Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The throat hurts and spring cleaning!

I think I may be either sick or just coughing up a storm because my throat feels all scratchy again. It may also be because I've been cleaning up my room and all the dust is in the air . . .

Oh yeah! So it's Spring Cleaning time! Except it's not Spring. But remember that episode on The Office where Oscar called in sick on Spring Cleaning Day? And well, it wasn't Spring. And Michael is like if we do it now, guess what we don't have to do in the spring? That's right . . . cleaning.

Recently went shopping a bit in Soho. I kind of wish I went to a few more stores. Maybe I'll have time after cleaning.

My outfit for the day.
-Urban Outfitters Shirt (which I'm pretty sure it's mens or it's just meant to be kinda big for that specific size)
-My mom's scarf she got as a gift from her boss
-Old hand-me-down jeans I cut in shorts
-Black tights
-XOXO Thigh Highs

Two things I tried on at Mango. I ended up not getting either because although they were cute, I just wasn't feeling it. But there was one other dress I wish I had tried on because it was pretty nautical (although not very casual).

Went to Lush! That place is a trap because I always go in not expecting to buy things, and then I do. This was a great deal though because the soaps (and the items with stars on them) are Buy One, Get 2 Free so I just got 3 fabulous soaps.
Sexy Peel is lemony and supposed to be for toning. Sultana is this white milky soap with nuts and fruits on top. This one is for moisturizing. The Angel's Delight is supposed to be just for fun. They all smell great and I will be using these very soon!

And of course, food.
This is spaghetti my mom made yesterday! She went shopping at Whole Foods and came home with a lot of food. We usually do tomato sauce in our spaghettis but since she came home with shrimp, I suggested using it and voila! Our dinner!

I also tried this fancy looking chocolate ice cream. I'm pretty sure the packaging is to up the fancy factor but I prefer the paper containers on the regular ice creams because when you're scooping, you don't freeze your hand as much (seriously, frozen metal tins are cold).
The flavor however is lovely! It was dark chocolate and I love dark, so I was quite satisfied. Not super sweet and really refreshing.

*EDIT: I just noticed the ice cream says "Ultra Super Premium" That kinda made me giggle.
*EDIT #2: Lilveggiepatch is doing a giveaway for some Coconut Bliss Icecream! Get in on it guys! (Click HERE)

I should get back to my emails and then more "spring" cleaning for me! I'm off!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Agyness Deyn is always downtown . . .

Hey, so Rodarte for Target rant guys.

I was scouring the Target website and looking at reviews of the Rodarte for T collection. I just don't get the people who are complaining about the quality being cheap. I mean, writing about it is fine and I think it definitely should be mentioned. But were people really expecting the best quality?
I think Target collabs are more about collaborating on design and vision then making the materials they use any better. I mean, that is why the price points aren't that high to begin with. That, and there's an actual NAME on it, so that must be the major selling point.
I, as a consumer, would LOVE it if what I bought lasted a long time. But a. those are the things you should invest in i.e. spend good money on, and b. you can't expect a commercialized ready-to-wear store to give you amazing quality. Not ragging on Target, but just saying that there has to be that difference or who would go shopping anywhere else, right? And there's also a long thing about using better materials and less profit, but I won't get into that.

That was pretty much all of that.

So, not that it's a big deal or anything but kinda walked by Patrick Robinson and Agyness Deyn on the street today. Which is weird because well, nobody expects to walk down the street and bump into two known fashion people in a day . . .

Oh, by the way, my very calm treatment of this situation is a complete mask because you all know I am a major spazz about these things.

[insert spazz]

Yeah . . .

Oh, but no pictures. Especially since both people were with other people and it just didn't seem like the right time to be making a fool of oneself (cold weather will do this to you).

So I'll leave you even chillier by posting a picture of myself roughly one year ago.


In the cold.

In Central Park.

Later everyone!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Food Coma days . . .

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a nice Christmas! I did. It was not in any means like a standard Christmas . . . I mean, we didn't do anything out of the norm. We did have good food and we all stayed in, so I guess that's what really counts!

Well, as my title would suggest, I've been in a food coma for the past few days. To show you exactly how this happened . . .

Christmas Eve

Potato salad and fried food. My dad fried them, so all was done with good ingredients and good procedures at least.

Cakes from Payard. Mine was a dark chocolate mousse with peanuts and caramel inside! I liked it. I may have enjoyed it more if I weren't stuffed at the time, but still, good mousse.


