Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm naming my food baby Gerber.

I deemed myself cool today for watching A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I deemed myself foolish for only wearing a shirt and jacket today. And cotton pants. Clearly I need to remind myself it is FREEZING as of late.

I deemed myself intrigued at the thought of owning a video camera pen (how do people not find that super creepy?)

I deemed myself an idiot for forgetting my camera batteries at home.

I deemed myself hungry for eating cake, then going home and eating steak, and then eating some more cake right afterward.

. . . But enough about me, how was your Eve?


  1. how was your xmas? :)
    well...i deemed myself silly for eating so much chips today that i need a salad right now.

  2. I feel like a stuffed turkey. Happy Christmas!