Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's my party and I'll bake if I want to!

Hey guys!How has your July fourth weekends been?
Lots of crazy stuff on my end (crazy meaning, I just walked around a lot and ate even more, and sweat even MORE). NY is like, an open oven right now. Currently my home has no air conditioning. We also don't have fans. You better believe I fanned myself with a little Shakespeare yesterday (I am now reading A Midsummer Nights Dream)

I awoke to a slew of Happy Birthday messages on Facebook! All shucks, I feel loved. :)
But is it a "getting older" thing that birthdays aren't as big a deal anymore? I just wanna sit back and enjoy life.

Here's a recent coordinate (didn't y'all miss those?)

How I manage to dress like it's fall, I don't know. But trust me, I was dying.
-Red plaid shirt
-Ripped up hammy-down jeans (Yes, I did spell it that way on purpose)
-Anna Sui tights
-Double Decker boots
-Sonia Rykiel for H&M bag

Sadly, the boots broke yet again because I keep trying to resurrect them! This time I used rubber bands to keep the sole on (this happened after the above picture). However, I think if I really wanna save them one last time, I'll have to use glue instead of tape.

Did that cool ya down?

Today I'm going to go and do some rock climbing (finally abusing my lovely monthly voucher) and then buy some ingredients for a Raw Vegan Cheesecake. It's really my first attempt at a raw dessert, so hopefully it all flies well! Pictures shall be posted!

Well, that was a quickie from me. Upcoming are reviews on a recent food joint I went to, reviews on Christian Dior and Chanels couture shows, and well, that cheesecake. See you guys later~


  1. was your birthday?? MAN! I don't have your facebook!! how ?? D: Gimme it please (mine!/mademoisellecharmante)
    Happy late b-day then, sorry~ Was my b-day while ago too, and I didn't feel like celebrating it...the day sucked actually.

    reply: yes, was a coconut cream pie! Was great!!!! when you come visit me I'll take you there ;D hehehe

  2. when we reach 29, we don't want even a mention of our birthdays hahaha

    i dunno how u survived with those tights yesterday. i was dying.