Sorry, didn't realize the gummy bear was so outta focus. But these pomegranate white tea gummy bears are AMAZING! I've been nagging my mom to order them from the Bissinger's catalog we always get because I love gummy bears and these happened to be organic with lots of flavors (and they won an award apparently), so she finally ordered some. These were really good. I definitely taste the tea along with the fruit. Definitely not your standard gummy bear. I believe they're about $13 for a big bag which is super pricey for a bag of bears, but if you ever feel in the need to treat yourself, they apparently sell smaller bags at Food Emporium.

Also from Bissinger's are these delicious chocolate dipped candied oranges! I love any fruit dipped in chocolate but these were really good. I may want to try making these at home some time . . .

So if these food pictures didn't make you want to go eat right now, well, it sure made me want to go eat (lunch time anyway). Toodles noodles~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Imaginary Christmas List

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I hope it's full of lovely delicious scents and time spent with loved ones! [insert Hallmark moment]

So I thought it'd be fun to stray away from my usual posts and write a pretty late Christmas list. Here's the catch though: it's my imaginary list. As in, I don't think I will be getting any of these things (except in my dreams), but it'd be so fun to write!
Anyone out there reading this and have a blog or facebook or etc, I encourage you to do the same! And link me (I'm curious to see everyone's lists).

Okay, here goes.


Aya's Imaginary Christmas List

1. End of Recession
I googled happy business people . . .

2. A house in Whole Foods Union Square (oh, the convenience . . . )

3. Be Karlie Koss for one day (or uh, a week, you know . . . )

4. Zac Posen Internship ([spazz])

5. Those Nina Ricci shoes

6. Be a random cameo in The Office

7. Funky Fendi clutch (darn you shiny clutch)

8. Lifetime supply of yogurt and fermented soybeans (natto)

9. Free college tuition (I know you all agree with me)

I think that pretty much completes my imaginary Christmas list. Now I'm going to go and continue watching touching Jim and Pam moments on youtube. Have a nice Christmas Eve/Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paula Deen is making some brownies behind me . . .

On the television screen of course. But still, I really want some brownies now.

I survived the first semester yesterday! And I renewed my locker meaning I left all my garbage and tools in my locker over break! Boy does it feel good to carry absolutely NOTHING home. Although I do foresee that I will feel like coloring with markers or sewing something and will deeply regret not having anything until the school opens in January. -sigh-

Yesterday I donned on a new wig.

It's brown, unlike my other various natural black ones. People seemed to really like it! So I can pull off being a brunette after all~
P.S. I have a kinda cut-ish thing at the corner of my mouth. Time and healing cream will be my savior . . .

Lately I've been looking at some Japanese fashion magazines again (to keep up with other trends). I've found a few looks/items I like/want more of:

1. The Culotte

2. The Funky Printed Sweater

3. The Boyish Suspender Pants

I can probably make the culotte (or skort as some people know it as) so that may be my next project over the vacation. As for the funky sweater, I love vintage sweaters with shoulder pads so I may go scouring thrift stores for some.

That's it for now. Pictures of my term garment will come next time! Ciao!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Guess whose listening to Hanson?

I am! Old school 90's music just puts me in such a good mood. I'm sure even if a car ran over my foot, if I just had some 90's music (you know, N*sync, old school Britney, Backstreet Boys, Mandy Moore), I'd be fine.

In the hospital.

So today is my FINAL day to finish my term garment. I got a lot done yesterday! Just need to set in the sleeves, finish the hem, and buttons. Oh, and add cuffs. I was originally going to put a bias strip around the bottom of the sleeve but since it's a top and bottom puff, I decided a cuff would make more sense. Pictures will come soon enough!

This morning I was checking my mail and my friend had linked me to some awesome information. Now, I don't even remember who I gushed about my love of Sabrina (the classic with Audrey Hepburn) to, but I must've told a lot of people. Seriously, that movie is just so hilarious and the fashion is AMAZING.

Example A of Audrey looking flawless in gown. ------>

Well, my friend knowing this linked me to this page, and lo and behold! She's turned into a Pullip doll!

I'm not a collector of dolls, but this is quite adorable! There's also her in a red dress, but I find this one more iconic and pivotal in terms of the movie. And her likeness is just so uncanny . . . I'm slightly wigged by this.

