Monday, March 29, 2010

Twitter makes me bitter!

Twitter is the bearer of bad news for someone like me who doesn't have one.


Because Tally Hall had a free concert yesterday and I was totally unaware. Not only was it Tally Hall, but it was FREE.
Understand this situation.

On a completely different note, I'm thinking of making french toast tomorrow out of challah bread! I found this recipe on the food network site.

image via

I want to make a few adjustments because I'm not serving that many people and I don't have that much challah to make it, but I also want to use up the rest of my strawberries I bought a few days ago (I bought 2 full boxes and most of it is gone already!)

And if you guys haven't noticed, I haven't been posting as many pictures. My camera died as I stated before, and I'm trying to find batts to replace my old ones. So until then, this shall have to do!

Quickie post, but have a nice day!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My camera has died and gone to Olympus . . .

Haha, get it? Because my camera is an Olympus, but Olympus is also the home of the Gods in Greek mythology?

. . .

Okay, shut up, I'm not a loser.

Anyway, I am currently watching youtube this morning. Or to be more specific, this:

Oh Tyra . . . (P.S. Apparently after doing just one impression of Tyra, I am now the go to person for Tyra impressions. And Kanye. And Spongebob laughter)

Lately, I've been running out of my lotion that I've been using forever.

I got it as a gift years ago but because I have a collection of many lotions and I use them in small amounts, I haven't really run out yet. Well, until now. I like this because peppermint is soothing on the skin, and I think it smells nice. In terms of moisturizing though, I prefer L'Occitane. Their travel size lotions are perfect and not costly. But yeah, back to this, I need to find a replacement (I think they only sell this one during the Christmas season).

Oh, I also have an old coordinate that I never posted up. It's about 2 weeks old?

I look chipper, don't I?

-fake glasses from Japan
-random scarf from Japan
-Vamps concert tee (yeah!!!)
-random overalls
-plaid tights from F21
-XOXO boots
-Grey cardigan from H&M
-Viv bag

And if this post could not be any more random, a painting I never finished contained this bunchles of bananas:

I miss painting. This week, I WILL PAINT.

As a final note, my mom is going back to Japan for a week and a half, and ahhhhhhhh, I'M JEALOUS. I miss Japan so (although right now I'd kill to go to London or India). Well, travel in general. But such a pricey hobby that is . . .

I think I will request some cute decoration sweets for my phone!

And of course other random cute things that one does not really need, but actually they do.

I'm off to go to school again (do I ever not? Even on weekends I know . . . ) so I shall see everyone later!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Obakki Designs

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this month. It's been school work day in and out, and I'm just finally settling down (spring break!)

So last time I mentioned I was going to introduce something exciting to you guys this week. Well, I'm here to do so now!

Maybe two weeks or so ago, I received an email from a Canadian brand/design house called Obakki, started by Treana Peake. Here is some information I pulled from their website:

Obakki is an international design house that addresses a shifting attitude towards fashion. The collection offers a full range of separates with a rustic sense of luxury distinguished by its refined details and originality. What stands out: the women’s clothing is utterly feminine yet bold while the men’s collection is understated, rugged and masculine. Obakki men’s and women’s collections are the perfect juxtaposition -- elegant yet relaxed, refined yet rustic, polished yet casual. Each collection complements the other yet stands alone in strength and style.

I admit that before receiving the email, I had not heard of them. But they so kindly forwarded me a catalog of both their women and menswear collections so I could get a better idea of the kind of clothes they sell. Now, you know that if I didn't like something, I would say it. However, this was not the case. The clothes are BEAUTIFUL.

Collage of the womens wear f/w 2010 collection

Some of the images I pulled from their f/w catalog (and now you see why I like them . . . )

You can also go to their website (click the bold "Obakki" text above) and you'll see that in the online store they're currently selling their spring/summer line (yay purple and navy !).

Obakki also has a charity foundation, which I think really sets them apart from other design houses. It's called the Obakki Foundation. The foundation provides money for their orphanages in Africa, along with schools and health centers and water purification projects. What's pretty rad though is the fact that they manage to do this through fashion.

The founder Treana and her husband Ryan traveled to Cameroon in Africa and asked the children what made them happy, sad, or afraid. As a result, their answers were made into designs for t-shirts, scarves, bags, etc. Now 100% of the proceeds are going into the foundation, and Treana is going back to Africa in May to help with the programs and show kids how their words are helping change lives.

Here's a video of their previous visit:

I really like this brand now for the reason that they're not just about beautiful clothes, but they also make the lives of others less fortunate than us beautiful too.

