess it all depends on how it looks in person!

Now, I'm a little late on commenting on the now 7th Season of Project Runway. But what's a girl with basic cable to do? So like any little curious girl with some time on hand, I googled, and realized I could watch it on the OHP!

After watching the first episode, I made my list of Top 3:

1. Amy Sarabi
2. Maya Luz
3. Jay Nicolas Sario

Those are in no specific order as of right now, but they are the three that based on their portfolio, is what I liked to see. Obviously if they can't work under time constraints constantly, then it might pose a problem. But I would like to see what they do in the next few challenges/episodes.

Also, I'm really glad the show is back in New York. I mean, it just makes more sense. And I don't know if this is the reason why, but overall, I like how this season started off more than season 6 (I gave up watching last season actually, after episode 3). Well, no, I think I like this season more because the people on this season are more socially likeable.

Those were my 2 cents on those topics. I'm off to eat lunch. Auf Wiedersehen!

Monday, January 18, 2010

So I wasn't on the computer for a little while . . .

I had totally forgotten to update! Okay, I didn't forget. It was in the back of my mind. But what do you do when you're out most of the weekend?

Well, I promised a small review of that restaurant my friend and I ended up going to last time, so here it is!

Yes, I did have my friend just stand in front of the restaurant for that first pic.

Anyway, we went to Olive Tree Cafe! It's this restaurant/bar (?) joint near West 4th. I believe there is a downstairs (which is the bar?) but upstairs happened to be where we sat to eat.
Okay, so the reason we came here was because my friend had suggested it a really cool place. And I mean, how can it not be if you can DRAW ON THE TABLES WITH CHALK?? Image 3 are the awesome doodles we both did.
We split an order of falafels (the falafel plate, not sandwich), and we each got separate drinks. I got "Rainforest Mate" tea.

Verdict: The falafels were good. They were a good size and fried well so it was crispy enough on the outside but mushy enough on the inside. The other thing I liked was that you could build your own sandwich with the platter.
The tea was nothing special. Actually, it tasted like mint gum (my friend said double mint). I drank it anyway because it was chilly that day, but I'm not a huge fan of the tea.

The service was okay. Not exceptional or anything, but the guy was nice and answered our questions.

The pricing is all moderate. Based on a price to portion ratio, I think the prices are set pretty well. Since this was my first time and I never ordered anything else, I'm not a hundred percent sure if it applies to everything on the menu. But I thought it was okay.

Sadly, this is all I could do today. My computer is lagging like crazy right now, so any further updates will have to come another time. Bye everyone!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Extras from Tuesday

On Tuesday, my friend Melissa and I decided to go watch Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, eat, and take photos. The photos ended up being in a Soho store my mom works at, except we used their bathroom.

Before those pictures are revealed, here is my cupcake of wonders:

S'mores cupcake from Crumbs!
Every time I go to Crumbs, I try to get a flavor I never had before. Nothing has disappointed me yet! This one had a marshmallow frosting/fluff center.
After getting it though, I saw the Blueberry Cobbler which I also never tried and I wish I had gotten that because I see it less. Ah well . . .

Now on to the bathroom pictures . . .

To have total creative license over how I present my pictures, I touched them up and collaged them together.

Wheeeeeeee, stars and purple~
My friend told me it looked like some indies Japanese cd cover. Haha, it actually does. And I have a bob that was popular back then in 90's Japan.

Fixing hair in the mirror. I love kinda out of focus blurry shots.

My make-up mixed with Melissa's. There's a lot in my little Hello Kitty make-up bag, but I still have more at home.

Finally, trying to pull a Michael Jackson (except with fishy lips and robot arms!).

Melissa also got me some Chai!

I had some yesterday and it's SO GOOD. I used hot milk, but I'm sure it'd taste good with hot water too. I wish I had a steamer to steam my own milk because that would be the best thing ever! Maybe I should become friends with that guy at Guy and Gallard since I do eat there often on school days . . .

We ended up eating dinner together too, but that will be saved for another post with more pictures! Toodles all!

That's a mighty fine swagger you got goin' on

I just like the word swagger too much.

So it is that time again.

Bergdorf Goodman's sale. Really can't keep up with all the Department Store sales, but since this just happened upon my mailbox . . . (click image to be redirected to sale page)

I'm actually looking at the sale page as we speak and I found this:

Juicy Couture pullover. It made me think of:

Image via

Alexander Wang SS2010.

I was not the biggest fan of this collection by Wang. I mean, some pieces were okay on it's own, but the collection as a whole didn't seem too attractive to me. To put it plainly, I don't see the allure in dressing like this completely off the runway.