For any doll collector or fan of Audrey who would like to own this, the link above + if you google it should lead you to a place to order one for yourself. It will be dispatched early May.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Abominations thy name is . . .

Hey everyone~

Darn tight spaces and not being able to take proper pictures of my scary locker. Oh, wait, it's not scary enough for you?

IT'S WORSE NOW. I swear, this was 5 days ago, when it was slightly better. Now it's an ABOMINATION.

And I must have been so bothered by the craziness protruding out that I took a blurry picture.

The last few days have been a nightmare. I managed to finish my term garment for flat pattern, but it wasn't so good. Let me just tell you that lack of sleep + being sick NEVER WORKS. It just doesn't . . .

Coughing up mucus (ew, that word) and finding blood there twice also isn't pleasant. I believe I should get that checked.

I have one more term garment and it's going to be the most time consuming. I'm no fortune teller but I can predict what my weekend is going to look like . . . and I want this to be really good because, well, we finally have creativity and fabric other than muslin so why not?

My friend Cristina left to go to Peru last week. I managed to make her one of those cute critter pin cushion things (different version though). She loved it, therefore mission accomplished!! And then she gave me some chocolate she had from Peru! I got excited so I took pictures.

The inside (which I forgot to snap because I was too involved if you will) was a caramel dulce de leche with whole pecans!! It completed my whole evening that day . . .

OH! WAIT, but a few days before the chocolate, SOMETHING ALSO COMPLETED ME. I went to go see the Chorus Line with my friend at my high school LaGuardia Arts, and as we were leaving, I had a double take moment. And well, it's understandable, since GRACE CODDINGTON WAS STANDING AMIDST THE LEAVING CROWD. And when the creative director of Vogue is just randomly at your old high school, YOU SAY HI.

And take pictures of course.
I became a random woodland creature because I looked like a weirdo that day and I do not wish to reveal too much. But Grace (or Ms. Coddington) was really nice! Even though I spazzed and paused a lot and was a complete weirdo, she struck conversation with me and fixed her hair for the photo.


Well, that seems to be all for now. I think it's high time I got to sleep . . . so off to bed I go!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not that I'm surprised . . .

But the Cut knows what they're talking about.

I love Karlie guys. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Love that girl.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm sick but sane

I really think it was the Vitamin C candy that I swallowed and almost choked on that caused some sort of a throat throbbing pain which led to my current illness.

I would like to point out that I am sane enough to write a blog entry and to text people to tell them how I am. I am also sane enough to memorize almost 30 paintings and their dates. However, I am not sane enough to really talk to people on the phone unless necessary (hence the texting where I can think what to say first). I am also not sane enough to sit in a classroom for 2 hours or so and write about said paintings because apart from dates, I can't remember 1/4 of what the paintings look like and I don't think the throbbing pain in my head, neck, ears, and throat help.

I'm going to the doctors tomorrow (*Note: Patrick Dempsey is not my real doctor, however, I believe life would be better if it were so).

I also have a term garment due this Thursday and next Monday which I have to hand in or risk everything I worked for this semester. So you can tell where I'm headed tomorrow after the doctors (hint: garment district to buy fabric, then school).

So I expect myself to do the following:

-Hand in Chanel project TOMORROW
-Buy Fabric for Flat Pattern
-Finish all my patterns, cut, and sew at least everything but sleeves and collar
-By Wednesday finish everything for Flat Pattern
-By Thursday, have the full colored sketch for Draping term garment
-Work like crazy until Monday

Oh, and really finish all my Christmas shopping (both bought and handmade things).

I shall have to work hard . . . and hope I get better.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christopher Kane and blogging

Does anyone remember a little comment made by Christoper Kane about bloggers?

It’s a bit mad, isn’t it? It feels like it’s happened all of a sudden and at some shows this season the front row was just all bloggers. I think it will die down though, and people know what they are doing. No one who wants to read a serious review of a show is going to look at what a 14-year-old thinks. But it has become more critical; people can say what they want about anyone on a blog without consequences and that’s quite scary. There are real repercussions for a designer if a photo of something is leaked by a blog; it can be copied in a fortnight and that can really harm a business. You have to be much more careful now.

Well, he recently explained his comment further.

