Saturday, September 11, 2010

I draw flats

Hello guys! Sorry I've been so MIA as of late--school and job is actually killer. I don't get how anyone does it.

That being said, I am currently doing my fashion art homework. Today I went major swatching (major being I woke up early to go to B&J for their student swatching hour, followed by a trip to Mood), and I can honestly say I am stoked about some of the swatches I got.
Here's a preview:

Can you tell what designer's sister brand I was inspired by?

Now for the big report: WHAT WENT DOWN FASHION'S NIGHT OUT? Well, a picture's worth a thousand words. And I have several:

Vintage Hat, Black Lace Tank, Zara's Red Heart Ruffle Tank, Sexy Dynamite London Cardigan, Uniqlo Jeans, [New] Capezio Boots from Ebay !, Bag from Daffys, Gucci Necklace, H&M Wrist Cuff

VV Brown (she's killer)

Twin Towers but I liked to think UFO

Versace Pumps

All in all, great night. Didn't get to see as many celebs as last year (celebs meaning models, designers, and uh, celebs). Did also see Pharell and Max Azria (although nobody seemed to notice when we passed but me . . . ). And today I happened to be walking past Soho and of course, KARLIE KLOSS PASSES BY AGAIN. I swear, it's a fashion week tradition now that I end up in the same vicinity as her but never tell her that I think she's AWESOME. Oh, and she always ends up driving away in a taxi, this time, a Derek Lam shopping bag on her wrist. Maybe some day.
Anyway, I ended up buying nothing because I couldn't hit as many spots as I wanted, so of course, I end up buying a $10 smoothie today at Health King. OF COURSE.

Well, all hail kale smoothies. Now I think I'll bounce and finish up that pesky fashion art homework. Adieu!


  1. i love this entry a lot !
    Those photos are incredible!

  2. Love the Versace Pumps!

  3. I adore these pics too!

  4. WHOA! Great! You saw some famous people <3 Last year, I couldn't find anyone beside the DJ XD

  5. hi, just discovered your blog, love it:)

  6. Ken, LOL

    this entry is making me regretful that I didn't go :T
    those pumps omg i just want it to look at