Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm melting like the wicked witch of the west.

Today's temperature: 90 degrees F
I'm pretty sure if I were wearing tights like I always do today, I would've died. It was just that BLAZING.

So I know I've been a bad little blogger, what with the lack of updates and all. Well, great news! THE SEMESTER IS DONE. FINITO. HALLELUJAH! Now back to days spent watching youtube, selling things online, and walking across bridges for absolutely no reason!

No, but seriously, I need to find a job this summer. That, and a certain few others things I will mention in the future, are my main priorities.

So I recently went to the Fred Flare Sample Sale and picked myself up a cute sweatshirt dress.

I contemplated on getting some cute red flats, but thought this was more funky/me. At the rate the weather is going, I might not be able to wear it until fall. But then again, the weather is mighty bi-polar.


I got these off of Amazon. The best part? They were pretty much FREE.
How is this possible you ask?
Well, I spoke about college at my previous high school to some parents a few months ago. Later, I received a $25 giftcard for Amazon. I decided to save it until I would actually need it. Well, my old white headphones which I loved to death broke recently (didn't even last me a year!), and I'm a being who needs her music so I bought this. Exactly $25 with free shipping. That's how I paid nothing to get these. Life is great.

You know what else makes life great?


And Fro-yo.

Finishing fashion art homework was also something worth celebrating about. NOTE THIS IS NOT MY BEST WORK (at all, in fact, this is very rushed)

I also finished my draping jacket. Well, as finished as finish gets. I didn't get to attach the lining to the garment seeing as I spent my last 5 hours sewing in that zipper (it wouldn't line up). I also needed to do photoshop, so there we go with that.

But here's me playing model (because the mannequin was too stiff).

Sorry, I look a mess with my hair and all, but once I put the lining in and perfect everything, I think you'll be seeing it again here!

As a finale to this update, this picture will either take you back to the days (literally a week ago) when it was cold, or make you even hotter.

Outfit rundown:

-Geoffrey Beene scarf
-The Gazette Tour Shirt
-Top Shop cardigan
-Uniqlo sweatpants

Jolly day everyone!


  1. WHEEE end of freshie year!!!!
    you're enjoying your summer already
    this bi-polar weather, its cold today

  2. WOOHOO congrats on finishing strong! I'd be happy to relieve you of your pieces now that you're done with them :-D

  3. you look cute!
    Yummy Fro-Yo <3
    I completed my Frozen Yorgurt cardm now I can have a free one! weeee
    haha I LOLed at this is not my best work. I wish I could draw like you...mines are riciculous D: I'll post them later someday he

  4. Wow, I love your jacket! It's so edgy and militaristic!
    Glad it's over aren't you? Of course, and so am I x_x. I swear, May was the hardest month of my entire life.