Now I'm off guys to go stare at some of their pretty sweaters. P.S. Go to their site and drool look at the F/W 08-09 collections under the collection tab. I'm pretty inspired now to go and have a photoshoot before all the leaves turn pretty again for the warm seasons. THE WHITE JACKETTTTTTTTTTTTTT (okay, let me stop being obnoxious)

Happy day everyone!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feeling a little pink and curly?

Hey y'all! Today is Sunday which means tomorrow is Monday which means school again (oh, the vicious cycle). Today I plan to go to school again to finish up my jacket for flat pattern class.

Yesterday I got some lining for my jacket in sewing, but not having the minimum for using my card, I had to grab a few other yards of fabric. One for a future skirt, and another for my flat pattern final!

My outfit from yesterday:

It was HOT yesterday. Seriously, walking under the sun, I slightly regretted wearing a long sleeve shirt (given I was only wearing a blazer on top). However, NY weather likes to play games, so of course while watching NY1 this morning, I was hit with the realization that it would go back to cold weather this upcoming week. FUN.

-Blazer from Buffalo Exchange (but from H&M, just like the dress I posted before)
-"I had a session with a guitar player" raglan shirt from Uniqlo
-Old pair of overalls
-Pink tights from H&M
-Random necklace you can't see [tears]
(also, all those books in the corner? Just a portion of my dad's books. But he has more cooking magazines)

I also went to yogurt station in St. Marks yesterday with my friends (after some pattern making)

Of course to keep with my good little trend this month, I topped it with fruits, nuts, granola, and yogurt chips. YUM.

On a totally different note, I realize I never talk much about make-up and cosmetics here. I will tell you right now, I LOVE make-up. I love the natural looking stuff for everyday wear, but I dig the crazy avant garde makeup for photo shoots and personal projects.

Lately I've been coveting matte looks for the eyes and pink blushes. Is this Spring's influence?


For a while now, Ive been wanting to try Benefit's Benefit to Go set from Sephora.

The main reason for wanting to try this out is the Posietint. For the original price for a whole bottle ($28), I could try this sample out, along with 3 other products. Now, the samples are VERY small. But for $10, I think it's worth it. I mean, they're small enough to take with you (hence the go part) and you get variety. The high beam also looks promising.

I also really need an eyelash curler. And of course, what product first comes to mind when someone says that?

Oh Shu, how I want you in my makeup bag (actually, my bag is pretty full and you won't fit, but I'll fix it up so you can).
All my money is currently being used for fabric and school supplies, but someday, I will own you! SOMEDAY!!!

As a final note, I have something exciting to introduce to you guys in the upcoming week! I need some time to write out a full post, but be on the look out for it! I'm off to go to school now, but I'll see you guys soon!

Friday, March 19, 2010

School days, jackets, and look alikes

Hey everyone! I've been having an awesome week this week, getting work done early and making conversations with people I usually don't make conversations with. I may also be getting a handle on this time management thing (although I have many things I would like to finish today!) so hope this also continues.

Two outfits from this week!

Taken in the locker room of my school:
-Knit hat from my friend in Sweden
-Fake glasses
-Uniqlo pink starry tank
-Denim shirt from Gap
-Denim jeans
-Knit leggings from Gap
-Payless boots

Sorry, I was making a weird face!
-Black hat
-Dress from Buffalo Exchange (but it's H&M)
-Long wig and skull hair tie from this sweet Japanese girl I met in a bookstore (*we bonded over a band and she gave me the hair tie because one of the members of the band had the same one)
-Lacy tights from Urban Outfitters
-Knee highs (actually, they're thigh highs but I pushed them down) from Anna Sui
-Double Decker boots

This week, we finished and presented our fashion art projects in class!

It was a J. Crew design project. My "story" was that a girl was going to study abroad at Oxford University, and she needed clothes. That's why I wanted some preppy elements while still being casual and feminine (which is what J. Crew is).

I also finished my draping jacket!! This, for some reason, I finished two days before (ridiculous because last time I was up until who knows when the night before), and well, you know I love my drama, so . . .

I made this!
I know, at a glance, it looks like a clown jacket. I contemplated the color of the buttons for a while, but seriously, it's a quirky jacket, so why not use red plastic buttons to amp that factor up?
Well anyway, look closely. You'll see that the collar is made up of individual hands! The pockets, which I have my friend demonstrating the use of in the 2nd picture, are also in the shape of hands. So yes, this was the ultimate "handy" jacket.
My teacher seemed to like it as well, and gave me another A+! I really hope this streak continues. I love unconventionality.

