Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The early bird gets the worm.

I put off a major project yet again. If sleeping in class were a sport, I'd have gone past olympics and claimed my title as queen of all class sleepers.

This song I just discovered 5 seconds ago is rocking my world right now:

The band is The Happy Bullets and the song is The Vice and Virtue Ministry. I highly recommend a good listen, but I just checked their website and looks like it's been dead for years. Sucks when you get into things late, huh?

Speaking of getting into things late, I am the prime example of that. I never watched CSI, The Office, Sex and the City, Friends, or any of the shows I like now until maybe I don't know, 6 seasons later? It's the same with fashion. While all the young girls around me were wearing pretty little patterned frocks in the 5th grade, I wore boring ole' blue jeans and solid sweaters. Sure there was a butterfly here and there but lets just say I used to be a plain jane.

Now look at me, lusting over next season's patterns.

Chris Benz

Custo Barcelona

images from style.com

Oh, I know you're questioning my taste right now.

Now I have to get back to work, but before I do, some pictures from today.

I went to Chelsea Market during my break and after acting like a tourist, found some crack in the form of juice. You know those Tropicana ads where there's a straw in an orange? IT FELT LIKE THAT BUT WITH CANTELOUPE.

Thank God I didn't know about it earlier, or my fridge might've exploded. Sometimes it's a good thing I suppose.

I'll update later with what I've been up to this fashion week! Peace and love, y'all, peace and love.


  1. patterns patterns~
    all summer is the same, flowers, bouquet, liberty, bright colors, navy...
    Nice pics of the street and market. I like when they have this "old" colors look.
    Good news: Going to Ny on January or february (if dad can book tickets...)

  2. Man, your photos have such nice tones. The second dress by Chris Benz is adorable btw.

    Sushi Planet is alright.. there isn't much in Philadelphia so it's pretty much all you can get. There may be other places but I haven't extensively explored the area (yet). As for school, meh, classes are painful and.. yeah life isn't very exciting. That's why I live vicariously through your blog lolll (life isn't bad either!) How about you?? :)

  3. LOVE the picture of the painted brick wall!!
    Aaand I haven't been on blogspot in a while, hence all the random commenting lol