Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some things I did and some I should do . . ,

Hey everyone. I forgot to wish everyone a happy May Day yesterday, so I'll wish you guys a belated one!

So today I woke up at 7 and I have no idea why considering I don't think I went to sleep early. Wow, I'm going to be out of it today. But before that happens, I thought I should take advantage of this glorious morning (I'm a morning person) to tell you all some things I did yesterday, and some things I should do in the near future . . .

I did decide to test out some of the falsies my mother bought me.

I did make a silly face for the heck of it.

I did go to school to enjoy the 90 degree weather (that part was actually sarcasm) and the far out 60's festival (that part is true!)
And I did go to see my friend's in the 60's design contest fashion show.

I did almost cry when Kate (far left, with Sandra modeling dress and raincoat poncho) got second prize.

I did also take a picture of my friends (from left: Tara, her model, Sandra, Kate) and their models after the show.

I did enjoy Jackie Tohn's mc-ing and performance during and after the fashion show.

I did then sew and drape, and plan to do more today.

Now, I SHOULD finish draping today.

I SHOULD also invest in new running sneaks for jogging.

image via

I SHOULD go see Picasso at the Metropolitan.

image via underbelly-buce at blogspot

I SHOULD buy some more charcoal.

image via

And finally, I SHOULD finish reading Shadow of the Wind

image via bfgb at wordpress

I'm off to probably get dressed and go to school again. The never ending cycle . . . tata now!


  1. Love the facial expressions. :P

  2. ahh great now you've successfully distracted me from writing english papers with those puma shoes

  3. Reply:Thanks! i try XD Also I don't have a full body mirror size here. And I am too lazy to go downstairs to try taking one. So I use my timer, unfortunatly camera sucks and cut my head, always D:

    Comment: what an awesome fashion show!!! WOW! I see RH boots! Great great! <3
    My college should do cool things like that...but they don't...

    Good luck with drapping! I MUST do the boring reports...

    Go to met, girl! Have some cultutal fun!heheh I need to go to some museums too, before I have to make a research of good/interesting exhibitions.

    Buy a jogging sneakers~ I hate buying them, but is necessary XD


  4. Looks like it was a great show! Although boo hoo to those models working outside in the heat D: Kate did an amazing job on her garments, I particularly like the raincoat.

    Yikes, you talking about drapery and sewing makes me feel lazy for not doing any work (>.<) You're a good motivator!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

  5. I love those falsies! They look great on you. Congrats to Kate! I love her design.

    Shadow of the Wind is so good! FINISH. Ha.

  6. I just love the transparent plastic jacket in the first pic of the show !! Can i have it?
    Oh and i've been using fake lashes daily for couple of months now and i recommend the same for you! They really suit you. And also make you look really sophisticated ! :D

  7. oh and i want this also !