Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gareth Pugh Spring 2011

Love Gareth Pugh.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jersey Politics now have a song.

Hello guys, I have gone from MIA to being angry at the MTA to not being able to think of anything clever to say at the end of this sentence. Boo-hoo-eh?

But yesterday the MTA decided the Uptown F train should not go to Broadway Lafayette, the subway stop I ended up walking to, so of course I had to wait for either the B or D, except that only the D runs on weekends and it runs SLOW. It took me 1.5 more hours getting home than it should have.

That was NOT FUN.

However, I did have fun yesterday. Can't you tell?

The Drunken Sufis at the Lit Lounge. They were quite possibly the coolest people ever with the most interesting sound to ever enter my ears in a pleasant way. That and they sing about politics. I think you ought to check 'em out (linkage below)

I forget why we laughed initially, but we laughed afterward when we saw this. We look like babies!!


An Indian restaurant in the East Village.

Space invader ice cubes! The best thing to happen to ice cubes since, well, the invention of them.

As you can see, we went to see the Drunken Sufis late last night. Along the way, we drank cups of water with space invaders in them, had some delicious Italian ices (not pictured because we scarfed down those bad boys), and I also got myself three cans of these:

Sucks when your favorite product is seasonal. But the pumpkin is back and you will see it popping up in my morning meals more often.

Here's an extra picture of me being silly. I was aiming for a Nylon magazine feel.

H&M cardigan, Stigmata Addiction t-shirt, H&M boyfriend jeans, Gap argyle knee socks, Capezio combat boots, Liz Lisa hair tie, fake glasses from St. Marks Place.

Peace out.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My keyboard sucks.

My computer is getting old. The touch pad doesn't work and now, the "J" isn't working unless I pound on it hard.
A lot of things require the letter "J": Jelly beans, Jokes, Justin Bieber, and of course, Jukebox the Ghost. And no, I NEVER plan to write Justin Bieber and Jukebox the Ghost in the same sentence again, unless I use it in the context of "Jukebox the Ghost went to go eat at a diner next door to the Hooters Justin Bieber performed at for free fried pickles." Yes, this happened (minus the Jukebox bit which I'm pretty sure I made up).

But anyway, back to what matters, I've been listening to Jukebox's Everything Under the Sun on repeat for a couple of days now, and I've noticed several trends:
1. Tommy mentions God in 80% of his songs
2. Tommy is my male counterpart, except cooler and way more blond (amongst other things, ya know)
3. Ben's softer songs are good to listen to before bed

And now that I cleverly made the bridge between Ben's softer songs to the next topic, I gotta say, the style of the song Summer Sun is a lot like that of this Japanese band, Bump of Chicken.

Okay, not exactly alike but it's definitely the style. You just gotta listen to more Bump to know.

No more excuses.

In other news, winter drinks are back at Starbucks. Boo to the ya.

Peace out y'all.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Another day . . .

. . . in the life of a fashion student.

Cowl neck; draping class.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The early bird gets the worm.

I put off a major project yet again. If sleeping in class were a sport, I'd have gone past olympics and claimed my title as queen of all class sleepers.

This song I just discovered 5 seconds ago is rocking my world right now:

The band is The Happy Bullets and the song is The Vice and Virtue Ministry. I highly recommend a good listen, but I just checked their website and looks like it's been dead for years. Sucks when you get into things late, huh?

Speaking of getting into things late, I am the prime example of that. I never watched CSI, The Office, Sex and the City, Friends, or any of the shows I like now until maybe I don't know, 6 seasons later? It's the same with fashion. While all the young girls around me were wearing pretty little patterned frocks in the 5th grade, I wore boring ole' blue jeans and solid sweaters. Sure there was a butterfly here and there but lets just say I used to be a plain jane.

Now look at me, lusting over next season's patterns.

Chris Benz

Custo Barcelona

images from

Oh, I know you're questioning my taste right now.

Now I have to get back to work, but before I do, some pictures from today.

I went to Chelsea Market during my break and after acting like a tourist, found some crack in the form of juice. You know those Tropicana ads where there's a straw in an orange? IT FELT LIKE THAT BUT WITH CANTELOUPE.

Thank God I didn't know about it earlier, or my fridge might've exploded. Sometimes it's a good thing I suppose.

I'll update later with what I've been up to this fashion week! Peace and love, y'all, peace and love.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I draw flats

Hello guys! Sorry I've been so MIA as of late--school and job is actually killer. I don't get how anyone does it.

That being said, I am currently doing my fashion art homework. Today I went major swatching (major being I woke up early to go to B&J for their student swatching hour, followed by a trip to Mood), and I can honestly say I am stoked about some of the swatches I got.
Here's a preview:

Can you tell what designer's sister brand I was inspired by?

Now for the big report: WHAT WENT DOWN FASHION'S NIGHT OUT? Well, a picture's worth a thousand words. And I have several:

Vintage Hat, Black Lace Tank, Zara's Red Heart Ruffle Tank, Sexy Dynamite London Cardigan, Uniqlo Jeans, [New] Capezio Boots from Ebay !, Bag from Daffys, Gucci Necklace, H&M Wrist Cuff

VV Brown (she's killer)

Twin Towers but I liked to think UFO

Versace Pumps

All in all, great night. Didn't get to see as many celebs as last year (celebs meaning models, designers, and uh, celebs). Did also see Pharell and Max Azria (although nobody seemed to notice when we passed but me . . . ). And today I happened to be walking past Soho and of course, KARLIE KLOSS PASSES BY AGAIN. I swear, it's a fashion week tradition now that I end up in the same vicinity as her but never tell her that I think she's AWESOME. Oh, and she always ends up driving away in a taxi, this time, a Derek Lam shopping bag on her wrist. Maybe some day.
Anyway, I ended up buying nothing because I couldn't hit as many spots as I wanted, so of course, I end up buying a $10 smoothie today at Health King. OF COURSE.

Well, all hail kale smoothies. Now I think I'll bounce and finish up that pesky fashion art homework. Adieu!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Week September 2010 Part 1

Images taken and edited by me

Irina Shabayeva Spring 2011