Friday, April 16, 2010

Everybody's gonna love today.

You know what? I keep pronouncing Mika like My-ka, but it's actually Mee-ka. I bet you all knew that.

A recent look:

I went heavier on the eye make-up than usual, which turned out to be a success.
This day I went to school to do some draping. My friend saw me and said I looked like I should be in a music video.

I wasn't sure. However if it were this music video, I would not mind. AT ALL.

How does one man make me want to tell all my male friends to get a pair of white pants? I don't know.

Well, actually, I do. Have you seen how he moves in those suckers?

Oh, but back to my outfit and make-up. The reason for dressing up a little?


It was also my friend Sandra's birthday! And birthdays are joyous occasions.

Speaking of joyous occasions, I've been looking for some new clothes on Japanese sites. I've found nothing because I decided to be more picky, however, it's joyous because I've found some cute coordinates that I will post here:

I'm creeped because the model in the first 3 pictures looks EXACTLY like one friend I have from high school. I'm actually convinced they're twins.

But using these pictures, you can see the trends I like:

-Colorful Sneakers
-Graphic Tees (I've been eying many at Uniqlo lately)

I'm also looking for a floral skirt, but something super specific. It doesn't even have to be made (as in, I could buy the fabric and make it), but I'm having such a hard time finding the fabric as well! I have to keep hunting.

I would just like to say in between seasons have the worst stock anywhere, thrift store or retail. Maybe I should test my luck more.

I'm getting sleepy so let me respond to comments and get some shut eye! Another day of working on homework in school tomorrow!


  1. i want to purikura with you again ! >o<
    hey visit me in helsinki when you are super rich and have your own clothing line :) ! haha

  2. comment reply:thank you ^^

    Now my comment:
    If I had skinny legs, I would buy all of these clothes ;^;.
    Purikura!! I never took pictures inside that machine *cries again*

  3. havent purikura-ed in such a long time!!! love the picture of u :D

  4. Ah I'm in search of the perfect floral fabric as well, something with bold and large flowers rather than the tiny ones I always see. I'd die if I came across an ivory fabric with huge pink or red roses/floral arrangements on it *_*

    Man, I'm itching to do some purikura D: It's been forever since I gone last (last december?) I'm overdue to pay a visit!

    Argh I need a straw hat! *rages* I;m on the hunt for the perfect one before they all sell out everywhere.

  5. I wear suspenders and now from time to time I notice some other girls around me wearing them, too. So I am not the only one who loves them. Cynthia