Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's just one of those days . . .

Today is a day where I want to do several things . . .

Like watch a good horror movie.

And follow up with a a good ole Mary Kate and Ashley movie
after reading this article on the cut)

Maybe pretzel my body yoga style.

And attempt to finish a crossword puzzle.

Then wind down with a side of bread pudding and sleep.

However, life likes to deal me jokers, and so I have a mighty strong feeling I will be doing other things instead.

Like sewing in school.

And making patterns for a jacket.

Maybe swing by Trader Joes for some groceries.

And continue doing my fashion art homework.

Right now, Youtube is keeping me sane. But not for long. See you guys later!


  1. Oh my lordy, we would get along so well!

  2. I got so excited, and then it took a turn for the o noes! haha. We shall have plenty time to goof off and do glorious summer activities. I myself should probably find something more worthwhile to do than facebooking...
    Youtube! Lately I can never decide what to listen to, so I just go to youtube and play all the videos on my favorites list lol

  3. OMG! Look at how the Olsen Twins looked so cute back then :) I was really fond of watching all their movies before. I just hope that I will have the time sleep the whole day too!