I forgot to mention but a girl from the Make A Wish Foundation came into our draping class on Thursday when the jackets were due! Her dream is to become a fashion designer, hence the visit. Since I had finished my jacket early, I really thought it'd be cool to make her a small gift.

Enter quirky animal push pin yet again. I actually thought at one point I wouldn't have the chance to give it to her since she was leaving early, but the professor finished his demo just in time. She was really sweet and seemed to like it. Hopefully she can use it in the near future!

I had another major project due this week for photoshop but no pictures of that. I did however make maybe one of the most important discoveries of the century in that class:

Chris Benz and Karlie Kloss LOOK IDENTICAL

Needless to say, I'm pretty wigged. That, and I can't believe it took me until now to see it. I guess all I needed was just one good class where I can read about/stare at designers on the computer and not be scolded for not doing work.

I started spazzing and made everyone interested come and see my discovery, and yes, they all saw the resemblance! My professor was even all "maybe they're the same person."

And you know what?


They're both awesome anyway~

So on that note, I'm going to skidattle my way over to google to do some research for Fashion Art's next project. Adios~

Monday, March 15, 2010

For lack of things to say or show . . .

poetry tells me
to define life I cannot do
and the pen hurts as I grip it's solid body
cold it was left aside.
Gibberish people call it I do
insanity is genius others say
I say you don't care.
incantational inspirational speeches
mystifies senses I don't possess.
I ask why me
I suffer with stoppered ink.

designed by viktor and rolf, poem by me, image from

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My locker is a storage space for mac&cheese and granola . . .


I'm surprised that all my muslin hasn't started smelling like the inside of a Whole Foods (where I get all of this).

P.S. I ate that Annie's White Cheddar Mac & Cheese an hour or so ago, and mixed hummus in. I wish my hummus were fresher . . . but alas, it was pretty good!

Now, I have a habit of posting twice after a long pause of no posting . . . I believe it is guilt. But lets take a tour of what I have been doing this past week~

1. Karaoke at Japas 27
What? I had time? Kinda, sorta . . .

What I got at karaoke: Roll Combo! Everything is quite orange I know . . . but I enjoyed every morsel! I also must be getting used to spicy things, because I swear I almost used all the wasabi they gave me, which was a lot me thinks.

Singing Dreams Come True (an awesome Japanese unit who makes crazy good music). I also sang a mix of American and Japanese artists. T'was fun! (P.S. I was unaware this picture was being taken until flash went off)


The shirt I bought at the concert. I'm impatient so I didn't want to wait to alter it (it's kinda huge . . . ), so I just tucked it into my jeans and went to school.
Needless to say, I think I mentioned it a couple of times to various people. I also got recommended a band that day called deerhoof! Very acquired taste, but I liked some of the songs I listened to. For some reason, I thought they were Canadian (why? because I'm retarded and think of mooses when I hear the words deer and hoof), but they're Californian! Check them out when ya can!
P.S. (many P.S.' today) I am wearing one of my wigs in that picture. Ya know, jazzing up the regular t-shirt shorts combo.

3. Looking Angry in Draping Class and Vegan Loving Hut

My face says: Grrrr, why are there muslin scraps around my clean floor???

But actually, the floor is never clean anyway. [nervous laughter]

Outfit rundown:
-Pink Sweater from Japan (it has no tag! Which has every bit of relevance since I learned about them in textiles recently . . . )
-Overalls that I've had since elementary school!
-6% Dokidoki Strawberry Necklace
-H&M floral tights
-Payless boots

That day, I also revisited Vegan Loving Hut near my school!

I ordered the Loving Hut sandwich. You can choose your side (I got salad), sauce inside the sandwich (Tarragon mayo), and the dressing on the salad (Loving Hut dressing, which is similar to the orange ginger dressings you may find in Asian restaurants). I think I really loved the burger I got last time, but this sandwich was quite satisfying as well.
The store itself is small, but the food is good and the servers are REALLY nice. Not to mention the great prices. I love to eat healthy without breaking the bank.
Oh, and here's a helpful tip! If you go this month (March) to Loving Hut from 3-6 p.m., you get 15% off your order! I think it's a opening promotion. But it definitely makes a difference (hey, those 50 cents can be used on a zipper for my next project)!
Also, going back to the nice servers, they're really accommodating. A chick that was ordering next to me wanted to replace tomatoes with avocados and they were totally fine with it (but they apologized for only having guac). And they grant your request for utensils right away and politely (without asking me why I would need a knife for a sandwich).

