Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's raining it's pouring.


I'm ashamed.

I have a blog, a perfectly normal not-so-normal blog, where I rant about fashion and post food pron (ew, I became one of those people who switch the "r" and "o"), and I've been neglecting it. In fact, I've been avoiding it. Because I, outside of my normal not-so-normal life, am not really all that interesting.

I mean, take case 1, a few weeks ago, when I made brown rice for the first time on the stove.

I legitimately burned the edges and spent half an hour picking out every grain of burnt rice from the bowl. I know, a cruel Asian nightmare.

Case 2 consists of going to a concert of the best band of our time, Jukebox the Ghost, and rocking out with this girl with the ridiculous face.

I was talking about the face on the left, not that gorgeous girl on the right.

And case 3: getting this shot.

Not shooting stars, but airplane clouds. But it was kinda after a storm, and even though that's Jersey across the ways (yup), I thought it was pretty darn pretty. I would make a wish anyway.

Okay, so maybe my life is not so uninteresting, but hey, wouldn't it be easier if I just won the lotto, met Joseph Gordon Levitt (yes, I did watch 500 Days of Summer recently), and heck, married him? In one weekend?

Now that would be a story worth blogging about.

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