Saturday, July 31, 2010

That pepper is burning my tongue.

Hello guys and girls, today I plan to do nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Words were never strung together so beautifully.

The only things I do plan to do today is write on this bloggy, watch some CSI, and listen to Rooney.

I checked my emails this morning and was greeted by one saying I was one of 45 top dinner blogs of 2010 at I checked it out (sometimes I get spam so I really have to check everything) and scoured the homepage. It's actually a very nice site--I appreciate information being put together collectively for people to use. Check out the other blogs that were ranked too because they are pretty banging !

Speaking of banging (hey, don't blame me if your mind went there), these bagels are also pretty up the radar.

I went to Brooklyn Bagel in the wee hours of the morning to get one of these. Well, no, actually, I was already in the area and after having a 30 minute nap at the Rite Aid next door (I hope you know I'm NOT kidding), I decided a nice warm bagel was in order. I got the rye with cinnamon raisin walnut (I think that's what it's called?) cream cheese and t'was glorious. Seriously, these bagels are huge and worth the price.

I also have been craving Nutella recently.

I need to get myself a jar soon, so I can start spreading it's delicious chocolatey hazelnutty goodness on everything. Mmmmmmmmm, nutella omelets . . . (kinda joking)

If this post weren't random enough, I thought I'd just say that I did watch Project Runway's Season 8 Premiere.

And I thought Andy's and Gretchen's Looks were pretty boss. Man, I love me some black draping.

Andy's Look from

Anyway, I should probably jump off the computer and go watch some of that CSI I've been hankering. Hodges is slowly becoming one of my favs. Toodles guys!


  1. Yes! Nutella, good choice of spread (Y).

  2. don't send your minions for me... but im not really into Nutella....

  3. Project Runaway started here in Portugal "Projecto Moda", with portuguese designers. It was so bad. I really prefer the original version.

    Oh, you saw Mary&Max. I loved that filme. It's so cute. I think Mary is like me: i'm fat, i've penpals, i use eyeglasses, i love chocolat, ahaha.
    I'm happy you liked it ^^

    I added you. Feel free to make the same ^^

  4. Nutella.... I grew up on it... now I have to run to the store and buy some... love your blog