Monday, October 26, 2009

Bergdorf Goodman and random things

I decided to stop avoiding it because eventually (like NOW) I would come to realize that Bergdorf Goodman hosts awesome events, and that I would have to sign up to their mailing list. Luckily I managed to enter their sweepstakes while doing so! All ends well.

I have been up to the following:

- Drawing on black mounting boards with silver and gold pens!
- Drinking graham cracker coffee (I bought it b/c it seemed unique) and taking 3 hours to finish it (I am not a coffee person normally)
- BUYING CHAI FINALLY YES (and drinking it now)
- Using many parenthesis
- Trader Joe (well, when do I ever not?)
- Seeing Chloe Dao from Project Runway season 2 on the street near FIT. But me being me, I was late again and she seemed to be walking somewhere with someone, so I just passed by.
- Plotting Halloween with my friend AND looking at tickets to Rooney at Webster Hall in December. And since the show I was going to got cancelled (it was a Japanese singer named Miyavi), I may go to this one . . .

Oh, and I got some nice things in the mail. I shall take pictures for next time!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I call myself a prick all the time

Because I am guys. I'm a little prick that thinks she's the coolest kid on the block. And yeah, I think I'm gonna start carrying tin lunch boxes and heavy alcohol scented markers everywhere to draw on people.

Haha, you wish I were lying.

Okay, I sorta am. But it's too fun to teeter on the edge of ridiocraty (and yeah, I know that's not a word). Oh, but I do want a tin lunch box. And walkie talkies. Cellphones get boring after a while.

So this week, my mannequin in Draping class got stolen so I had to use another one, with legs. It's better that way because it didn't show how SHORT my flare skirt turned out (I called it cheerleader short to sound cute, but it's pretty skankalicious). I got a 'B' on it, but alas, I shall BLOW MY PROFESSORS MIND AWAY WITH MY COOL MIDRIFF.

I've also been thinking that lately I've been pretty boring with my lack of a camera (actually I just forget to carry it around) even though I go out and do many things. It makes the inner blogger in me oh-so-sad.

Today (a few seconds ago), I almost jizzed my pants because I saw these shoes I wanted for half price on ebay. Ebay is like a mother to me. A mother that spoils me and kisses my boo boos (because earlier today I went to see the shoes AGAIN in Trash and Vaudeville but they're pricey man). I won't reveal what shoes, but I will say they're Dr. Martens.

I also decided Trader Joe's dried mangoes are pretty awesome for various reasons:

1. THEY ARE CHEAP. A pack for $1.60+.
2. They are sweet. My only complaint is that they have added sugar (me thinks it's because they were dried before peaking, therefore making them cheaper). But it's a WAY better alternative to candy, and the taste of mango is still there.
3. My favorite part: they create friends. I just offer them to kids in my class, and now everyone's happy. Who doesn't like mangoes? Seriously guys, SERIOUSLY. Buy some and share.
4. Again, back to the added sugar, it's okay with me because after getting to college, I tend to skip bigger meals and opt for smaller ones. And I need the sugar to keep me alive and happy.

Therefore I shall go and buy myself another pack sometime soon. Just don't consume too many at once because they are sweet and have calories. I usually go for 1-3 pieces throughout the day (not at once).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top Shop Sale on Thursday

So my game plan for this week revolves around finishing my sleeves for flat pattern, and then treating myself to a well-deserved sale at Top Shop. And apparently people line up and it gets crazy and sell out fast hence why everything left over when I get there is a size 10; therefore my friend and I must/should get ready for battle.

Game plans should always include:

-A brave soul
-Food for nourishment. Water for replenishment.
-Cash for, well, tom-foolery to the highest extent
-A camera to record said tom-foolery

I actually have not seen anything I really want from Topshop recently, except maybe some cute London based accessories and boyfriend sweaters. But we shall see . . .

Also haven't mentioned the fact that I am just so into Karlie Kloss these days. SHE IS PERFECT IN EVERY SINGLE SENSE OF THE WORD.

I just love her. Not to mention that she's so young that there's no doubt that we'll keep seeing her for years to come. She is just as darling as apple pie! I'm also smitten over the fact that she walked for Sonia Rykiel and blew kisses in the crowd.


