Friday, July 2, 2010

I don't know the difference between East and West

I also don't know the difference between right and left. Hello, my name is retard. :D

A few days ago, I met up with my friends Yijia and Yujing, plus her friend Tara for some good ole' fashioned shopping and eating.

We went to this Malaysian restaurant called New Malaysia Restaurant. They're located at 48 Bowery (between Bayard St & Canal St) .

After trying to decide what to order for a super long time, we ended up with these three dishes (above). Everything we ordered tasted REALLY GOOD! They all had great flavor. Sadly, I was stuffed before coming, so I barely ate most of it. However, I did try everything at least once and I give it all a thumbs up. I need to come back on an empty stomach, because there were so many other things that sounded great!

After eating, we headed to Soho for some retail therapy. I saw this truck outside the Top Shop store.

They were giving away keys to unlock a wardrobe to win prizes. I tried but failed. It was fun though.

Then I tried a denim dress on at Zaras. I however, decided to buy a top instead.

Work has been going on all week, so I had to stock up on a few items for easy food. This is a salad I managed to make, with some NUT BUTTER CRUSTED TOFU!!! I got the recipe HERE from Mama Pea, but then I tweaked it according to how I liked it/what I had. T'was amazing.

Then I went shopping at TJ's recently so I can make myself some homemade energy bars. Woo hoo for saving money, huh?

Yes, I label my foods. My fam likes to snack, if you get what I mean. ;)

The bars, flavor wise, came out GREAT. But I can't post the recipe yet because the texture is not quite there yet. I'll have it the next time I make another batch. Until then, I had to finish this one, so I prepped lunch for work.

A salad with shrimp dumplings and some bars.

Finally, I bought what has been on my list forever.

A Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
!!! I totally mentioned how much I wanted this before on the bloggy, and decided to treat myself. Mainly because the curler I use now is my mom's Revlon, and it has already damaged my lashes numerous times in painful ways, so I knew I had to get this. Oh Shu, you make me happy. Just look at it glisten atop my WWD.

Oh man, and did I mention it really works? It's got a much firmer spring action, so it don't clamp down too far like the Revlon. And after applying mascara, I definitely see the difference. I am happy now.

Good night everyone, and have a fantabulous July 4th weekend!


  1. Still eating healthy, I see. :)


    i wonder if you got to keep the key?

  3. Why all the pictures of food that you take look so tasty?? I am hungry~

  4. Hey, I actually found your blog through a review you had left for Tokyo Joe and I thought I'd check out the full length review. Then I checked out your blog and I think it is so, so cute! I love food posts!

    Anyways, I'll be following your blog now! Come check me out?