People are interested in what they like, it’s a really personal thing and that’s my opinion. You’re allowed to say what you want but sometimes the blogs that you read are really negative and that’s what I meant to say really. Sometimes it’s too negative for my liking and I think maybe they could give someone a compliment or say something nice. But bloggers nowadays seem to be a bit negative ... [W]hen it gets to someone’s work and they’re being critical, it’s like ‘Give them a break’. That’s all I meant to say.

Personally, he didn't need to explain himself. I agree with him on some points.

I've been a blogger for maybe half my life, starting off with xanga, then bravenet (I could never get into myspace so I tried to find alternatives), livejournal, and now blogspot. So that being said, people have been blogging for a while. But it seems only recently that the fashion world is really zooming in on a lot of the faces behind these pages.

When he says that bloggers are negative, I think he's focusing on comments people make about collections and such, and some of their harsh critiques. My opinion is yes, people can be way harsher on the internet because it is the web. But I would so much prefer someone to flat out say something is terrible if it's their honest opinion then sugar coat it because people reading it will think poorly about the designer they are reading about. I don't believe bloggers expect people following them to think exactly like them. I don't. I want people to have their own opinions. But I appreciate it when people consider my comments as well.

Christopher Kane is a more up-and-coming designer so that may be why he feels this way, and it's okay. He's sharing his opinion. We're all sharing our opinions. Even if blogging dies down as he says, I'll still be blogging because I just like to . . . talk.

I hope that made sense because I'm sick and I was praying that my brain is functioning enough to comment on this. Do you agree or disagree with Kane?

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sample Sales

Merchandise from Diane Von Furstenberg is up to 75 percent off at the sample sale. New merchandise will be arriving throughout the week. 260 Fifth Ave., nr. 28th St.; T (9–6:30), W (10–8), Th (10–7), F (9–3).

Eating Healthy

Here's a small note about eating healthy.

I believe that eating healthy goes with pretty much everything else in the world. And yes, including fashion. If fashion people don't eat, well, they die. And dying is tragic.

Now let me explain why eating HEALTHY is so important. For me, I don't rule out sweets or fast food. If anything, I take everything in moderation. But I HATE the idea that if I'm not going to eat at a McDonalds with someone that they assume that I'm anorexic or that I don't eat period. I just prefer to put good things in my system.

Now I'm not going to lie, I love sugar and fat. I think fatty things taste good and sugar makes me happy. But I'm not going to ignore the fact that my family has a record of diabetes and that fatty things will do terrible things to my heart. So I take everything in healthy doses. And substituting works too.

I'm far from a lot of those other healthy food bloggers out there. I'm not vegan, raw, or even vegetarian. But I've learned enough about food to know how much to take of certain things and what foods I should eat more of.

I don't push my lifestyle/foodstyle on other people. I think every person is different and if a certain diet is working for him/her, then they should continue it. I just wanted to get out that eating healthy is something that should be mentioned and practiced. Okay, that sounded like I was pushing it upon everyone but again, I only mean it in the best possible sense.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We are not what you think we are . . .

Another song reference in the title? Well, I'm pretty much sitting here listening to Mika's "We Are Golden" on repeat, so why shouldn't that be totally appropriate?

Oh, because I'm not allowed to use the word "appropriate" since I tots didn't update in like 5 days and that's far from the word . . . (insert tears streaming down the face like a loser i.e. me after watching Titanic)

Darn looking slightly unhappy and depressed here because I was QUITE DAPPER when this picture was taken.

-Fake glasses
-Random blue dress I got for $4 that I removed buttons from and made look better
-F21 lacy wrap bolero
-Knit flower necklace from Japan
-Gap grey poncho thingy
-H&M tights
-Payless boots

Man do I love layers . . .

Well, a few days ago, I went to my friend's house for a sleepover (hence this posting break). We watched a REALLY LONG Korean horror movie called "The Red Shoes" (by the way, the "red" shoes were totally hot pink). It pretty much didn't end where it should have and kinda blah. Then there was nummy food and some usage of the computer. Oh, and my Hawaiian shorts.

In the morning, I ate Cheerios and we watched the Sex and the City movie. I think that sparked some want for shopping but only after going to eat.

We went to Je'Bon in St. Marks. We went around 1 in the afternoon and it was surprisingly empty. I had a Thai salad (after ordering a sweet shrimp salad and then being told there wasn't any even though it was under Today's Specials). My friends had Salmon Teriyaki and Wine Chicken Soup with noodles. The salad was spicier than I thought it would be but it was pretty okay. The service was average. I don't think I'm going to want to eat here again just because it didn't really strike me as anywhere too special but it was generally good.

