Sunday, July 11, 2010

Food is good.

Good morning everyone! Last night I had a good ole fashion sleepover at my friend's house. We feel asleep to the Star Trek movie which is pretty much the best way to fall asleep. I think y'all know by now I'm a nerdy little boy on the inside. ;D

Anyway, thought I'd review a few food places today. I've been getting a lot of comments lately about how my food posts make everyone hungry. Think about how I feel! I have to re-live the moment the food party happened in my mouth!

I recently went to a veggie place called Curly's Lunch. I knew about this place for a while and was dying to go, so I finally did when I was with a few of my friends.
The place is pretty small but cozy. They have drawings on the walls and also some crayons on the tables to provide you with some entertainment while you wait for food. I went here on a really hot day which was not the best since the place is just kind open in the front and has no A.C. But they do have a fan overhead.
The food, portion wise, is HUGE. I think you get your moneys worth. However, the food itself is not the best. I'm still the biggest fan of Vegan Loving Hut when it comes to fresh veggie food. This food, although good, was just a little . . . off. I had the Portobello Burger, and I feel the burger was a bit blackened (apart from it being made of black beans) and it just didn't feel good in my tummy towards the end. The curly fries are great though.
My friend also had the Open Faced Turkey Sandwich, and besides it being sloppily put on the plate, the turkey was way over salted. The stuffing though was tasty. I think I want to come back and maybe try something else, and maybe not get an entree next time since they're so big.
The service is average. It was Independence day so I understand why the waitress and the waiters' friends/mom came in. They did keep chatting with them, but it was done in a non-obnoxious way and they still did their job in between.
Overall, just an average place, but I will visit again.

The second place I visisted recently is Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery. Now doesn't the name just rot your teeth? ;)
This was my second visit, and also my second pudding. I've only ever had their puddings because well, I'm a pudding girl and they charge pretty well for theirs.
The above picture is the chocolate chip cookie butterscotch pudding. Now, 12 oz. (the smalle size: $4) is a lot of pudding for one sitting, so I suggest splitting with a friend or just saving some for later. Before this one I've had the banana one. They're both sweet but delicious, and it's a good indulgence if you're sick of cakes and cupcakes.
The place also has a bunch of seats/love seats so it's a cozy place to sit and chat. However, there's no AC so I might suggest getting an iced drink to down the sweets. The people working here are also pretty sweet nice people so I plan to keep coming back when I'm in the mood for a little indulgence.

Rice to Riches is pretty popular. I mean, like get on Food Network's "Best Things I Ever Ate" popular. Although, granted, most NYers seemed to know about the place way before that.
I actually remember coming here maybe 2 or 3 years ago with my friend Zoe. That was the first time. And the second time? Just yesterday, with the same friend Zoe. :)
The place is pretty popping, with the funniest phrases that encourage rice pudding lovin' all across the walls.
I had a Tiramisu flavor with Cloud 9 (whipped cream). Okay, so I can't justify spending almost $10 on a dessert all the time, but it's okay once in a while. And despite knowing that I can get some good rice pudding in other places, there really is something special about being able to choose from maybe 20 flavors and special toppings. Not to mention you get to keep the cute plastic pudding bowl and spoon too, so souvenir much? Also, if you don't have a big appetite and just want a good portion, maybe split the solo size (I was stuffed after eating mine). It's really worth it.

So that's about it for my food reviews. But of course, I never seem to stop at just that, so here's some more food in general.

What I had when I went karaoke-ing on Monday: Spicy tuna, avocado salad, and mushroom soup.

My friend Lesley made me vegan chocolate walnut brownies! They are AWESOME. I am slowly eating it at home. I think I shall have to take some to work tomorrow.

Recent lunch brought to work: celery sticks and a asian mushroom medley under that plus a slice of raw cheesecake. The cake was a success! I shall post pictures and the process in the next post!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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  1. Dear Aya, I am back from dinner, but I ate only some potatos. This HUGE burger looks so delicious that I could eat my pc screen...


    lol XD