Friday, April 20, 2012

I came and triumphed

This was day 1 in Paris. After a mishap in the metro involving someone's sticky fingers (yes people, pickpocketing is serious business over here), I safely made it to see this beauty a few minutes away from the hotel.

From there, I walked straight to the Louvre.

My first day was a roller coaster ride. After getting my wallet stolen, encounters with locals were either really enjoyable or quite unpleasant. One shop girl was extremely nice though. She barely knew any English, but was very kind and even walked me to a local thrift shop (she didn't know what thrift was, until I said "old clothes"). I bought this shirt from her for 40 Euros, and it's currently one of my favorite things to wear (suede elbow pads!)

I wore this outfit the next day and John, over at Hippy Market, snapped a picture of me!

(Sand on the boots from walkin' to the Louvre beeteedubs)

The store, reminiscent of some thrift/vintage stores in the Lower East Side, is full of leather jackets, leather handbags, short a-line skirts, and patterned button-up shirts. I bought a very cute scarf from them for 12 Euros. It's perfect for tying around bags or wearing on your head.

If you're ever in Paris, definitely check them out! You can find the location and see more Hippy Peeps on their facebook!

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