Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jersey Politics now have a song.

Hello guys, I have gone from MIA to being angry at the MTA to not being able to think of anything clever to say at the end of this sentence. Boo-hoo-eh?

But yesterday the MTA decided the Uptown F train should not go to Broadway Lafayette, the subway stop I ended up walking to, so of course I had to wait for either the B or D, except that only the D runs on weekends and it runs SLOW. It took me 1.5 more hours getting home than it should have.

That was NOT FUN.

However, I did have fun yesterday. Can't you tell?

The Drunken Sufis at the Lit Lounge. They were quite possibly the coolest people ever with the most interesting sound to ever enter my ears in a pleasant way. That and they sing about politics. I think you ought to check 'em out (linkage below)

I forget why we laughed initially, but we laughed afterward when we saw this. We look like babies!!


An Indian restaurant in the East Village.

Space invader ice cubes! The best thing to happen to ice cubes since, well, the invention of them.

As you can see, we went to see the Drunken Sufis late last night. Along the way, we drank cups of water with space invaders in them, had some delicious Italian ices (not pictured because we scarfed down those bad boys), and I also got myself three cans of these:

Sucks when your favorite product is seasonal. But the pumpkin is back and you will see it popping up in my morning meals more often.

Here's an extra picture of me being silly. I was aiming for a Nylon magazine feel.

H&M cardigan, Stigmata Addiction t-shirt, H&M boyfriend jeans, Gap argyle knee socks, Capezio combat boots, Liz Lisa hair tie, fake glasses from St. Marks Place.

Peace out.


  1. LOL last picture. you're cool.

    in our lives we'll always hate the MTA because they'll never have air-conditioning in the stations, wi-fi, decent customer service and phone service until we're grandmas.

    Are you talking about the original mooncakes? Or the mochi mooncakes(search up TAIPAN BAKERY)? Well I think if you get them now, they'll be cheaper bc the festival's over and the supermarkets are trying to get rid of the extras.

  2. Wah, train changed the route >_< that sucks!
    Aya and the concerts, he. They must be very fun!
    Last pic is totally nylon XD for sure!hehe

  3. ahhh...I should be doing a project due in two hours...but I am reading your blog. hehehe.
    Thanks for posting the pictures! That was a fun night...and finally, I can remember the that I see it written out. ahhh.


    I love this picture though, looks like it could be in a magazine~