Sunday, October 3, 2010

My hands are dirty. With markers.

Hey guys! I've been sleeping, drawing, and watching S Club movies all day (make that singular since they only had one movie, and yes, it is on demand). I'm glad I at least got some sleep in since this week is gonna be rough (school wise). I also have a lot of events planned, so I'll keep you updated on that in the future.

Recent look for fashion art class:

Striped long shirt, vintage patterned shirt (overlay), Anna Sui scarf, fake glasses, jean shorts

I was going for the pattern on pattern, kinda Marc by Marc vibe with it. I luff colors.

During fashion art, my professor handed out books for us to look at. I love looking at fashion pictures and illustrations. If I had lots of money to spend, I would probably have a whole library of books pertaining to that subject. However, I don't. But I did take a couple of choice pictures that really spoke to me.

After class was done, I was starving, so along with two friends, we headed to Korea Town to get some nosh. We chose to eat at Pho 32.

The place was packed but we managed to find seats. I order the vermicelli noodles with pork and prawn and it was delicious! A ton of fresh and crisp veggies, a broth of some sort, and savory cuts of pork and prawn on top of thin noodles. It just worked. Our waiter was also super nice which was a plus!

That's pretty much what I did as of late. I also have good news: I got a new memory card! I've been running on the memory of just my camera, which is not too little but I have to constantly delete pictures to fit new ones. Now I can just about take thousands of pictures and videos. Pretty fantastic.

Anyway, time to sleep. I shall see you all later! Tata!


  1. wow!
    love the last illustration! Is something I would adopt as my style. I like big head drawings XD

  2. The pictures of the books look great. It is so sad that these books cost a lot. I am a photo major so I can relate to your frustration.