Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inside this brain is another brain of which you are inside this brain is another brain of which you are inside this brain

Today's Focus:

Louise Gray Fall 2010 Ready to Wear Collection.

Why we're focusing: Well, first of all, it's not monotone. Black is pretty much the dominant color this fall (recession = back to basics and fail proof colors) and so are colors like white, cream, camel, and maybe purples and reds (in plaid pieces).
This is like a war between rainbows and my imagination.

Another reason is the textures. I think a lot of people are playing with textures this fall, but the way it's combined with colors and patterns in this collection makes it stand out more. There's also similar treatment on the shoes.

I also love layering. And although I can see this collection being a hit or miss with people because so much of the pieces are layered with things that seemingly don't go together, I think it makes it quirky and fun.

I personally wouldn't wear everything in this collection, but I'm loving the vintage looking trend right now, and this is just fun.

Images via and editing by me.

Snap, I ran out of interesting things to say. Tally Hall, help me!

Uhhhhhh, well, that didn't really help . . .

What? This is unrelated? Wait, what? I can't hear you. All I can hear is . . .

I hope you my dear readers know that yes, I am trying to brainwash you. Good day.

Friday, February 26, 2010

You think you've seen it all in your little ball

Hey guys.

So jeans and a t-shirt is not the usual direction I go in, but hey, it's comfy once in a while.

-Fake glasses
-Stigmata Addiction Alice in Wonderland shirt
-Gap jeans
-Ralph Lauren scarf

I explained in the previous post, I've been pretty busy these past few days. Busy to the point that I have not had a weekend for the most part because I kept going to school to work on a project, and I got scolded by my textiles professor for being the only one yet to complete her swatch book.

Well, I've been working on a full jacket in muslin for my draping class. I being a derk decided to do a complicated design that required multiple parts, so joke is on me. However, all this time spent on it has really paid off.

I got an A+!
All those times redoing the seam and zipper paid off! My professor really liked the design and actually told me I was talented (which is pretty mind blowing because I don't think professors at my school say that unless you're like, a design prodigy, of which case I am not). But I am content with this and now I can rest easy until the next project.

Oh, and so, here's some foodie pics for y'all:

Bought this at Whole Foods last week. I turned it into pacman. Then I bound and gagged him. And ate him some more. And made him angry.

Proof of my devouring him, along with oranges, yogurt, bananas, apples, and banana nut crunch cereal.

Lindt dark chocolate! Yum.

Obanyaki from Mitsuwa in Jersey. I love these (so fluffy . . . ) I would like to say that I bit it to show you what it looked like on the inside, but I actually was just hungry and forgot to get my camera beforehand.

Salt bagel!!! They never have it at Guy and Gallard, but they did yesterday, so I got it!

I was really amused by these ice pops. Especially Jaws (oh remember that period shark movies were so in). Plus, look at that dude on the Screw pops.

So on that note, I'm going to go watch Tally Hall internet shows.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tally Hall, Christmas Cards, Smoothies

Yay for posting 5 minutes after the last post (I'm not bored, I swear)! I'm actually trying to make up for my lack of activity the past two days (I was so busy I had no time, but deets on that will come later).

So here is a late Christmas card I recently received from my friend Jennie!

And she made me a Stilettos at the Dinner Table ornament/bookmark! Look at the cuteness~
I shall be using this whilst reading my current book (since I actually don't use bookmarks and just look around for the page).
This is perfect, thanks Jennie!

I also have utilized my new single serve blender!

Success! At first I had problems because it only chopped the fruits on the bottom, but I just kept pushing it down, and then it was fine. And well, it tasted good!

LASTLY, I HAVE TO MENTION TALLY HALL ohmygoshnefjnadhiojrjfnjknknaldmfngjkh4hednklnlskdl;ALRK344KFNKSjfnjkdgkjsnknkjenkjNFJKknjkkJFKJNjkfnfjk43kn489tndkjndk!

