Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's Agenda

Today I plan to go watch this:

I never read the book (I STILL am on the waiting list at the library), but I've heard many great things about it. I figured might as well watch the movie first, since if I read the book beforehand, I know I'd only be comparing it to the original.

Also, you'd think I was excited to see James Franco. Don't get me wrong, I am. But have I mentioned I have a secret not-so-secret crush on Javier Bardem?

He's smokin'.

I also have a not-secret-at-all girl crush on Penelope Cruz, and it's funny how they ended up together, no?

Anyway, I'll see y'all sometime soon. Pictures of things that's been going down as of late will come. Bye!


  1. Javier reminds me of an art teacher from LaGuardia, Mr. Nunez, for some reason.Lol!

  2. He's so gorgeous! I loved him in this movie.


  3. Hello there! I was just peruzing though your blog, and I really love all of your food-photographs!
    Great job~