Monday, September 20, 2010

My keyboard sucks.

My computer is getting old. The touch pad doesn't work and now, the "J" isn't working unless I pound on it hard.
A lot of things require the letter "J": Jelly beans, Jokes, Justin Bieber, and of course, Jukebox the Ghost. And no, I NEVER plan to write Justin Bieber and Jukebox the Ghost in the same sentence again, unless I use it in the context of "Jukebox the Ghost went to go eat at a diner next door to the Hooters Justin Bieber performed at for free fried pickles." Yes, this happened (minus the Jukebox bit which I'm pretty sure I made up).

But anyway, back to what matters, I've been listening to Jukebox's Everything Under the Sun on repeat for a couple of days now, and I've noticed several trends:
1. Tommy mentions God in 80% of his songs
2. Tommy is my male counterpart, except cooler and way more blond (amongst other things, ya know)
3. Ben's softer songs are good to listen to before bed

And now that I cleverly made the bridge between Ben's softer songs to the next topic, I gotta say, the style of the song Summer Sun is a lot like that of this Japanese band, Bump of Chicken.

Okay, not exactly alike but it's definitely the style. You just gotta listen to more Bump to know.

No more excuses.

In other news, winter drinks are back at Starbucks. Boo to the ya.

Peace out y'all.


  1. bump of chicken...interesting name

    have you tried the toffee mocha? how's it?

  2. I just have to listen to a band with a name like that.. haha grabbing the headphones now since i'm in the library....