Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fashionably Fed.

Hey guys! How is everyone doing?

Today I'm off from work so I decided to post here on the bloggy on what I've been up to.

So I went to Curly's Lunch again.

Sorry, the lighting was terrible so I had to color edit these photos. But it's Chili and Rice on top, and my friend's Nachos on the bottom.
I wrote a review a few posts back about how the first time was not the greatest but I wanted to go back and try something else. Well, after realizing how big the entrees were and being stuffed the last time, I opted for a "small plate" item. This for me is entree size.
The Chili and Rice was really good and SUPER filling. It went well with the brown rice (although they also just serve the chili too). As far as service, it was average again since the waitress had another friend visiting her, but ah well, at least they're not rude. And I prefer service that's not too overbearing anyway. ;)

Last week, I also visited this place called Northern Spy Food Co. with my friend Jenna (after a recommendation from her).

I ordered the House-made Head Cheese. The portion was good (enough to fill me without nausea) and it was fresh and lovely. I really miss simply used good ingredients, and it's great that this place only uses local ingredients (i.e. from the east coast/mid Atlantic). I would also recommend this place to vegetarians as many of the items on the menu is veg. They also seem to have a special apple pie that uses the Northern Spy Apple (hence where the name of the restaurant came from) but I didn't try it [yet].
The service is prompt and friendly, and they give you water in a ship-in-a-bottle kinda bin, so you just pour yourself. Overall, pleasant and nice.

My 0utfit for that day:

-Sunglasses from my friend Lesley!
-Urban Outfitters T-shirt
-Shorts from Buffalo Exchange
-Belt from Steve Madden (I think)
-Shoes from Bloomingdales
-Anna Sui bracelet
-Tote from Muji

After eating, Jenna and I headed to Buffalo Exchange. She had never gone, so I decided to show her what all the hubbub was about. Of course, I end up spending almost $80 there. I am so weak.

The purple dress was just something I tried on but didn't buy. I think it was an ADAM piece. I did however buy that skirt. I couldn't help it--I love drapery! The silk material makes it chic, but it's neutral enough to be played casually. I love it.

I also left with a few other items that will show up on the blog in the future.

Now I'm off to listen to Rooney and browse some blogs. Toodles y'all!


  1. uuuuh I love the skirt ;D
    Look, next time I go to NY, you are going to invite me to have lunch with you EVERY SINGLE DAY huahaha why all the food you post looks yummy??? I do want!
    In a few hours I'm going to a mexican bar, nachos, tequila and burritos <3

  2. and thanks for the compliment ^^
    Can you believe I can't imagine you in sweet?? Because when I first met you you were wearin naoto...hehe

  3. You're always eating healthy, making me feel bad about the tons of fat I consume a day. :P

  4. a wonderful day you had there. i like that skirt, i wouldnt be able to resist it either

    do u know where i can get cheap secondhand cameras? people are always saying they get really cheap film cameras from thrift stores but i dont find any :(

  5. ^she's JAPAHNEEZ

    YES youre finally rocking the shades! i really like that outfit, is that the shirt from UO on black friday?