Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shoot time flies.

Hey y'all, what's up?
I like using the term y'all not because of the implications, but because I'm literally so lazy I like it when words come jam packed together. I swear if I could, I'd shorten all my words.

For example, "How y'all do?" would be "How are you guys doing?" Judge me hard, but that's just the way I roll.

Anyway, lately I've been coloring my life away.


All for my fashion art class. I have to admit, I don't think I ever was so meticulous about a fashion art project. I am after all, the lazy one. Here is my end result, photoshopped and ready to be graded.

What'cha think?

Sadly, I heard my professor gives terrible grades (apparently he's a nitpicker) so you can expect me to be very sad and exhausted come Monday. Fun.

I did come across a beautiful spice rack recently in a Lower East Side Co-op though.

Random I know, but this got me excited and happy. I love my spices.

Well, now I'm off to go and drink tea and catch up on some pre-afternoon z's. See y'all 'round?


  1. FABULOUS!!!!! O_O
    With what you colored them? Markers or water color? :O

  2. purtttyyy i love fashion illustrations
    you sure are ahead, done with your hw on a saturday. im just sayyyingg cause i havent done mine yet......

  3. those drawings are great! *love*

  4. Very lovely, Aya! I'm glad you're doing good.

  5. Your ladies look really amazing, I like how you color, I think I'm going to begin using photoshop to edit my drawings and make them look a little nicer~

    Great work Aya, great work <3