For more info, go here:

But yes, I am pretty much stoked for the spring 2010 collab. I need to go and waste life until then. Time to buy a planner!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I need to so so many things

I'm getting slow in updating my blog because of the workload at school and also the lack of energy to write things down. Sadly, I've been doing many awesome things so that should not happen! *shame shame*

Let's list what I've been up to that people may want to know!

1. Went to Topshop Event for students with my friend and took a gander at lovely goodie bags and awesome fun-ness galore.
2. Went to the Union Square Farmers market and bought apples twice the size of my fist.
3. Ate at Max Brenner's for the first time! Which is sad to say I have no food porn to show you, but I will say the Chocolate Pizza was really quite good! I love my chocolate!
4. Saw Where the Wild Things Are. I personally thought it was really good but it may be one of the most depressing things I've seen in a while. Really, the ending was not that happy. Still good to watch though, because the range of emotions that Max goes through is superbly acted.
5. Almost had a heart attack because my sleeve pattern was lost. Ended up going through a series of people to get a trace of their sleeve (everyone basically had a traced sleeve from the teacher), and got an A on my project! I wish life would be made of happy endings such as those.

Because I was in the mood to watch Alan Rickman sing. Well, Alan Rickman as anything really.

So's I went to Le Gap and saw this dress:
It's pretty cute! My only reasoning for not getting it is that I have similar dresses and I wasn't really in the mood to buy it. But it is cute. Well, after taking pictures of the dress, decided I should take pictures of my outfit for the day.

Of course I managed to be looking away!
My favorite what-cha-ma-call it cape poncho thing. I think I wore it almost all of last week. It drapes in the best of ways! Top is a blouse I bought of Yahoo Auctions, the skirt is a skirt I got on sale at Elizabeth Center in Chinatown (odd yes, I know, but nice!), tights ar F21, and boots are very very old.
If anyone hasn't noticed, I cut my hair since last picture of me. So now I have something sort of a bob.

Now I must brave myself for colder weather.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am so tired and yet I stay awake

I'm trying not to be a living contradiction right now. Or you know, whatever they call it that would fit with what I said in the title.

I'm so tired right now. It may be because of the evening classes I have to endure every Monday and Tuesday, or my sore legs, or so much do-over sewing in sewing class, but I am just burnt. But I hate having to sleep without taking care of things (like reading my emails and writing here), so thar we go.

The Highlights of Today
  • Ate some Mamoun's Falafel for the first time. I think it's my fav next to Maoz, and it's so price friendly! The only thing is it has a very oniony taste due to the raw onion they put on the top. I don't mind, but the taste will be there for a little while. Other than that, portion and price is awesome. And my friend also got a side order of hummus and they give you extra pita bread and A LOT of hummus. You can take that baby home and put it in your sandwich for tomorrow. Yum.
  • Really hott guys at St. Marks in the evening. Also cute tall intellectual types on the F train home.
  • What SUCKED was this guy and girl who, the guy was looking for the girl while we were about to sit, and then she came outta nowhere and slid where we were going to sit. Which wouldn't matter too much except that I was carrying many things and also that they just didn't seem to care. Oh well . . . New York subways.
  • Class ended mondo early and for some strange unknown reason, our class next next week is canceled because my professor is going to go meet the president of the Dominican Republic??? (What?) So yay?

OH, and I was just rummaging through some email and out came an email about the Top 10 WORST restaurant salads. I haven't eaten any of them (some of them from Chevy's, Chili, Quiznos) and I shall keep it that way. When it comes to salads, my feelings are I can make them and customize them, which means I'm not really going to a restaurant to get one.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Should really get going . . .

My friend and I were supposed to go and get student rush tickets for Hamlet today, but because she came in town really late last night and I kinda snoozed early and woke up late this morning, we kinda just had to skip the whole adventure. Which is a shame because I was watching NY1 this morning, and as always, they do On Stage, and they conveniently did a review for Hamlet. Apparently Jude Law is excellent in it and manages to control his character Hamlet really well, and the other actors do a good job as well and are not overshadowed by Law's presence.

I've never been quite on target when it comes to being charmed by Jude Law (I've always gone for the more Ryan Gosling type), but God I love Shakespeare and if this doesn't turn me around, I'm guessing nothing will.

