Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blue skies, hot suns, and colorful dancing.

Yesterday I went to the Annual Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Pow Wow at the Queens County Farm Museum.

I go every year with my mom and because I conveniently didn't have work yesterday, we kept the tradition! Here are some shots from yesterday's event.

I tried to get a better picture of this man's face but I failed. HE LOOKED LIKE KARL LAGERFELD. But you know, with braids and color.

Zoom was good to me yesterday. This kid's hair is awesome!

After the afternoon show, there's another show in the evening that involves a bonfire and more dancing. My mom and I always miss that one because it takes too long to get back and make dinner if we stay. So of course, we used the rest of our time to shop the booths.

Gorgeous beaded hair accessories.

This doll was adorable!

I also saw this tiny owl emblem that looked like one of my co-workers and it entertained me quite a bit. Other than that, my mom managed to buy a cool necklace, a dream catcher, and I got some pretty leather strips (a future arts and craft project perhaps?)

Finally, I loved snapping pictures of the tribe's colorful clothing because it's so inspiring! I love color and it's just fun to see all the patterns and the beading they use. I was talking to this one man who was explaining a lot of the symbolism of the colors and the animals. For example, purple signifies heart (purple heart), green is grass, brown is earth, dark blue is night sky, white is the north wind, etc. And turtles signify mother nature because it carries the earth on it's shoulders. Quite poetic.

Right now I have to get ready to go to work and after that, I'm hanging with one of my amigas! See y'all again!


  1. Karl likes indian costume!LOL

    Very interesting festival, the costumes are so colorfull.

    Yes, I made them ^^~ I still have some flowers here, I can make some for you when I go to NY ^^

  2. Nice photos. The colours are so vibrant.

  3. so many colorsssss!! looks so cool, but ierno about wearing that in the hot summer...
    i had a young fascination with dreamcatchers :3 but i never managed to get one

  4. What an awesome festival! I want to check out that museum soon... so much to explore!