Friday, April 9, 2010

So it's been a while . . .

It's been a while since Easter (the last time I posted), and I thought I had to post again soon! So here I am.

The funny thing is, I've developed a habit of making a list of 10 goals to accomplish per month (starting last month). One of my goals for this month is "Post more on my blog than last month" So far, this is not being accomplished . . .
But lets hope it will be!

On a happier note, Jukebox the Ghost is going on tour again~! Oh the joy that travels through my body. I've already started to plan out my outfit, but that will come much later (the concert is in late late May)

Recent food:

My mother wanted to try these and bought some. Crazy coincidence is, for the past few days before she bought them, I was craving apple chips. So nostalgic!
These are granny smith apple chips so they're tart. Really yummy.

I like soy milk.

The warm season = awesome seasonal fruits!
I recently went on a crazy fruit buying spree, so I stocked up on about 7 different kind of fruits. This fruit salad contains 5: strawberries, mango, grapefruit, pears, frozen grapes.

Recently I also found myself walking around downtown (near Chinatown/the village/LES). I love this area because the buildings are all so small and cozy looking and they have the best eats. That and I found a store called "Just Shades" with about a billion lamp shades on display, and a store just for people who want to open a pizza joint. WIN.

Some shots:

(this is so trippy I love it!!!)

(my feet and a bag from whole foods)

Finally, I was reading today's issue of WWD, which is the Beauty Biz. I LOVE the Beauty Biz. Nothing like a good Friday to check up on new cosmetics and fragrances.

So of course, I came across a page of fragrances and immediately thought to myself I have to try this scent:

I love Viktor & Rolf (I think I mention this often), but I have yet to try out their scents. This one is called Flower Bomb (actually, this name makes me think of Lush), and comes in this chic pink bottle with a black V&R tag.

I don't know about you, but now I'm excited for Spring.

I'm off to go do some school work [in school]! Tata!


  1. HEY!
    the grafitti!!! Is from two guy from Sao Paulo! They are "os gêmeos"(= the twins) lol

  2. AH btw, you know the story about this parfume? They projected everything: publicity, pack, design, everything. Then someone told them "hey...and the fragrance? The scent?" hahah they forgot XD

  3. I love V&R too! I think I remember smelling Flowerbomb in a duty free shop in Scotland and thinking it was a little too strong for me... I'm kind of addicted to perfume. My boyfriend even has a line in one of his songs about it!

  4. ~Mmm, don't think I've ever had dried apple chip but all forms of dried fruit chips have always made my mouth water (^______^) Can't say the same for soya milk though!!

    Woooow! That graffiti is impressive! I think I spent a full minute staring into that crazy rainbow spectrum (o___O)