So there was my week in a flash! Food, class, karaoke, food, food, food . . . mmmmmm . . .

I shall talk to y'all again soon! Tata!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm delayed and denied

Hi guys! Long time no see.

So I started writing this post on Thursday in class (wait, listen, I was doing work in class, just had a lot of extra time), but I didn't get to post it. So now I'm just being very late with this. But I figured instead of discarding the post all together, that I would just tweak it.

So here is when I talk about Alexander McQueen's final collection.

Alexander McQueen's Fall 2010 Collection

I think it's one thing to be completely floored by a certain collection and certain designer every once in a while, but McQueen is one of the few designers that just impress me every time. Sadly, this will be the last time that the designer himself will be creating a collection. But he definitely hit the ball outta the park.
The textures, the colors, and the overall silhouettes are GORGEOUS and flattering. His models look both regal and other worldly. He also has this way of making unconventional bold prints work, and my favorite piece being the one here on the top left, if you look closely, I believe those are two saints (?) on her chest.

Seriously, works of art. WORKS OF ART. <----that needed to be said twice

images via

On another note, I was up this morning (this morning being the present day, Saturday) and reading The Cut. I came across this article:

Prada Japan Employee Accuses Management of Trying to Fire ‘Old, Fat, and Ugly’ Workers

According to the article, Prada Japan CEO David Sesia asked senior retail manager Rina Bovrisse to fire 15 employees because they were supposedly "old, ugly, and fat." Then he apparently made an attack at Bovrisse herself, claiming the same things about her, and that he would be embarrassed if visitors from Italy saw her. In November they placed her on involuntary leave, and in December, she filed a suit.

Sadly, as unfair and as cruel as this is, I'm not that shocked.
Fashion is a visual art, and it's run by very many fickle people. If they think you look fat or ugly, they don't care, because in the end they're making money out of things that don't concern those 2 adjectives.
Of course, it's not right for someone with ample qualifications for a job to be fired just for reasons that don't concern their work ethics, but even in the real world, people are fired for the stupidest reasons. And now a days, it's easier to fire people because of the poor economy, and easier to replace people because of it too.
I hope she wins her case.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lets play catch up with a cup of chai

I wish I had chai right now actually. But lazy me, I don't feel like boiling water to make some, and well, I'm going to get off soon to do work and sleep so, oh well. No chai for me. [tears]

So it's Monday, which clearly means one thing!


For those of you who just started reading, I would like to clarify that this is my "lent" <---- note quotation bunnies

Basically, I started in March because it was virtually easier to record the time. So far, I've been staying true. I think the sleeping is definitely a big one for me (11 o' clock, yikes!) To some people it's not a big deal, but to me, it is. A lot of work, and on top of that having time to have fun and hang out with people makes my days pretty . . . hefty. Well, I believe my sleeping schedule is regulating a bit, because I'm getting tired when I should be now!

Food is pretty easy. Actually, I've been feeding off of these granola bars practically everyday:

How humongous is that?? That's Whole Foods granola for you. It's been on sale 2 weeks in a row, and I LOVE IT. I have always loved it, but now that it's on sale, I find myself stocking up. I actually eat this every second in class, because I can't seem to stop snacking. And I don't have the attention span for gum (long story).

I also grabbed some food from Whole Foods recently (not surprised, are ya?)

I find myself very much into kale for the past few months! My family tends not to eat it, but I always get it now when getting food at Whole Foods.

On a different note, recently in draping class, my professor brought in vintage fashion magazines!

I LOVE vintage magazines. I think they're some of the best sources for inspiration, not to mention everything always comes back. I really wish the crazy mod hairstyles would come back soon . . .

As for the Oscars yesterday, did anyone here watch it?
I came home just in time to watch some of the red carpet, and then the actual show. The hosting was standard fare I guess, and I wasn't floored with many of the outfits. There were some I enjoyed very much, but I guess that's coming in a later post, eh?

I'm leaving you guys now with a video of Jukebox the Ghost playing their "Good Day". I truly think you will have a good day after hearing this song.

Well, have a good day !

Sunday, March 7, 2010

There's a whole in the wall where elvis crawled out and claimed I had stolen his sandwich

Hey everyone!
I'm really happy to hear that some people are checking out bands that I've mentioned. I would normally try to stick to just fashion and food considering that's my stated genre of choice, but music goes hand and hand with many aspects of my life, so why not? Besides, I bend for movies too . . .