Oops, sorry, so apparently I do have an obnoxious teenager inside of me.
I think I've mentioned them before, and if I haven't, then I did mention the fact that there were 2 opening bands at the Rooney concert I went to previously. Well, they were one of them, and they were the band my friend and I got really into afterward. Really, it makes my deformed fingers twitch (but that is a different story entirely).

I'm hoping to see them soon in concert! I'm excited because I know songs and lyrics now too! [giddy] I even promoted them on Facebook through retarded dance moves to their songs on a video which I thought my friend could only see but I was wrong (oh well, the more people know, the better)

So on that note, I'm off to have some fun with mr. youtube. Toodles!

March is a-coming . . .

So I'm trying this thing in March to basically improve my energy levels and overall performance. The plan is to get rid of the icky in my body and make my life healthier, and to see how I feel at the end of the month. It's also part of Lent, since I wanted to give up junk food. Here's the plan:

1. No junk food
I always believe that all foods can be taken in moderation, but I wanted to cut some of the junk that I don't need.

2. Exercise 4x a week
This is a real commitment for me because I love exercising and I try to do it often, but with school and then school work, I'm finding it increasingly harder to keep up. So I will try to push this in.

3. Sleep by 11 4x a week
Again, with school work, this has been hard. So I'm trying to make it so that I still have some days a week I can work late on projects.

Those are basically my main goals for the month of March. I'm really excited to see my progress. I'll post up the progress once it gets going.

Katie over at Lilveggiepatch is giving one lucky winner a $50 shopping spree at iHerb! iHerb is "a vitamin, supplement, and health food superstore". I've been surfing the site for the past few minutes, and they have A LOT and I'm excited. So you should be too.
Click on the lilveggiepatch text above to find out deets on how to enter! Good luck everyone!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tokyo Fashion Festa Full Report!

Hey guys, so because I have some time (what am I kidding? I have textiles homework!), I have a full report and pictures for you guys on the Tokyo Fashion Show that went on at FIT last Friday. It was full of laughs, tears (some shoes were too big on girls . . . although no actual tears, these were internal), and cam whoring.

Beforehand I will apologize for my sucky camera. I edited the pictures but they still manage to be grainy!

So I will quickly explain what went down all week prior to Friday: Basically, a week in advance, I went to auditions and met the man in charge of this event. This man happened to be a man I worked with before (when I was doing translations for a Japanese girl group, AKB48). He remembered me, and after a long conversation, I kind of was designated translator for Aoki Misako.
After a few days of late night calling (not shady at all) and planning, on Thursday, I was surprised with a quickie interview between Misako and the head of the school, Valerie Steele. This was confusing because I thought it was done while I was in class, but this was not so, so after much trepidation, I did my job. Much of the interview was about the word "kawaii" (cute) and it's connection to lolita, and overall it was a great interview. Then I was even more surprised when previously mentioned man told me I would be spending the whole day with Misako. Sadly, I had classes and photoshop was a class I could not miss a class of! So I declined. However, I did accompany her around my break of 12-2, where I took her to Macys and around Herald Sq.


1. Conversations with Misako about cold NY weather, trying to recommend cool places in NY and failing (she knew like all of them), and bonding over Johnny Depp after seeing a billboard for Alice in Wonderland
2. Misako's cute scared reaction to the old escalators in Macys (the weird wooden ones that clank)
3. Going into shady sock/underwear shops
4. Her shoes!!!!!!

It all ended with me bringing her back to school and me having to shlep my way back to class.


Worst cold of my life (okay, so it was just the sniffles actually but it seemed worse since it was supposed to be an awesome day)
I was supposed to pick Misako up from the Roosevelt Hotel but had to report in sick. Another person went instead (I know, I fail, but I didn't want to spread my viral germs!) So I went backstage to hang out with my friends who were modeling for the show.

Sound check in progress.

Top picture from left: Sandra, Linda, Tara
According to Tara, she had about 50 pins in her hair (extensions). The hair looked fabulous though. Everyone also had these great falsies.

There was a lot of time in between rehearsals and show, so there was food to be had and the models did test walks. I sat and asked if there was anything to do. Misako came in much later, donning on pink loli!

