Saturday, August 7, 2010

I love nerds

I love nerdy people. They are the only ones who will watch sci-fi movies with you, talk philosophical theories about the power of mind and the existence of God, know what's going on in the world of politics, and of course, get really excited about tv shows that no one else gets.

I think I just described myself and the majority of my friends. No matter.

So recently I made some more energy bars. This time though, I made it extra special by making labels for all of them.

I made them mainly for coworkers, so a small batch it was. One for that kinda quirky nice guy who listens to my ramblings, one for that hard working fellow who gets overlooked, one for that guy who got me the job and who I can never thank enough, and one for that dude whose impossible sweetness makes every shift I'm working better. I should've written that on the back of those labels too, huh?

And now for some recent eats:

I went karaoke-ing with mi madre y mi hermana (4 years of Spanish and I get this, I know). This is what I ordered.

I finally ate at Bonobos! I had the nori roll.
You know, I really love eating raw from time to time. It's filling and I think it's a pretty spectacular way to be really creative with what nature gives you. These nori rolls were colorful and tasty, and I ate about half before being full. The rest I saved for the next day, and the dressing on that salad?

Saved it for some tofu salad two nights later.
That's also a boiled sweet potato. I wish I could bake the darn thing but my oven's busted and has been for over a year now. 8D Another reason why I have been making raw desserts lately.

And speaking of raw, some more!

The sandwich is from Westerly, along with the chunks of energy. The water is courtesy of Whole Foods.
I gotta say, I'm hooked on raw bread now. It's too expensive to justify buying it often, but it's okay to indulge once in a while. It's just so nutty and rich and just plain GOOD.

Finally, I went to Lifethyme and grabbed myself a raw chewie.

It's HUGE. Kinda like eating a big hunka dough. I still have some left over.
I contemplated buying it because I could easily make this, but I thought hey, why not? There were 3 other flavors, and since the original tastes like eating ole fashioned raisin bread, I wonder how lovely the coconut one will be?

Finally, some of the best economical hummus to be in my tummus. You really can't turn it down at that price, can you?

So to sign off with some substance (because mucho food pictures aren't enough), a NY foodie update taken from Time Out NY's website.

The Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market welcomes a convoy of mobile eateries for this food-truck bonanza. Arrive early to beat the inevitable lines for vendors such as Go Burger and Jersey City’s the Krave, which serves tacos and burritos filled with Korean BBQ staples. Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, W 39th St at Ninth Ave ( 11am–4pm.

Will you be there?


  1. Energy bars are cute. :P

  2. Looks deliciousss. I love your energy bars. ♥.

    And yeah i'm a complete nerd. Been jobless for a month and i spent one week at the beach, rest of it i've spent watching star trek and u.f.o tv series (i luv scifi) and being complete jpop otaku..

    I Would listen to your ramblings if we were in the same school, hence in same country!! miss you <3


    now now whats this scrumptious delicious-sounding truck fest about?......

  4. The food truck fest sounds delish; wish I was there :(

  5. RAW VEGAN SANDWICH. YES. I wish I could indulge in it more often if it were not for the price.-Ana