One of my friends had to go to school after that, so my other friend and I just went around a few stores in Herald Square after that.

One of them being H&M where I found a cute bolero.

Yes, I am wearing baggy cut up denim shorts over jeggings.
If you're wondering, I did get it.

I also did a little shopping in Korea Town and then had to say goodbye to my friend and head home.

That was pretty much all of the fun I had the past few days because every other day I spent stressed about finishing my blouse for sewing class. A lot of people guided me through it and it's the only reason why I even came close to finishing so thanks to everyone who did!
I did forget to add that I slept over at the school on Monday which was a very interesting and not very comfortable situation (those chairs are ROCK HARD) but it did help me learn that I will need to plan these things sooner. I MEAN WAY SOONER.
So a note to the wise, bring sleeping bags.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flushing and sticker photos!

Mornings are always better when you don't HAVE to go to school. Except that I did today. But still, mornings are less hectic.

Oh, how neatly I line my possible outfits.

So today my friend and I decided to go to Flushing to take sticker pictures (purikura in Japanese) so I opted for the wig and mascara.

Yes, yes?

After doing some work at FIT, taking a break and making random animals out of scraps, and then getting back to work again, my friend and I left to go take the pictures!

Totos in Flushing has a new Japanese machine that trumps their old ones.

My happy sticker pile. What? Too dark you say? Too small you say?


Because I love you all . . . but no more . . .

I will be happy to show you my outfit though!

-Black paper boy hat
-Forever 21 yellow v-neck shirt
-Forever 21 polka-dot dress
-Urban Outfitters cardigan
-L.L.Bean yellow down vest
-Mother's butterfly tights (I can't believe she was holding out on me . . . these are too cute)
-Black socks
-Double Decker black boots
-Canvas bag

Oh, and my long wig~! And why yes, this is the outfit that was hanging on my hanger at the top of this post.

The rest of the day was spent at Quickly getting amused by people playing cards next to a DO NOT PLAY CARDS sign and observing cute clothing with soft lining.

Today was a good day.

Final note: My friend Lesley mentioned her current into-band The Empires, and they shall be having all new music out on the 8th! Free downloadables are always a happy gift. Check out their website HERE!

It's December already!

I wanted to say "Happy December 1st!" but now it's December 2nd (actually, 3rd) and therefore if I said that I would be lying to you all. Shame Aya, shame . . .

Overdo coordinates start now!!!!

I will admit there were better pictures, but I must introduce my new companion and everyone's new obsession!

Yes . . . my fuzzy yellow backpack. Of which the pocket smells like Lush (because I shoved some bath bombs in there last week).

Yes, people fondle it.

Yes, people give it names (although I call it chicky because . . . it looks like one, no? I'm not crazy . . . )

Yes, you want it.

But anyway:
-Random glasses
-H&M grey tank
-Forever 21 acid washed tank
-Super Lovers diamond cardigan
-Gap [kids] shorts
-Urban Outfitters lacy leggings
-Black socks
-Double Decker black boots
-Uniqlo Yellow Backpack

And I'm looking too happy here . . .

-Black paper boy hat
-Geoffrey Beene scarf
-Urban Outfitters shirt
-Mom's hand-me-down shorts
-Black tights
-XOXO thigh highs

Then I had me some well deserved lunch on Monday.

I had a salad of field greens, chick peas, onions, cucumers, and string beans. It came with some bread. I also got a lovely cup of Tazo's orange tea. Life is good.

I also tried this yogurt for the first time!

It was on sale and even so, kind of pricey for a cup of yogurt, but I wanted to try something new (icelandic yogurt hello!) I've also not had yogurt for the past week and it's made me a crazy person (by the way, Oiko's is on sale at Whole Foods right now!) Thus, I chose this cup of grapefruit Siggi's!

Verdict: Really creamy. My friend said it was slightly like cream cheese. To me, I can see why she said that, but I like my yogurt thick so no complaints there. Not too much tang (more bitter due to the grapefruit). LOVED their short ingredient list. I probably won't buy too much in the future because of it's price, but if it's on sale again, I wanna try their Orange ginger.

Now I must make a separate post due to the overwhelming amount that I type (and the big pictures). I'm off~