Also, check it! ALERT:

GAP on 5th (680 5th Avenue) is teaming up with Crunch gym this month until February 7th to promote fitness with new clothes from Gap Body/City Athletes and consultation with a fitness trainer/expert. They're also giving away passes for a one-year membership at Crunch to one lucky winner everyday until the 7th!

Gap on 5th seems to be the go-to Gap location for events, so I suggest keeping this one tabbed. But other than that, this seems pretty cool and always worth a look if you're in the area. Plus free workout is always a happy thought!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, and speaking of losses

I forgot but losses reminded me, I saw The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus yesterday, featuring the late Heath Ledger.

I thought it needed to be separate from the last post I made 5 minutes ago because, well, adding it to a post about losses would depress me deeply.

Although this movie surely did not depress me.

If I was to write a summary on this movie, I really wouldn't be able to do such a fair job of it. I missed the first 5 minutes or so, but don't get me wrong, if you miss the first 5 minutes, it's not too dire. But this movie is overall pretty confusing and VERY TRIPPY.
Okay, so confusing in the sense that there were some parts I didn't get (like, maybe the ending and how it resulted into it), but it's more trippy than anything. The Imaginarium is basically about a "traveling theatre troupe" (as Wiki called it), and one day they find Ledger's character, Tony, hanging off a bridge. They save him and soon Tony becomes part of the team. What you don't find out until later is who Tony really is and what his intentions are. The rest of the plot revolves around a wager Dr. Parnassus made with Mr. Nick concerning his daughter Valentina.
This story also takes place between the real world and the imaginary world behind the mirror, which IS the imaginarium.

Okay, so I thought it was fantastic that they actually made and released the film and decided to include the new actors as Heath in the other world. It made sense because nothing made actual sense in this movie's world.

Also, it's pretty hilarious. I love the midget jokes. And Anton was ADORABLE.

Finally, to actually tie this review to what my blog is supposed to be about, I am going to say aesthetically, everything is SO LOVELY. Lily Cole, who also plays Valentina, is also an English model, which explains so well how good everything looked on her. I will say I am really picky when it comes to acting, so alongside veterans she seemed slightly more amateur, but she was good.

In the real world, they all dressed in layers with a plethora of colors and patterns (they were performers afterall).
In the imaginarium, anything went really. Cole was mostly dressed in flowy gowns that showed some skin on top but usually came all the way down to her feet. Ledger's character mostly wore the white suit above (except for when they first found him). Percy (the dwarf) may have had equal or more costume changes than Cole, some of which included ridiculous monkey costumes and a small black boy costume.

Some of Cole's outfits:

Overall I recommend watching it, especially while it's in theaters to get the full effect. And stay until after the credits if you want to hear a certain ringing . . .

Mourning the losses.

As some may know (most may know), Joe Biden's mother, Jean Biden, died on Friday, at the age of 92. The funeral was held yesterday.

I for one would love to live that long, so in that respect, I'm glad she was there to support him through most of his life.

(She's so cute!)

Rest in peace.

I'm also going to mourn the loss of jobs at Karl Lagerfeld (although um, pretty much everywhere else).

Then I'm mourning the loss of these:

-Good things in my size at the Topshop Soho sale (Buy One Get One Free. Best be checking it out before it's all gone . . . )
-Cherry Preserve in my fridge and local super market
-Time before the sun goes down
-Will to eat more salad after eating them straight on for the past few days (and still having more mixed greens in the fridge)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I feel like . . .

I should not be up at this hour. Oops, too late for that.

Thought I would sporadically share a few of my "What I feel like doing"s. More or less what I feel like buying, but hey, might as well do something while my break is around and I have time and America wants me to spend (darn you corporate America)

I Feel Like . . .

1. Buying THIS Sephora Smoothing Primer. It got fantastic reviews (also taking into account the fact that there's about 400+ reviewers), and I've been wanting to test out a few products that may up the results on my make-up.

2. Buying another wig. I'm thinking of a curly one but can't really find pictures of the kind that I want . . . so if I do find one I like and end up purchasing, pictures will surly come!

3. Trying color contacts. I just want to give it a go but I don't think I'd ever want to do it all the time (I'm way TOO lazy for that). Again, if I see anything, pictures . . .

4. Oh, and I can't find Bright Star yet on DVD. Is it out yet? I'm kind of saddened . . .

Yes, so I'm going to leave it at that. Short but sweet! Good night everyone~

Saturday, January 9, 2010

British accents and facial hair = . . . .

So what does it equal guys?

Sorry, did you really not see that coming?

