Friday, June 10, 2011

So I don't write often.

Bloggers, and by bloggers, I mean, PEOPLE WHO UPDATE REGULARLY (I'm yelling at myself), are amazing people, because they do what they are expected to do. Which is, to blog about their opinions/lives in a very CONSISTENT manner (okay, stop yelling!)

I am clearly not one of those people. In fact, this can be an ongoing joke amongst my readers and I (who I bless for still being my readers).

But onto more important things.

Lately I've been into this song:

The singer, Cocco, has an amazing voice. I could listen to this song forever.

I also hung out with my friend Judy from school!

She looks so sweet right? But in reality, she's a big bully. Look!

Haha. kidding. She's as sweet as a double fudge ice cream sundae.

I also hung out with my friend Crysbel. Is it just me or does this picture make us look extremely young?

This was taken actually right after I got my ears pierced! Most people assume I have them pierced but I don't (until now!) It's kind of exciting. I finally got them done because I found the coolest pair of dinosaur earrings and I needed to wear them ASAP. Nerdiness drives me.

Us being sassy:

(outfit rundown: dress f21, cardigan Sexy Dynamite London, socks random, Ba Vivienne Westwood, Shoes Boutique 9)

That day we went to Red Bamboo and gorged ourselves silly on vegan delights.

"Chicken" Parmesan

Dante's Cuisine

This is probably my 5th (?) time at Red Bamboo, so I clearly like it. It's also always crowded when I go, so I think it's a hit with other people too. It's definitely a place where meat eaters can go and feel satisfied as well (I've tested with many). I just wish the servers would smile more often ! But if you're ever in the mood for tasty vegan food in the West Village, I recommend this spot for sure!

Okay guys, more updates are comin' soon. Now that I've just killed my phone, I won't have distractions anyway . . . (yes, the hint of bitterness is there) Have a good day and see y'all later? Toodle-loo!

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  1. haha I got my ears pierced pretty late as well! You definately need to make sure its cleaned well and that you move around alot bc I didn't and it hurt when I took my earrings out T^T lol