Speaking of movies, OSCARS TONIGHT! I hope you guys check it out. I won't lie when I say that the red carpet is just as important to me as is the rest of the show. I mean, an outfit is a show in itself.

And now speaking of outfits being a show (I am so good at connecting things today), check out Viktor and Rolf's Fall 2010!

Instead of editing the pictures together, decided to just show them as the glorious things they are.
Okay, so Viktor and Rolf has been slowly creeping up on me for the past few months. Its funny because I think I started coveting their menswear first, but now, I think I'm just hooked on their overall ability to take something abstract and make it wearable (or as wearable as it can be). It's very important for a piece to be practical that you can buy and actually wear. However, I respect articles of clothing as also a form of art, and I respect a designer (in this case, both Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren) immensely when that can be accomplished.
The show itself was apparently a "spectacle" as well because the clothes were literally taken off the first model, wearing pretty much the whole collection, and then put on the other models who were to walk the runway. Needless to say, I think this collection would be most enjoyed by those who got to see the entertainment.

Now I just have to mention Balmain's Fall 2010:

I admit, I was slightly tired of seeing Balmain chicks everywhere I went (the tough, leather studded, tight clothed girls you see in NY on every street in the East Village). But this collection made me do a 180.
Okay, so the Balmain girl is still there: tough, independent, likes to show off skin and curves, loves black. But then you add all these embellishments, gold, brocading, and a whole lotta clean tailoring and silhouettes, and you have the fall 2010.
Everything looks expensive and sharp (two adjectives that would make many women happy). And it's also a level up while retaining the label's original flare. I'm looking forward to seeing some people pick up pieces from this collection soon.

images via

But now on a completely unrelated note, I saw the snazziest dressed male yesterday! I wish I could've asked for a picture for the blog, but he left one stop before me on the train.

What made his outfit great was the fact that instead of going matchy matchy with a suit, he had on a gray tweed jacket with gray jeans. It was formal and casual at the same time! And he was wearing these velveteen lion emblem slippers with no socks and I usually hate that, but it worked! And even his hair was perfectly slicked back!

I love details.

Alright, enough of me being a creeper, I'll let y'all rest up for a mighty fine day today. I'm going to school again to work on pattern! Tata!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hey guys!
So, Thursday was one of the best days of my life. Well, to quickly let you in on what happened:

1. Hung out with my super sweet friend from Brazil, who enjoyed vegan food with me and forgave me for my constant snacking in virtually every class possible (her parents were nice too!)
2. Went to a concert where both opening band and featuring acts were AWESOME
3. Meeting Tally Hall and talking to them (my deformed hands are spazzing again as I type)
4. Getting to find an awesome cool band called Jukebox the Ghost (this is exactly the way I found out about Tally Hall back in December!)
5. Having SERIOUSLY AMAZING friends that will come with you w/o knowing the band prior AND dance with you AND pull you towards ANDREW who she cannot seem to be able to talk to and why am I suddenly in third person wait-------
6. Having half a vegan burger still in my bag for later

Now for the actual awesome details that you the reader may not read because I just spoiled everything. But alas! I trust you'll keep going!

So the day started off with a morning of draping and finishing my princess kimono sleeve in class (I got an A!) Then I left at 12 to go have lunch with my friend Haku from Brazil!

This is a delicious vegan burger I had for lunch! Got it at this new place that opened up called [Vegan] Loving Hut and I have to say, I'm defos going back because the portions were good and so were the prices. And I saved half of that burger, and it was still good 2 days later (as in, I ate it 5 minutes ago)

Haku and I camwhoring. Yes, I do have bangs now! And yeah, I had the crooked teeth already . . .

You can't see my eyes! I shoulda trimmed more, eh?
Top: Urban Outfitters
Suspendered Skirt: Peace Now
Black Tights
Broken Black Boots
Hat I forgot where I got
Scarf I "borrowed" from mi madre!
Red lipstick

After parting with Haku and going to photoshop class where I created flats for REALLY TACKY and yet awesome clothing (I call it tastefully tacky), I skidattled to meet my friends at Grand St. to head to Bowery Ballroom together.

I wanted a shoe pic and was all "lets make a star!" until I realized that was impossible because all we'd have is a triangle. Or in our case, a lima bean shape.

We were really early, and played 20 questions on the line. We also met some cool people in the process (of lining up, not playing 20 qs, although it could have happened both ways)

After much coldness, we got in and headed to the stage! No barriers! So we pressed ourselves against the stage and waited . . .

