Friday, May 28, 2010

Yogurt, Picasso, and Robbers

What a glorious morning it is to be able to enjoy some of this.

Yogurt, bananas, chunks of energy, and fiber one cereal. I guess nothing tops the combination of bananas and chocolate.

So I recently discovered this cool band, Robbers on High Street. Check 'em out!

The video's not a music video (I don't know if they have any?) but actually just my favorite song by them called Love Underground.
I was checking out their site for some tour dates, and saw a lot in NY (mainly Brooklyn). I wondered why, and after looking them up on wiki found out that's where they're from/situated. NEAT-O. More opportunities to see them live! I'm excited!
They're playing on June 12th, and when a ticket's $8, well, that's not really a compromise. Time to harass my friends to come along~

And now for something unrelated, I went to go see the Picasso exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently. Picasso has been one of my favorite artists for a while, and partially one of the reasons I decided to go to a fine arts high school (glad I did!) And this is a great exhibit for people who don't know Picasso as well as people who do, because it focuses on some of his lesser known periods. You can also see that he was not only into cubism, but did some fairly realistic stuff along with cartoons and scribbles.

I really need to go back and look at everything closer (not physically of course, considering that accident a few months back)!
There's also an exhibit, American Woman, which looks at fashion trends of past decades. I feel kinda bummed they ended it at the 40s because a lot happened afterward, but I hear the Brooklyn museum has an exhibit called American High Style that's a collab with the Met. So if you're feeling deprived (don't get me wrong, the one at the Met is great), consider going there! I know I will before it closes!

Tomorrow I'm going to go see Jukebox the Ghost (that band I saw with Tally Hall a little while back) with Free Energy! I checked them out on Myspace to get myself prepared and they're good too! Going to concerts is becoming dangerous for my wallet . . . But expect a concert update from me next time!
Good day everyone!


  1. Great band o_o I like it *saved*
    Picasso <3 Looks like a huge exhibit.
    Kinda off but since you are talking about art, one professor told me that you need 10 years to see the entire louvre...I give up XD

  2. I like the song! Maybe I'll go to one of their concerts too.. And I'll let you know about the cheesecake. You can have some if you'd like... and it they're successful xD

  3. That's a great exhibition. I also love van Gogh.

  4. I am creator and owner of chunks of energy and love the creator way you are using them on cereal.I have never seen such creativity with eating them, although I have heard people sprinkle on soy ice cream.
    What I like even more is that I can view Picasso easily and quickly on line any time. I have bookmarked this link. Michael