Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little pictures for little ol' me.

It's a tragedy that my camera is broken.

But life must go on, so for the time being, I am taking pictures on my cellphone. The will be small, but will have to do!

Yesterday I went to school to do some of my pattern homework.

The day before, I bought an Odwalla Bar at Whole Foods because it was on sale. I ate it on the way, and I have to say, it may be just this bar but it wasn't the most pleasant of bars. It actually tasted like it was a health bar, and I didn't like the after taste.
However, after getting into school, I did notice I actually had energy to do things, so maybe this bar helped?

My outfit for yesterday:

Flippers, it's getting cold again! I should've worn something other than grey (thanks to Jennie, I learned gray is the American spelling, however, I will use the English spelling of it instead!) sweat shorts.

-Jacket borrowed from mom
-Pony necklace embroidered shirt from a store in Chinatown
-Grey Sweat shorts from ???
-Geoffrey Beene scarf
-Black Tights
-Payless boots

Oh, in case you're wondering, I took this picture in a dressing room. I visited H&M before school. [sweat]

I also managed to find a cute polka-dot shirt dress.

Why yes, I did purposefully make this upside down.

And I don't know about you, but I noticed H&M now has a whole bath pampering line going on. And some make-up as well. Actually, funny, because H&M does have a make-up line, but it's only sold in Europe (as stated in some of their free magazines). So maybe they brought it over here? Or this may be a U.S. exclusive.

Never the less, I bought myself a bottle of nail polish.

Webcam saves the day! The color is called "Preppy Pink" and it's actually the kind of pink I've been wanting for a while. It's pale pink mixed with some white. I like it.

Also, this is from a while back, but I was so fried from school work, I took a two minute break to draw my hand.

I have double jointed fingers hence the crooked-ness being correct. But it's too flat. And the palm part is just too . . . stiff. I know it's like a two minute sketch, but this is just proof my art major skills have been depleting.

And speaking of art skills depleting, I love drawing faces. I actually decided to go to my art high school partially because I loved portraits, and most of my portfolio was just that. And so I just have this problem where if I see a face I love, I GO CRAZY. Sometimes I'm in a crowded subway so at that point, it can't be helped, but I end up just glancing at that person's face a couple of times throughout the whole train ride.

[insert creeper jokes]

But the point is, I haven't drawn faces in a while, and I'm worried I'm a bit rusty.


There's this kid in my gym class and I LOVE HIS FACE. I want it in my collection (okay, this conversation keeps getting creepier). I can't say I have a specific trend in faces I enjoy drawing (I really like quirky odd faces, but then again, it just has to be the initial impact that becomes the deciding factor), but all I know is that I've been wanting to draw his for a while.

So I need advice from everyone.

How should I go about asking this person if I can draw them?

The worst thing they could say is no. But actually, I think the worst thing they could do is say no and then think I'm this freaky weirdo that stares at people and thinks about how cool it would be to draw them and contemplate about whether I would do it in charcoal or pencil. Which I am.

So, advice from all parts of the world wide web would be appreciated. Thanks to you all!

And now off to school again! Hazzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)


  1. LOL go up and ask! because i've found out that so many of the students there are just so friendly :)

    my art major skills are depleting too T^T bc all we do is computer work and tracing paper lol

  2. I say ask! But I know the stigma against it xD
    I'm the same, though with clothes and hair. Sometimes I really want to go up to people and be like "can I take a picture of your outfit/hair?" But I wouldn't want to come off as odd (thing is, I dont even really carry around my camera anyways, and my phone doesn't have one LOL)

    I always love sitting about our campus looking at what everyone is wearing and how they do/color/style their hair (and envy some, but all in admiration of course) It's so inspiring.

    Okay I'm going off on a tangent, but I still say ask him if you could do a quick sketch, lie and say its for class if you have to xD

  3. I agree, just go ask! It's okay if it's a little awkward.

    Oh! I walked by the lamp shade store you were talking about the other day and thought of you! I could have spent a reeeeally long time in there.

  4. Aya, you're such a sweet girl!! (ToT) I probably would've been too unmotivated to update last night without your encouragement.

    I think when you approach him you should act as though you do it all the time ~Confidence is key!~ Maybe tell him you're doing a series of portraits for a project or portfolio and want to include him? You could tell him you've only drawn girls so far and really want to include a guy..?

    The one thing that will definitely get him on your side is flattery, so emphasise the fact you think he has a nice face ;)

  5. yourblouse is soooo cute!
    I always make "mistake" writting grey or gray. AH, but always ended up with the "E"... Is like color and colour, and other. One is english and other american... ahg! Confusing XD