My face is odd here, but after she recognized me (had on a wig the day before, and a wig again), we took pictures!

She left for a few seconds to take care of business, so I managed to take a quick picture of her cutely deco-ed out Hello Kitty camera!

Then people started to get ready for the show! Dresses and head pieces and shoes flew everywhere~

What emerged:

There was also a speech that Misako and a woman named Arielle had to give, that was rehearsed for a little while. After that, the real one was given, and the show began! Girls went out, girls came back. And round two began . . .

I really hate that the nails shot turned out to be such a blur because they were GORGEOUS. Really, there were probably 2 dozen nail sets (maybe more) for various outfits. The nail people even moisturized every girls' hands and gently took them off when they were back. I loved them.

Also in the first pic of this batch with Tara, there is a man wearing red and black in the background. He was SUPER nice and I had fun working with him. He didn't work/call me to death like aforementioned man (sorry, aforementioned man).

After the girls left another time, I had to head to the other dressing room where MOA and Misako had their stuff. I was helping the dresser assigned to Misako in case there were some things that needed to be translated. There was a bit of a struggle with the assembling of the outfit because I realized later the picture they gave us actually was not the outfit in question.

This was the outfit however:

The skirt was AMAZING! I really loved it. It was basically 4 blouses sewn on a skirt, and the sleeves were tied together to create bows. I LOVED IT, and Misako rocked it.

And me being the camera happy person I am, after Misako left to go out with the kids, I took a picture of my outfit (well, had a picture taken)

My nose started to match the red accessories I had on.

While I was inside, I also took pictures of some of the cute stuff!

In order, Misako's own clothes, bags and make-up, shoes!
I really love her shoes. I love sparkly pink things, and well, the fact that they're also Emily Temple Cute just made it a hundred times better. I actually asked about them the day before and she said she was kind of tired of the clunky loli shoes, and wanted something that would make her legs appear more lady-like (hence the tiny heel on them).

After that, the show pretty much ended with the Hide collaboration yukatas (of which I loved the big hair). Here is a snapshot of Linda and Misako.

The show was great and everyone worked their butts off! The big reason my shots are mostly blurs are because everyone was running around (shush, not an excuse!) But everyone did such a fantastic job, and the turn up was insane! Lolitas everywhere! And everyone was dressed so snazzy that I wish I was also on the audience end. The modellas and stylists were great, and I made more friends! Hope there's another gathering like this soon . . .

The day ended like this: Tara, our friend Kate, Linda, Tara's friend Laura, and I went to Woorijip for food. Conversation and company: topnotch. Creepers and guys hitting on Linda: not so much. But all was fun.

Gasp! We all got the same drink! It's actually that good . . .

And so ended our exhausting day. And no, I did not go back to school to work that night (however, the whole weekend, I did come into school to drape). But lets leave on a happy note. I hope you guys all enjoyed this post!

Quote #3

"I'm playing the violin on my wrist"

-Said today when told by my friend that I was being emo in Flat Pattern

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This old man he played two he played knick knack on my shoe

Speaking of 2, here are 2 outfits I haven't posted yet, from the previous week. I know, the quality is saddening. Well, you'll have to make do while I comment on the deets of what I wore:

Outfit 1:
-Dolce and Gabbana yellowxgray shirt
-H&M Gray tank
-Blue jean shorts
-black tights
-XOXO thigh highs
-New bag I recently required (see below)

Outfit 2:
-Vintage Gap jean blouse (taken from my mom)
-Geoffrey Beene scarf
-Uniqlo sweat pants
-Anna Sui glittery tights
-Nina booties
-Fake glasses
-Black cap

I love this new bag! It's humongous (which is perfect for school), but you can clip it on the sides to make it smaller. It also comes with shoulder straps, so it's possible to wear it multiple ways!
Can you guess the brand?

I recently made a big yogurt concoction. It was actually kinda hard to put the cereal on top of that without it falling. That cereal by the way is by The Three Sisters, which is a great brand that doesn't use boxes (eliminating waste) and makes naturally good cereal.

