Friday, May 28, 2010

Yogurt, Picasso, and Robbers

What a glorious morning it is to be able to enjoy some of this.

Yogurt, bananas, chunks of energy, and fiber one cereal. I guess nothing tops the combination of bananas and chocolate.

So I recently discovered this cool band, Robbers on High Street. Check 'em out!

The video's not a music video (I don't know if they have any?) but actually just my favorite song by them called Love Underground.
I was checking out their site for some tour dates, and saw a lot in NY (mainly Brooklyn). I wondered why, and after looking them up on wiki found out that's where they're from/situated. NEAT-O. More opportunities to see them live! I'm excited!
They're playing on June 12th, and when a ticket's $8, well, that's not really a compromise. Time to harass my friends to come along~

And now for something unrelated, I went to go see the Picasso exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently. Picasso has been one of my favorite artists for a while, and partially one of the reasons I decided to go to a fine arts high school (glad I did!) And this is a great exhibit for people who don't know Picasso as well as people who do, because it focuses on some of his lesser known periods. You can also see that he was not only into cubism, but did some fairly realistic stuff along with cartoons and scribbles.

I really need to go back and look at everything closer (not physically of course, considering that accident a few months back)!
There's also an exhibit, American Woman, which looks at fashion trends of past decades. I feel kinda bummed they ended it at the 40s because a lot happened afterward, but I hear the Brooklyn museum has an exhibit called American High Style that's a collab with the Met. So if you're feeling deprived (don't get me wrong, the one at the Met is great), consider going there! I know I will before it closes!

Tomorrow I'm going to go see Jukebox the Ghost (that band I saw with Tally Hall a little while back) with Free Energy! I checked them out on Myspace to get myself prepared and they're good too! Going to concerts is becoming dangerous for my wallet . . . But expect a concert update from me next time!
Good day everyone!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm melting like the wicked witch of the west.

Today's temperature: 90 degrees F
I'm pretty sure if I were wearing tights like I always do today, I would've died. It was just that BLAZING.

So I know I've been a bad little blogger, what with the lack of updates and all. Well, great news! THE SEMESTER IS DONE. FINITO. HALLELUJAH! Now back to days spent watching youtube, selling things online, and walking across bridges for absolutely no reason!

No, but seriously, I need to find a job this summer. That, and a certain few others things I will mention in the future, are my main priorities.

So I recently went to the Fred Flare Sample Sale and picked myself up a cute sweatshirt dress.

I contemplated on getting some cute red flats, but thought this was more funky/me. At the rate the weather is going, I might not be able to wear it until fall. But then again, the weather is mighty bi-polar.


I got these off of Amazon. The best part? They were pretty much FREE.
How is this possible you ask?
Well, I spoke about college at my previous high school to some parents a few months ago. Later, I received a $25 giftcard for Amazon. I decided to save it until I would actually need it. Well, my old white headphones which I loved to death broke recently (didn't even last me a year!), and I'm a being who needs her music so I bought this. Exactly $25 with free shipping. That's how I paid nothing to get these. Life is great.

You know what else makes life great?


And Fro-yo.

Finishing fashion art homework was also something worth celebrating about. NOTE THIS IS NOT MY BEST WORK (at all, in fact, this is very rushed)

I also finished my draping jacket. Well, as finished as finish gets. I didn't get to attach the lining to the garment seeing as I spent my last 5 hours sewing in that zipper (it wouldn't line up). I also needed to do photoshop, so there we go with that.

But here's me playing model (because the mannequin was too stiff).

Sorry, I look a mess with my hair and all, but once I put the lining in and perfect everything, I think you'll be seeing it again here!

As a finale to this update, this picture will either take you back to the days (literally a week ago) when it was cold, or make you even hotter.

Outfit rundown:

-Geoffrey Beene scarf
-The Gazette Tour Shirt
-Top Shop cardigan
-Uniqlo sweatpants

Jolly day everyone!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's just one of those days . . .

Today is a day where I want to do several things . . .

Like watch a good horror movie.

And follow up with a a good ole Mary Kate and Ashley movie
after reading this article on the cut)

Maybe pretzel my body yoga style.

And attempt to finish a crossword puzzle.

Then wind down with a side of bread pudding and sleep.

However, life likes to deal me jokers, and so I have a mighty strong feeling I will be doing other things instead.

Like sewing in school.

And making patterns for a jacket.

Maybe swing by Trader Joes for some groceries.

And continue doing my fashion art homework.

Right now, Youtube is keeping me sane. But not for long. See you guys later!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Those school days . . .

Hey everyone! It's Aya~ I'm going to school again today (see a trend?) and pretty much the rest of the weekend. But thought since I have a bit of time now, why not hit up the bloggy?

So I think y'all are wondering about the detox and how it went. Well, here's a report sans any pictures. Nothing significantly happened that should have been snapped.

I had 3 square meals of plain yogurt and banana, followed with lots of water, tea, and vitamins.

It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. The plain yogurt and banana held me over really well, and every other time, I just drank water. It may also have been easier because I just sewed all day long and thus, didn't have time to really think about food.

However, I caved in at the last hour of the day to some flavored yogurt. It was due to the fact that I actually have the longest school day on Tuesday and I really needed some of that sugar. Also because at one point going home, I was starting to feel nauseous. I don't get motion sick but once I realize we're actually moving in a rickety way on any transportation device, I can't stop thinking about it. So that happened on the subway, and that plus the lack of food and maybe lack of sleep from previous days made me feel sick.