Oh, okay, so you get it now . . .

Well, today I went to go see Sherlock Holmes even though I was kinda saving it for a slightly later date . . .
Well, what resulted from watching this movie were several things:

1. Wanting to be British
2. Wanting to be Rachel McAdams
3. Wanting to be Mary (neigh, having Mary disappear so Watson and Holmes could be on cool adventures forever)
4. Wondering when the receding hairline started . . .
5. Wondering why I didn't see Hamlet (oh, yeah, tickets were impossible to get)
6. Waiting for the next installment

The beginning was kind of slow (as in, the first hour was all introduction), but the rest of the movie was quite enjoyable and rather funny. If you don't end up liking Watson more towards the end, you're just confusing. I think overall the movie was pretty good. More action than obviously what the books would have, but that's what happens when something goes Hollywood. I'm also DYING to try and redo Rachel McAdam's makeup in the movie. It's quite sexy and very appealing.

Speaking of Rachel, I never mentioned how much I love her. She's one of my favs, along with Anne Hathaway. Maybe I just prefer matte lipstick brunettes, but I quite enjoy the work that both do.

So on that note, I shall get off! Have a good night ladies and gents!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lets celebrate with cake!

I being a dork did go and make a banner for this joyous occasion.
And of course, to get the point through that this is a fashion AND food blog, I chose a picture of Heidi Klum with a lollipop (of course, of course)

And what is a celebration without cake?

Well, I happened upon this article from 2 months ago and since I never saw this until now and maybe some of you here haven't, I figured what the hay, lets post it up!

Well, Motion Media magazine FLY16x9 did this movie for the MOMA MiXX benefit event (months ago), and a shorter version is up on their website:

There is a Fashion Page and an Art Page. To watch "Cake", click Fashion.
I never really thought watching a model wear AF Vandevorst and eat cake would be so entertaining but the way it's shot is actually pretty cool. The old timey music (which may also be mistaken as elevator music), the brown and grey hues, the fact that most of the time you can only see half of the model's face, and how she struggles to finish the cake all kind of kept me interested. The cake looks delicious but I have to hand it to her for eating so much of it (even I can't do that).
I also watched Platonic Crush which is for Christian Dior. I love it when fashion and art is combined, so if you do too, check it out!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Ciao! How are you? <------What I wrote in the title

Yesterday I wrote I wake up on opposite sides of the bed. I really do wake up with my feet under my pillow. I think this is a sign I need to find ways to sleep better if I'm moving around in the middle of the night.

Anyway, this morning I ate this!

Plain yogurt, banana, Fuji apple, pear, and chunks of energy! I want to say this is chocolate almond but I'm probably wrong. Either way, it had chocolate in it.
Yesterday I stocked up, and now I only have 5. I . . . need to learn self control.

On Monday, I hung out with my friend Christina by selling clothes at Beacon's Closet and then going to Soho to shop.

Everyone should know my love for Anna Sui by now, but I try not to go to the shop TOO often because I always end up buying something. Well, Christina and I had time to kill so of course, I said "Let's Go!" 10 minutes later, I come out with a fukubukuro (lucky pack, or what they labeled as mystery pack). The packs are basically bags/boxes filled with stuff worth more than what you pay but the catch is, you have no idea what's in them.

There are 4 different kinds at the Anna Sui in Soho:
1. $100 pack - comes with a cool sequined tote bag, jewelry box, make-up (I believe they said the lip gloss kit and some eye shadow?), brushes, etc.
2. $75 pack - jewelry box, make-up (lip stick, eye stuff?)
3. $45 pack - Clutch, lip stick, eye shadow
4. $35 pack - eye shadow and eye glitter

I got the $45 box (one of the shop girls told me she thought that was most worth it in terms of usage).

Très bon!
I am definitely liking my pack. Mainly because I've been wanting lip stick from Anna Sui, and not only that but I got a cute color that's not overkill red or purple hue. The clutch and the eye color are also lovely and adorable. Since the eye color and the lip color together are around $40 retail, and I got a clutch, I say I like the deal. Some may not risk it because you don't know what you're getting, but if you generally like Anna Sui, it'll be fun to get and see what you got.
Also, this $45 is the only one with the black and purple box, and IT IS THE BEST BOX EVER. I know that sounds strange but this box is lined with black velvet! And it's so roomy that I'm putting in a bunch of my other Anna Sui things. It's wonderful!

I wonder if you guys also bought nice things recently? Happy shopping!

*EDIT: I changed the banner by the way! I was bored again with the last banner, so I decided to make this one more simple and chic. Hope you like!