Skybox came out! I never heard them until that day, but they were good! And I hope I am right in saying Anthony is the keyboardist (?), and that guy SERIOUSLY moves. Like, I mean, his feet are constantly in motion. I LOVE IT.
I believe Christian is the one featured in the picture above. Only one picture because everything else was blurred.

Then Jukebox the Ghost came out. Seriously, LOVE THEM. I also had never heard of them until Thursday, but I am so glad I did!
This is Ben playing the keyboard. My friend Juliana and I decided he's wearing the universal pant because apparently our friend in Chicago has them, and so does Juliana's father. Does any one here have them?
But in all serious-ness, they are a really fun band. Sadly, two of the members were sick, but I wish them well the rest of the tour. At one point, Juliana and I linked hands and started dancing (yeah, they're that good).

THEN, it happened.

TALLY HALL CAME OUT TO DO SOUND CHECK (what? you can actually sense my heart palpitating from your screen? Jeez)

The set list

Zubin!!! I wanted this shot of him virtually not moving around because I read on a blog (I researched how they are during lives ahead of time, although I realize now I've witnessed them play live before) he moves around a lot.

And Rob! He was kneeling right in front of me, and during this time, my other friend had just come to the venue and asked me where I was. The reply I sent her: I'm right in front of Rob and his beard.

They played the first bit on stage, and of course I had a blast! Joe wasn't in because of personal reasons I was told, so there was a stand-in/back up! Apparently he only had a week to learn, and I gotta say, he did such a good job!

For the second set however, they told us all to sit down. I knew what was coming because of the aforementioned research I had done, but our area couldn't sit down due to a spill of a beverage under us. Luckily, we weren't blocking anyone, so we remained up.

They ended up on one side of the room, amidst the audience! And continued to play their songs, in acoustic versions.

Andrew!!!! I got multiple pictures of him, but this is pretty much the only not very blurry one I got (I know, my camera sucks, especially on zoom!)
But he was adorable as usual!
And P.S. No pictures of Ross playing because his head was blocked by a lampshade the entire time. [tears] I mean, I'm sure he'd look good with the lamp shade on, but not right in front of him.

I know, I'm shocked too! I managed a decent shot! And they're looking mighty snazzy in it.

So after they played their songs, they started to sing Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel! With the members of Jukebox the Ghost! What a great ending to a concert!

Now normally, I go to concerts of Japanese bands and this just pretty much never happens, but after this concert, the band members literally all just mingled around talking to fans! I think I experienced culture shock! And I'm not even from Japan!

So at Japanese concerts, you HAVE to talk formally to band members and be super polite because, well, it's the way of the culture. So of course I freaked when my friends pushed me towards Andrew, where an awkward conversation ensued because I don't know when to stop talking. But after a while, I was fine with it. He's so easy to talk to! And so was Ross, who I spoke to next.

Afterwards, my friends and I went to get merch (I bought a Tally Hall Tee and a Jukebox cd because again, I fell in love). Going back up to where everyone was, we bumped into Jesse from JtG! Again, really cool person to talk to! And he thanked us for being happy throughout the concert!

Then it was time for us to say hi to Rob because, well, it just was. AND HE IS JUST TOO DARN DOWN TO EARTH. AND AS SWEET AS APPLE PIE (I'm going to be a loser by saying he's sweeter than apple pie!)
After telling him my friend Crysbel and I found out about Tally Hall at the Rooney concert in December, he was glad he came to see their concert this time around. And when we asked for a pic, he said "I'm the one who wants to take a picture with you." [insert super excited 5 year old face]

Sorry, can't subject you guys to my ultra shiny face, but this heart that I managed to pull out from within myself has masked it.

Then we switched with Juliana and Lesley. And guess who offered to hold all our stuff?

I think this quote from Crysbel describes perfectly what all of us were thinking: "I'm never washing this."

Finally, we went back to Jesse for signing cds, and well, because he was just that nice.

And then to Ben, who I think could be the next Mr. Tumnus from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. And yeah, he was super great and awesome too!

Yes/No on the Mr. Tumnus? Apparently when this pic was taken, smoke came out of my friend's camera? I think it was slightly more excited than us (although, I don't see how that's possible, but then again, I'm not a camera)

After all the excitement, I came home around 2, and although I refused to sleep, ended up doing so anyway.

I wound down with a nice breakfast of fruit and yogurt the next morning. Then I wished for the bands to come back again soon (still wishing).

Thanks everyone for reading! Better go to school now, if I want any chance of finishing that pesky pattern homework! Toodles!