Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recently decided to try this new thing called updating.

Remember in my last post I was wearing some new shoes?

These are my new shoes. Oxfords, to be exact. I adore them.

Mango, on sale, for $58!

And then I decided one pair wasn't enough so in the next 3 weeks or so, I managed to snag a new pair of sandals. I seem to like tan.

Aldo, on sale, for $57!

I like shoes.

But I can't say no to food either! Sorry wallet.

I went to Alice's Tea Cup Chapter II with a family friend from Japan. I've gone many times before but I can't seem to resist their pumpkin scones every time I go. I highly recommend getting those if you decide to visit!

The family friend also went to Prince Edward Island in Canada before she came and got us these chocolates. I love Anne of Green Gables (I own the box set and vhs tapes!)

My favorite eating out experience as of late was when my friend Kievan and I were wandering around South Street Seaport, and discovered a place called Made Fresh Daily!

Seriously adorable, casual, and slightly Amish, this place has good food for good prices. They seem to change the menu daily because what we ordered (above) doesn't seem to be on the menu page. Regardless, we're planning to go back again (Kievan will be very upset though if no tuna melt is around).

The sky the day we went to South St.

I seem to eat out a lot with Kievan (and it's great because apart from olives and probably garbage, we pretty much eat anything) so we also recently went to a restaurant called Spice.

The place is actually a chain and has many locations. I went to one in Chelsea. It was nice and casual as well. I had green curry for the first time. It was sweet and hot and after the first few bites, I got really into it. I had a lot left over for my lunch break later that day too (dinner break rather).

Finally, while I'm on the topic of recent happenings, I also cut and colored my hair!

Less volume, darker color. My roots were growing back so I thought might as well go dark brown. The cut is very flattering. I just can't wait till Fall, when I don't have to worry about the heat messing with my hair so much!

That's it for now. See you all in a bit. Toodles noodles!


  1. this post makes me want to go to Seaport soon!

  2. I love the photography! and lovely updating, even on the phone! that's awesome :)