Then in school recently, I almost killed myself by carelessly dropping a needle in my chocolate cake and almost eating it. Yes, I do fail.

But speaking of school, I have to leave right now to go and finish some more draping homework. Here's another sample picture of my fashion week (I should just keep doing this and make you guys guess what happened . . . but not)

In the tents.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The little things

I thought because I have no time to upload pictures and write a lengthy post, that I would take some time to mention the little things that make me smile:

1. Meeting people unexpectedly

2. Someone giving you a nice smile/compliment/gesture

3. Being able to enjoy good company

4. Having a caring mother

5. Having freedom and rules all at once

6. Being able to be hungry

7. Having good supportive friends

8. Finding a good book and reading said book

9. Crying over nothing from time to time

10. Looking forward to tomorrow

I need to go make lists now on what I need to get done with (school work, life, etc.), so I'll be off!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I like nerds that carry backpacks and look like they read comic books.

Listening to Taylor Swift at 6 in the morning is actually quite soothing. Especially because this volunteer work I'm doing right now is stressing me out (understatement of the year). It's for the Tokyo Fashion Show I mentioned before, and I'm not going to mince words when I say it's completely crashing with my regular schedule and people can be very inconsiderate at times. However, the model I'm working with is the nicest gal in the world!

Anyway, I forgot to post this. I recently won a giveaway held by Holly at The Healthy Everythingtarian! Lookie here what I have received:

A lovely single serve blender and a coupon for Yoplait's frozen smoothie pack!
I love that this is single serve because it'll make it easier to make quick morning smoothies. I can also take it on the go! Which means I may actually be taking it to school to make my own smoothies (which is more wallet friendly than Jamba Juice!)
The only thing is, I can't seem to find the Yoplait stuff anywhere! If someone see it around, please tell me!

Anyway, thanks Holly!

Recently for Fashion Art and Design class, I managed to make a super quick substitute mood board until I had my real one going. It's for a design project where we pretend we're designing for J.Crew (which is perfect because I love J.Crew's overall preppiness).

Again, did it real quick, but the overall general story is about a chick going to study abroad at Oxford in London, and she needs clothes. And her boyfriend plays Rugby. And she wears his shirts all the time. Yes.

Also, I can't update about fashion week yet because that will take more thinking (and I am brain dead right now). That and a lot of my pictures are still just on the camera. But here is just a simple picture of the scene outside the John Varvatos Ater-Party:

Again, it's blur-tastic and I need a new camera, but that was the crowd outside. The place was at full capacity so a lot of people were just outside (given they were smoking).

Well, that's it for now. See you on the flip side?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An update of shorts

Get it? Not sorts, but shorts, since, I'm writing agendas in a very short manner? Okay, shut up.

1. Went to Diesel show today - Will update later with in depth report and pictures
2. Will be meeting tomorrow with a couple of people behind the Tokyo fashion show going on this Friday to discuss some . . . issues
3. Going to Anna Sui Party
4. Going to Fashion Week party
5. Going to help with translations for famous lolita model from Japan
6. Tokyo Fashion Show PR-ing (or sorts)
7. Meet and Greet tie up for said lolita model

Okay, wish me luck on this madness!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Food, Food, Food

Made possible by the new Starbucks in my cafeteria! However, I don't drink coffee, so this is just tea.

Yogurt is a girl's best friend. So are apples. And clementines. And dried figs.

Steamed kabocha pumpkin and partially eaten dried persimmon.

Mini clementines atop my textiles textbook!

Whole Foods dinner: Steamed kale, grape tomatoes, noodles, chicken parmesan, cucumbers, tofu.

Pomme frites! With the new wild mushroom sauce. Good stuff.

German Ritter Sports! Got these at economy candy. First time having them, and yay, I like them. They shall go excellently with my leftover dried figs . . .

Valentine's Day made better with Jacques Torres. Of course my family got to it first (luckily there is still some left over)! Also including chocolate covered almonds and orange peels (second pic).