Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm feeling pretty good!

Hi everyone! Today (or right now), I'm feeling GREAT! I don't really know what it is, although I have an inkling it's the weather! After a week of downpour, these past 2 days or so have been A-MAZING. I hope it continues, because it would suck going back to school under grey skies.

P.S. Is grey spelled with an "a" in-between, or an "e"? I've seen it both ways . . .

So my camera is back . . .

And I managed to photograph breakfast from a day or so ago? Sadly not the french toast but it was still good!

I believe it is strawberry season. I got a box of these for $0.99 at Chelsea Market! SCORE! I think I seriously need to live there because Food Network AND NY1 is there. I mean, think about it, that's like breathing the same air as Bobby Flay AND Pat Kiernan! (although I am a bigger Alton Brown fan)
Oh, but back to these strawberries, yes . . . they were good. I think I'll go get some more today!

If anyone knows me, they know I carry around tea bags. I recently stocked my little carry around stash . . .

Highly recommended for tea lovers.

Then I've recently been eating this a lot:

I love dried fruits in general, and prunes are delicious! I love them in oatmeal or on its own.

Yesterday I helped my mom clean up our other apartment in Brooklyn (the one we rent out). There was a guy that stayed there for 7 months recently, so we were cleaning it up for the next person that was coming in from Africa (cool beans!)
Anyway, the guy left some goodies in the pantry:

Whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and cooking spray! Haha, you can probably tell I was excited since this kinda food is right up my ally. That, and I find groceries are just the best gifts. EVA.

To keep up with this food trend, I went out to Flushing with my friends on Wednesday and had some food at this place called West (?) Normally I remember names of places, but we were hungry and just chose a random place. The food and service were all pretty average so there's not much to say, however, the pricing was good!
This is my chicken katsu-don.

Lastly, a outfit coordinate from me:

I look really shocked for some reason . . .
-H&M grey (again this word!) Cardigan
-Urban Outfitters graphic t-shirt
-Random jean shorts
-F21 plaid tights
-XOXO boots
-Peace Now Spider Necklace

Oh! And for all you NY-ers out there who may or may not be planning to go to Soho this weekend, from today (April 2nd) to the 4th, Topshop is having a 1 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Basically what's going down is the store, after opening it's doors last year in April, is doing a celebration to commemorate this event. They're having giveaways, photo-ops, cake and tea (yum!), live music (I suspect djs), and if you spend $100, you get a limited edition 1-tank (shown above).
It might be cool just to check out all the hullabaloo. I'll be around today actually taking a break from school work and doing something fun for once so maybe join me?

Have a good day everyone~


  1. Hi!
    wow, your cereals look really yummy! :D
    Yeah, the weather here in Lisbon is finally getting better as well...sunlight AT LAST!! :)
    Have a nice weekend! ;)

  2. Healthy breaking, you have there. :P

  3. you like the drawing?? Thank you! Because I hated it D:
    French toas was good. Send me one ;) hehe
    Twinings tea is sooo good <3
    I like dried apple, never ate the dried plum, because they don't sell it here, snif.
    Have fun ate the Topshop party! HOOOO~
    And you are always so stylish, loooove~

  4. cool, i might pass by topshop during the weekend :D
    grey..gray...maybe it's an english thing just how there's color..colour....

    i was at flushing on wednesday! that katsudon looks good, u should really find out the name of the place....haha

  5. I've been chugging Earl Gray lately like it's my JOB. Speaking of the g-word, I always wonder about that one, too! I think the color is "grey" and the name is sometimes "Gray." Except when it's Meredith. Er.

    I love your top. And tights,

  6. Finally decided to comment. |D
    Grey is the English spelling. Gray is the American.
    Alton Brown is the best! xD His recipes aren't anything spectacular, but the facts he spews out and the explanations behind them are cute.

  7. Yum, all that good food and tea makes me want to shy away from the crap I've been eating lately XD
    I love that you carry different tea bags around with you. It's so quirky! :)