Monday, May 10, 2010

Detox Day

Hey everyone! I've been really busy and I have to warn you all this week I will also not be able to update that often as well. What a terrible start to a new month!

I've been developing a habit of planning my schedule out on paper. I guess it feels more permanent when I write it down so I feel more compelled to do everything. Anyway, today I want to finish my fashion art thumbnails and redo 3 of my figures for photoshop.
I also want to continue writing a little of my short story I'm submitting to a school contest. Hope I get it all done!

This won't be long but I just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow I'm taking a Detox Day for my first time.

I read it one day in an issue of Vogue Japan, and I've been meaning to try it out to see the results. This is recommended for people who eat regularly/often, because for someone who eats minimally on a regular basis, this will have a reverse effect. A detox day should also never happen more than once a month.

Basically this day is for releasing the toxins and waste you have inside your body. How you ask? Well, basically, the only food I'm having throughout the day is [plain] yogurt and banana. And lots of water. Since it's Vogue Japan, it was recommended to take Pokari Sweat and Dakara along with water, but seeing as how that's extra money (and plus I can't get that everywhere), I've opted to take water, but sub the vitamins from those drinks with regular vitamins I already have.

In the results, the people who did this (and ate regularly) had an increase in energy the next day as well as less pores, wrinkles, and overall glow. I don't have to worry about wrinkles, but I'd like to see how this affects my overall body as I've been eating out a lot lately and my body has been really tired.

Results will probably be posted the next time I post! Look forward to it!


  1. I'm curious about this! I have a pretty negative opinion of "cleanses" and the like (mostly because my boyfriend went on an 11 day Master Cleanse last year and it drove me up the wall).

    Good luck with your work!

  2. oooo I would love to detoxify my system after a year of eating bad, fried school food. I don't like bananas, so I'll probably substitute with another fruit. Good luck and let us know the results! :)

  3. hmmm i need to 'cleanse' my body too.....hope that goes well!

  4. YAY!
    I'm gonna try it. But I don't eat I'm gonna search about it and see what can i eat instead or other food options ^^

  5. Good luck with your detox. It's good to see you're not taking it too far like some people who go on those "extreme" detoxes. I'm looking forward to the results.

  6. Sounds cool!
    On good friday I fasted until sundown, and my breakfast was a banana and yogurt... so thats kinda similar lol... hope it goes well!

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