Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chocolate, oh how I missed thee!

Good morning (afternoon?) everyone and Happy Easter! I know some of y'all are going to do some fun things today (egg hunts, parades, awesome supper, etc.) I look forward to hearing what everyone did!

So I being a nutter thought that Lent officially ended today (but it actually ended yesterday). None the less, as soon as my clock hit 12, I had myself some well deserved CHOCOLATE.

I'm pretty picky about my chocolate and I like it dark, but this one hit the spot. Milk chocolate with almonds . . .

I also managed to clip some coupons (which my friends make fun of me for since I'm not even living on my own and I grab sale papers . . . but I love saving on food!)

I think I went to sleep at that point. Then I awoke to a glorious breakfast of yogurt and organic fruits!

That red topping is my favorite cherry preserve from Swiss brand Favorit! I love tart or bitter flavors, hence why I tend to like marmalade and lemon/cherry flavored spreads, so this one sure hit the spot. This was atop bananas, pears, and grapefruit.

Recently I went to Brooklyn with my friends Carla and Crysbel to test our luck at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg.
I had to check in my bag (which had my camera in it!), so no pictures of that little escapade. Carla did walk away with a cute top for $13.

However, I found something even more interesting on the way back to the train station!

No, not the man wearing a leather jacket in near 80 degree weather. But the cool church with onion tops. My aunt owns a church in Japan, but I think this one beats it.

Then I handed my camera over to Crysbel (who is now becoming a regular photographer of my outfits) and made Carla pose with me.

This photo says . . .

"Yeah, we're having fun!"

And this one . . .

Me: "I schooled this punk for breakfast!"
Carla: "Rawr, soiled again!"
At this point, I started to talk about the wonders of blogging because I can make myself seem so much more cooler than I actually am (example being this whole blog 8D)

Outfit rundown:
-Yellow flower hair accessory from H&M
-White shirt (that has a secret hood) from a random store in Flushing
-Grey tank top underneath from H&M
-Yellow biker shorts from Uniqlo
-Yellow Backpack from Uniqlo (I also bought a yellow sweatshirt from Uniqlo on this day so this just reveals my penchant for yellow things from Uniqlo)
-Vivienne Westwood tights!!! (you can't see it well but my tights are actually covered in orbs!)
-Turquoise cardi from Urban Outfitters
-Boots from Payless

This is an extra shot that I had to post because! because!

Crysbel looks like Michael Jackson. And later we passed by a store playing Billie Jean so I think it was fate!

Any shenanigans that went on the rest of that day have been undocumented, however, I will say that there were many of them.

On a totally different note, I finally watched 5-Ingredient Fix this morning!

It's one of the newer shows on Food Network and the host is Claire Robinson.
I've been wary of newer Food Network shows because I'm such a big fan of the old favorites, but since I'm on vacation and have some extra time, I decided to give this one a whirl. It's actually pretty good! I really feel like making the dishes because of it's simplicity and short grocery list. Plus, Claire seems to be a nice host.
I did some googling for images and I also found out she has a french bulldog named Newman! I'm a sucker for dogs in general but I actually LOVE french bulldogs! They're one of my favorite types of dogs.

Here's Newman:

image from
Really adorable.

I think now that I'm all full of fuzzy thoughts, I'm going to go do some cardio exercises! It's also becoming great weather for my long walks across the Queens bridge and back, so posts on that may come up as well!
Tata for now~


  1. happy easter!
    coupons are cool, no kidding i love them as much as you do. :D

    i don't know Krystal, but I think I've seen her around, jessi knows her?

  2. My, you're so healthy. I always see fruit and other organic stuff in your posts!

    And in response to your comment, you should come to philadelphia and we shall slurp noodles together haha (I responded in my own post but realized that you probably won't go there again haha..)

  3. Happy easter!
    I told my parents and family to not give me any chocolate! Instead, my grandparents gave me money (I am a happy kid!)
    You are so colorfull! <3 and I'm totally going to steal you tights 8D hehehe

  4. Thanks for the comment Aya :-)
    Indeed I'm Japanese, but I've lived overseas for my whole life until this year... So I'm pretty much a foreigner here.

  5. Thanks a bunch for the comment you left of my blog (^___^) I got back to you on info about prices and shipping and such.

    You tights just HAD to be VW! I was looking at them the whole time thinking "Woooow!". Hehe. Your hair looks so cute in the second photo.

  6. NEWMAN! I want a French bull or a pug SO BADLY. Seriously, it consumes so much of my waking moments just thinking about the day I have one... ANYWAY.

    I haven't been to Beacon's in so long. My wardrobe is getting stale (although I just went shopping a few weeks ago... funny how that happens).

    Thanks for the Anna Sui tips! I love her clothing, but have never tried out the makeup! The packaging is pretty fabulous though.

  7. Whaooo.
    The photographs are amazing.

  8. Girl, I found them lash curlers at Mandees today for $3 in a set with eyeshadows and whatnot. Want me to get them for you?

  9. Wahhhh! The chocolate is really a sweet ending of then Lenten Season! The pictures makes me want to chocolates now! Happy Easter!

  10. Have you ever watched Food Jammers? They're like the most hilarious bunch of guys from Toronto and they make the most useless concoctions. But it's all very endearing!

  11. That's a great way to celebrate Easter! Chocolates are really tempting...especially with almonds!

  12. Yummy..!!! Unique way to celebrate easter with chocolates :) Amazing..!!

  13. I love chocolate too and also your healthy breakfast, i wonder why I feel identified with that church in someway, maybe was when I was in Kyoto, I don't remember well it was 5 years ago, thanks anyway