Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yesterday was Thursday Thursday

Today it is Friday Friday (if you don't get the reference, then you're missing out on a generational sensation! Youtube Rebecca Black "Friday")

Yesterday I had a day off, so I decided to hit up some sales in Soho with my friend Lesley.

Before I left, I ate lunch. Sadly it was 2 pieces of chocolate and a Power Crunch Bar.

Delicious and fairly filling, but not a meal. I do recommend these for in between snacks (maybe at work?) because it has 1/3 day's worth of protein, which actually keeps you fuller longer.

After Lesley and I met up, we went to Mango first because everything is 50% off and who can resist that?

I scored the cutest culottes ever, and everyone who knows me knows I love polka dots!

We also went to Uniqlo, where I snuck a picture of their new Barbie display. Everything is so wonderfully hot pink!

At that point though, I was hungry, so after a few more shops, we headed to Quantum Leap for some tasty veggie dishes!

I ordered the Dos Enchiladas (top) and Lesley got the Portobello Burger with garlic fries. It took me forever to choose something to eat, but I was highly drawn to the words "large" and "cheese" in the description for the enchis. Did not disappoint--I think I'm still in a food coma. And I have to say that things doused in cheese never really lose it's finesse.

I have a morning shift tomorrow at work so I should skidattle, but I'm actually having a life this weekend so look forward to updates later!

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