My other agendas of the day (now that the first has been cancelled) is to get off my lazy bum, go to the Farmer's Market that's only opened on Saturdays, and then head over to Juicy Couture's Anniversary Party on 5th Ave. Not that it actually is a party, more or less, it's an event that consists of games and photo ops, but sounds fun none the less.

I really must find a friend now who will accompany me today because I have been cursed as a creature who prefers company over solitude.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Louis Vuitton and Mohonk Mountains

Woke up this morning to watch the live streaming of Louis Vuitton. I maybe missed the first 5 minutes or so because my mom was checking her mail, but saw the rest. I was actually shocked because I was expecting it to start much later, and it didn't.

So highlights would be thus:

  • Models with super huge afros and miniature bows
  • Huge raccoon tails hanging off bags
  • Backpacks!
  • Colors (some of which reminded me a tad of Marc Jacob's own S/S 2010 at some points)
  • Furry and fringed shoes

As I was watching the show, I kept thinking Japanese street fashion. Turns out, as I'm reading some of the other reviews right now, a lot of people seemed to think the same thing. I'm telling you: the colors, the furry tails, the quirky afros, the layering of all the clothes: it was very much edging towards "kawaii" (Japanese for "cute"). Still, the sophistication was there and the color palette was wider than Marc Jacob's own show. Overall, I liked it.

Also this morning, I got an email from my favorite (well, one of my favorite) email subscriptions Vital Juice, with a list of things to do in October. As I was scrolling through, I came across what seems to be the most budget friendly way to enjoy nature and have a good exercise to boot.

The Mohonk Mountains/Preserve!

I checked up on their website and saw some pictures: it looks AMAZING. To think I can do this 2 hours away from the city makes me giddy like a little school girl. Also what makes it amazing is the fact that admissions is only $10. Of course, I'd have to pay extra to take a bus there from the Port Authority, but considering the fact that I really can't do this in the city, I'd say it's worth it. There's also a climbing option, where you can climb rocks (fees here are $15) but I don't think I'm going to try that until I experience some safer climbs at Brooklyn Boulders.

Either way, I think I'll be giving the High Peters Kill a whirl because its got the longest miles and the most strenuous hike, and I'm pretty much there when it comes to long walks and getting dirty.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In other news

Copy and pasta my little insight [to my friend] on how the Ungaro show went in relation to the article written by The Cut:

"Oh my god, I just saw the whole collection on It's pretty hideous. I think I liked one whole outfit (a wrapped navy two piece), and then maybe a few pieces ON IT'S OWN, but watch those be mostly thought up by Estrella. The rest, along with the random heart on boobs and foreheads styling was really just plain wrong. I mean, just because you're Lindsay Lohan doesn't mean you can get away with it. I think the only unfair thing to say about the article is they chose the ugliest looks to go in the article, but everything else is pretty right. It's not new or fresh and the hearts made me think Valentine's Day came 5 months early."

That being said, Tim Burton's "Magical Fashion" pictures for his exhibit in the Moma are GORGEOUS. I am so glad I live in New York City, otherwise I wouldn't have access to so many events/happenings.

The 4th picture (above) is pretty much my favorite, and lo and behold it's Alexander McQueen. What else is new? Speaking of which, his collection (s/s 2010) was fabulous. It started off kind of "Okay, pattern, pattern, pattern," and it was all really well done and structurally great, but it started to get really good when the moving water like skirts and almost translucent shiny fabrics came out. Even though there was nothing on the models chest for one or two of the pieces, the beauty and the non-vulgarity of the designs made it very European (in the sense that in the classical period, nude was considered beautiful, all of which is coined in Europe). And from what I hear, the set-up of the show was great.

I get happy when designers I like do well. Long live the [Mc]Queen, right?

images credited to and

Sunday, October 4, 2009

If I was a French girl

So my friend Ana messaged me today after I sent her this hilarious article about how Tim Gunn is apparently the reason behind Lindsay Lohan becoming artistic adviser for Ungaro.

<------Click image to read

Apparently Tim Gunn and the fact that she has clothes strewn all over room are the reasons why. As I am recently prone to saying:
Girlfriend, please.

But beside the point, my friend was replying back to me and at the end of the message, she tells me that Aya is supposedly a French Haitian name.

