Monday, April 26, 2010

Breaking News Brought to You from The Dinner Table

My dinner table is the only table where you will be allowed (and possibly encouraged) to put your elbows on the table. And listen to my random spurs of randomness (<----that sentence was obnoxious . . . )

This past weekend became one of the best weekends I've had in a while. Which may be lame to say, because apart from doing fashion art homework, I spent the majority of it watching ALL THREE SPIDER MAN MOVIES.

My friend Carla thinks I'm crazy for watching all 3 back to back, but I did have several hours in between all. AND I MADE IMPORTANT DISCOVERIES.

For example, the usher from the 2nd movie that stopped Peter from interrupting Mary Jane's show is THE SAME guy from the restaurant scene where Peter tries to propose to MJ. And as much as people already knew this, I totally didn't, so world let me have this one!
Oh, and in the first movie, in the scene where Spider Man first starts becoming a big thing and people are being interviewed about him, one of the guys is the guy who does the Fiber One commercials, Ajay Mehta. CRAZY I KNOW.

And when I was done, I had this brilliant idea to make a low budget super hero webisode series! It'll be a combination of Monty Python and Star Trek and everything else that matters in this world!!!! I'm pretty excited. This has fashion relevance as I will purposefully [probably] try to make the tackiest best costumes ever.

But on to other equally important news!

1. Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone SPLIT.

And they were engaged only a few months ago! But apparently it's true, and apparently Lorenzo has already found other men (this I don't know if it's true though) I hope Marc finds true love soon!

2. I have terrible cellphone pictures of my fashion art homework (that is still not done yikes!)

Left is an under drawing I did for the next project which will be evening wear. The right is my current project where we chose a certain country and made a military inspired outerwear collection based off of it. I chose the bashi-bazouks, irregular/hit and run soldiers from the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). Hence the turban! I took the picture with an orange my friend gave me.

3. I had my first bagel at Brooklyn Bagel a really long time ago.

If only you could see the enormity of this thing! A small bagel there is like a regular, and their regulars are like monsters! But I love their different spreads! This day I had an apple cinnamon spread, but on another occasion I had pumpkin! If you love bagels and don't plan on a huge dinner, I suggest going here!
Location: 286 8th Ave., Chelsea, NY 10001

4. I mentioned earlier that my mother went to Japan for a little vacation. Well, my father, who is usually exhausted after work made supper a few nights and I managed to snag a pic of yesterday's dinner!

He's super picky about food and presentation because he's worked as a restaurant chef all his life. And being that he's a sushi chef, we had this whole fish dish (on the right), along with some lotus roots and pork cutlets. I couldn't finish it all, but hey, that's what leftovers are for! Food is a wonderful thing.

I've decided she can actually read my mind. Or we have a telekinetic connection. Or it's just a mother daughter thing. But remember when I mentioned before about craving apple chips and then my mother buying them?
Well, here's an eerier story! Whilst my mother was gone, you all know my camera broke. Well, I didn't tell my mother and I didn't plan on telling her until after she got back. I did think about emailing her, thinking maybe cameras are cheaper in Japan and therefore better to get it there. But I decided not to since I didn't want to bother her all the way in another country.

Well, I came home today and my mother was unpacking. AND LO AND BEHOLD, A NEW CAMERA CAME OUT OF HER LUGGAGE.

*Note: This is my cell pic of the camera because it can't take a picture of itself.

AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. It's AWESOME. My bulky little Olympus with it's 6 megapixels (I always edited the pictures to make them presentable) had nothing on this baby. It's light weight, sleek, has a big screen, and 14.1 megapixels. I AM IN A NERDY HEAVEN (that kind of heaven where watching star trek and having a new camera is ideal).

And the cherry on top?

One of my favorite Japanese actors does the advertising for it!
*Note: That picture was taken with the new camera!

I barely have to edit these images now!

I got snap happy and took some pictures of the false eyelashes I requested from Japan.

Normally I would re-size these pictures even more, but thought I would leave it today.

Then I went to the kitchen to make tomorrow's lunch and breakfast (I've been good about that lately).



I love how everything looks more delicious than it probably is. Although that salad, piled high with greens, yellow peppers, tomatoes, tofu, kidney beans, and shrimp, actually probably will be a very delightful lunch. Along with my blueberry banana apple smoothie.

Finally after dinner, my sweet tooth told me it was time for sugar. So naturally, I photographed some sweets my mother brought back from Japan (Note: I didn't eat all of these!)

I love cute Japanese packaging!
And I also love the juxtaposition of cellphone pictures to new camera pictures.

If I didn't tire you guys with my overall excitement and random stories, then you are a brave warrior! But alas, I must go and finish my sociology paper!

Good day everyone!


  1. japan has the coolest products! and yay for your new camera!

  2. Thanks for the tips :3 when I have time, I'll donwload them XD or try to find online.
    I have never been to alice's tea cup ;_; buuu Sure we're going next time!

    Lorenzo...he's brazilian, isn't he? Stupid XD breaking with MJ...And I read that the lola parfume was named lola because of
    I love your right drawing O_O omg! Today i cried at drawing classes...I suck. Seriously.
    YAY for new camera! <3
    GOSH! Wanna give me one pair of eyelashes? XD I only have one(with rhinestones) but nevew tried to put them dunno why...

  3. your photos are awesome!
    and hooray for movie nerdery! though my eyes are not as sharp as yours :P

  4. Wow, since when did puccho come in packets like that ? :D

  5. Your life sounds so busy! I can't wait for summer!
    Aaand this post reminds me I haven't blogged in a
    Miss you missy!
    You should definitely put your superhero movie into action. Need anything, I'll be there. <3

  6. omg that salad looks so delicioso and healthy!
    im so gonna try it! and love the lashes!my sis has one of them too