Thursday, April 19, 2012

As of late . . .

My friend Kevin's instagram of us at Veniero's Pastry Shop (rainbow cookies, chocolate mousse, and 2 cappuccinos)

On an entirely different note, I've also been inspired by Kevin's motivation to complete Insanity, and have taken the plunge and ordered it myself. From kickboxing to bikram yoga, rock climbing to hip hop dancing, boot camp classes to ballet, I have done a lot of different forms of exercise and dance. I really wanted to hit a new plateau and continue on with my active lifestyle well into the summer, so I decided to just go ahead and take the Insanity challenge. I know it'll be intense (the people who have done it are probably laughing at the fact that I have NO idea how intense it really is), but I decided this is the year I'm going to challenge myself and just do it already.

Wish me luck lovely people! Oh, and updates of when I start the program and how I'm doing will SURELY come. Ta-ta!

(P.S. If you're wondering whether the Eurotrip photo porn will keep coming, it will most definitely keep coming)

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