Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blogger Girls We're Unreliable

Actually, it's just me.

Sorry chickee-doodles, I haven't been as active on the blog as of late. I keep coming here to write something, only to be distracted by something else. Then I forget and when I come back, I hate what I wrote before.

Oh well, so is life.

So some pictures from my past few days:

Food Truck Fest

Nothing too special. Was way too hot and crowded, and I ended up not getting anything. Instead, I walked up until I stumbled across an Amy's Bread and I got a rosemary twist. Yum, CARBS.

I did see this purty booth.

I love dramatic jewelry.

I then met with my friend Lesley to go get some 8 cent crepes at Motek. The line was SO LONG. So we cam whored.

I like red lips.

The crepes:

We both got the same flavor (Pesto). It was good, but we ended up waiting 2 hours on that line and it really wasn't 2 hour wait worthy.

After failing at buying some cupcakes at Crumbs afterwards, we settled on sweets elsewhere. I got a hazelnut ball at Black Hound. I normally love Black Hound, but this was just a little dry and there were too many nuts around it. I did finish it though.

In the end, I just went home and had a banana soft serve with kiwi. This might've been the best thing I ate that day.

I also did Restaurant Week at Club A Steakhouse! I have no pictures to post here because everything turned out red and dark due to the lighting at the place. HOWEVER, that was the least of my worries. The food was delish and the service was SUPERB. My water was constantly being replenished (but not annoyingly so), and they even gave us a side dish on the house. My favorite dish was the cauliflower soup (I must have it again someday!), but trust me when I say I enjoyed all courses.

I doggy bagged half the salmon so you at least get to see what I did with it.

Mmmmmmm, salad.

Then the other day, I went to Murray's Bagels for well, bagels.

They only had a few bagel choices because it was 6 in the morning and the hadn't baked all of them yet. So I had a sesame bagel with some maple walnut spread.
I've been wanting to try this place because it's got an impressive list of awards received. I gotta say the bagel was really good. Maybe I should just get one with no spread next time because it sort of takes from the pure taste of bagel, but that might be hard to do since the spread was tasty too . . . Ah well.

Finally, my boring dinner from the other day.

Salad + TJ chips!

Okay, so I believe I best be off to eat some dinner and then hit up the SEASON FINALE OF NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR. I'm rooting for Aarti or Herb. Are you watching?


  1. ahhh all that food looks so's making me hungry :)

  2. i couldnt help notice how more 'pink' my face is and how more 'yellow' yours is. i cant believe this aya, you're more asian than me, what happened?!?

  3. although ur experience at Motek wasn't that good...I'd like to visit it one day.
    Cause crepes...are yum...and 50% off?? :O

    o wait..that ends

  4. A dumpling truck!? Well, that's certainly a first.

  5. Translating: I wrote that I can't focus for a long time, so I start drawing but the thing I draw are kinda relevant to the subject XD we were having "history of the styles" (history+sociology) so I started drawing roi soleil and me hahaha

    nononono crepe!!! <3 Food Truck fest, me likes it! haha

  6. Oh my LORD, how did I miss this?!