Overall, not much change. The day afterward, I ate like I normally do. It was easy to do so because it was only a 24 hour cleanse. I did notice that my mouth didn't feel as dry as it normally did because I kept myself hydrated the whole time. I also found myself savoring each bite of my food more, because that's what I did during detox.

I would say results vary on people, but if you do plan to detox, don't do it on a day you plan to work for long hours or go to school. Best on lazy days. I also realized it's ideal if you aren't in any stress or have sleep deprivation as this probably helped me feel nauseous.

Well, there's the report on that. I hope it helped anyone who was thinking of also doing the detox (or avoiding it). I think in conclusion, I will go by the old standby of healthy eating and exercise instead of doing periodic cleanses, but since it didn't have much of an effect on me, I may do it again in different circumstances (i.e. not during school)

In other news, I totally banged out a blazer.

It's not necessarily made for me since everyone had to use the same pattern, but I think I did a good job choosing the fabric and buttons. It's fully lined and padded at the shoulders! Victory! I will show better pictures once it's back in my possession . . .

I also visited the knitting lab. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. See for yourself . . .

It was right after a textiles class and my teacher decided to give us some swatches downstairs in this lab. Needless to say, I whipped out my camera and took pictures.
I'm seriously wanting to live there so I can knit myself a new wardrobe for fall. Or crochet. And THAT LADDER. Best kind of ladder in the world. One day I will work in a bookstore with that kind of ladder !

Recent lunch!

Salad at Guy and Gallard. This place is actually great for salads because they don't get too expensive (unless you get a bunch of things in it).

Recent outfit!

-H&M sweater
-Rooney Band Tee (btw, they're touring in the summer because of new album release, Eureka! I'm planning to go to their show in July!)
-Plaid scarf from Japan
-Uniqlo sweatpants
-Black tights
-XOXO boots

Now I should be getting off to eat some lunch. But the semester is almost ending! One more week of torture and sleepless nights left! Yes! So see you guys later~

Monday, May 10, 2010

Detox Day

Hey everyone! I've been really busy and I have to warn you all this week I will also not be able to update that often as well. What a terrible start to a new month!

I've been developing a habit of planning my schedule out on paper. I guess it feels more permanent when I write it down so I feel more compelled to do everything. Anyway, today I want to finish my fashion art thumbnails and redo 3 of my figures for photoshop.
I also want to continue writing a little of my short story I'm submitting to a school contest. Hope I get it all done!

This won't be long but I just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow I'm taking a Detox Day for my first time.

I read it one day in an issue of Vogue Japan, and I've been meaning to try it out to see the results. This is recommended for people who eat regularly/often, because for someone who eats minimally on a regular basis, this will have a reverse effect. A detox day should also never happen more than once a month.

Basically this day is for releasing the toxins and waste you have inside your body. How you ask? Well, basically, the only food I'm having throughout the day is [plain] yogurt and banana. And lots of water. Since it's Vogue Japan, it was recommended to take Pokari Sweat and Dakara along with water, but seeing as how that's extra money (and plus I can't get that everywhere), I've opted to take water, but sub the vitamins from those drinks with regular vitamins I already have.

In the results, the people who did this (and ate regularly) had an increase in energy the next day as well as less pores, wrinkles, and overall glow. I don't have to worry about wrinkles, but I'd like to see how this affects my overall body as I've been eating out a lot lately and my body has been really tired.

Results will probably be posted the next time I post! Look forward to it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I've been pretty lazy about blogging . . .

Hey everyone!

I've been pretty inactive over here on the bloggy. All this end of the semester stuff is killing me! But luckily, I've been on top of things thus far . . .

This is just a really quick post to say I'm still [partially] alive and well.

Today's Agenda is:

-Go to school and finish pants demo, draping term garment cutting stuff, and finish the dolman sleeve draft
-Get in some cardio and pilates
-Finish my entry to a writing contest

Okay, well, I won't be able to finish that entry but still, reach for the stars right? Oh, well, they're not out yet it's still the afternoon.

Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some things I did and some I should do . . ,

Hey everyone. I forgot to wish everyone a happy May Day yesterday, so I'll wish you guys a belated one!

So today I woke up at 7 and I have no idea why considering I don't think I went to sleep early. Wow, I'm going to be out of it today. But before that happens, I thought I should take advantage of this glorious morning (I'm a morning person) to tell you all some things I did yesterday, and some things I should do in the near future . . .

I did decide to test out some of the falsies my mother bought me.

I did make a silly face for the heck of it.

I did go to school to enjoy the 90 degree weather (that part was actually sarcasm) and the far out 60's festival (that part is true!)
And I did go to see my friend's in the 60's design contest fashion show.

I did almost cry when Kate (far left, with Sandra modeling dress and raincoat poncho) got second prize.

I did also take a picture of my friends (from left: Tara, her model, Sandra, Kate) and their models after the show.

I did enjoy Jackie Tohn's mc-ing and performance during and after the fashion show.

I did then sew and drape, and plan to do more today.

Now, I SHOULD finish draping today.

I SHOULD also invest in new running sneaks for jogging.

image via

I SHOULD go see Picasso at the Metropolitan.

image via underbelly-buce at blogspot

I SHOULD buy some more charcoal.

image via

And finally, I SHOULD finish reading Shadow of the Wind

image via bfgb at wordpress

I'm off to probably get dressed and go to school again. The never ending cycle . . . tata now!