Okay, whether it be true or not, that is pretty much the COOLEST thing that has been told to me today (okay, LIES because I attended a Medieval festival for the first time and saw probably the largest amount of men in tights ever and nothing will compare to conversations about men in tights frolicking about with swords and turkey legs BUT more of that will come later)

See, if I could choose, I would be like:

That would kinda complete me. For life. I could go around being a cute little french girl with my bread and butter, and then bust out some chopsticks and rice and my sparkly deco-ed cellphone. I would be the coolest kid on the block. No joke. And I'd go around zoos and say poo poo to tigers. Guys, don't you see it????

Anyway, this totally just gave me an idea for what to be for Halloween. I am so thanking Ana later.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I know I just posted!

I forgot to mention a few things that I'm so excited about that I'm ready to jizz my pants for. To make things real quick, read these next few points as if you were going to die if you couldn't finish reading them in 3 minutes. GO!

- Coco Chanel movie . . . gonna see . . . real soon . . . when plans are decided. The excitement is killing me!!! Must see--------------!

- The chai at Guy and Gallards makes me giddy inside. I need more chai. CHAI CHAI CHAI
It's been an obsession, but I forgot about it because I didn't have any in the house. But if there's anything I order when I go to a coffee/tea joint is Chai.

- I'm going to Brooklyn Boulders (just don't know when yet)! AND I FOUND OUT THERE'S A STUDENT DISCOUNT. It's $16 instead of $20 and that's [beeping] AWESOME. And for all you haters that say it's only $4, that's like a nice little Vietnamese Sandwich right there. Or some fro-yo. Or some rhinstones to stick on fake whipped cream. Yeah, that's right.

Um, so, I'm slow in this, but Louis Vuitton S/S 2010 Fashion Show Live Streaming on October 7th, 8:30 a.m. on facebook! And I have no school on Wednesdays. I think that was the best decision of my life making Wednesday free because everything is always on Wednesday. I am pretty much so there.

I've been pretty lazy . . .

Highlights again~!

1. Did half a dirndl (no "e"!!!) skirt for Flat Pattern only to find out I got a C on it because I forgot to draw seam allowance on my pattern. That doesn't really make sense to me though because I would prefer to draw the seaw allowance on the actual fabric so I know where the original line is. Bah, whatever, I still have a few more shots in the future.

2. I watched some more Chopped Champions today. That guy/cook Cody (if you know him, you know him) is so smug all the time, it sorta bothers me. Oh well, I guess more confidence is better than absolutely none at all.
Oh, and I remember talking to my friend on the phone once about how depressing the show is. Well, she thought it was depressing because they basically stick you in a room and give you random ingredients and expect you to create masterpieces in 20 minutes. That, and for me, Ted Allen doesn't smile which makes me go [sad face]. But I do indeed love that show because there's something about cook-offs that excite me, and it's another reason to watch Aaron Sanchez (IF HE'S ON THAT IS)

3. I can't go to Vera Wang because train tickets ended up being more than we thought and I'm a college student which makes everything self explanatory.

Today I felt like doing a photoshoot. And then I accidentally fell asleep. I looked out the window, and it was raining. Whoopeeeeeeeeeee <--------------- not So that plan was gone. Instead, I decided to be crafty, got out some nautical Japanese whipped cream sweets maker kits, and created some lovely plastic goodies for friends and me-self. I still have a ton of "whipped cream" left over so now I'm kinda just rummaging around for anything hard flat and plastic to cover in said cream. I would kinda do over my phone again, but then it'd be such a hassle to take what's already on it off, so I'm just not even going to deal with that. In other news, I found a lovely drapey black cotton shirt at Buffalo Exchange! It was like 2 sizes bigger than me, but it looked fine since it was supposed to look drapey and I wear big things all the time. That, and I could wear it almost like a dress.

Sadly, didn't get it because it was kinda more money than it should've been for second hand. Also, I think I can make it if I sat down and decided I had to. So I just didn't get anything that day.

What I did get though was some tasty homemade granola bars at Whole Foods. I would post pictures if I HAD any (fail), and I would draw it if I could draw a detailed picture of it's yummy awesome-ness with all it's seeds and dried fruits and thick oat goodness packed in a square, but since I can't, please let your imagination run wild.

That's all from me this time around. Now I need to properly tag this because I always forget to the first time around.