Friday, May 14, 2010

Those school days . . .

Hey everyone! It's Aya~ I'm going to school again today (see a trend?) and pretty much the rest of the weekend. But thought since I have a bit of time now, why not hit up the bloggy?

So I think y'all are wondering about the detox and how it went. Well, here's a report sans any pictures. Nothing significantly happened that should have been snapped.

I had 3 square meals of plain yogurt and banana, followed with lots of water, tea, and vitamins.

It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. The plain yogurt and banana held me over really well, and every other time, I just drank water. It may also have been easier because I just sewed all day long and thus, didn't have time to really think about food.

However, I caved in at the last hour of the day to some flavored yogurt. It was due to the fact that I actually have the longest school day on Tuesday and I really needed some of that sugar. Also because at one point going home, I was starting to feel nauseous. I don't get motion sick but once I realize we're actually moving in a rickety way on any transportation device, I can't stop thinking about it. So that happened on the subway, and that plus the lack of food and maybe lack of sleep from previous days made me feel sick.

Overall, not much change. The day afterward, I ate like I normally do. It was easy to do so because it was only a 24 hour cleanse. I did notice that my mouth didn't feel as dry as it normally did because I kept myself hydrated the whole time. I also found myself savoring each bite of my food more, because that's what I did during detox.

I would say results vary on people, but if you do plan to detox, don't do it on a day you plan to work for long hours or go to school. Best on lazy days. I also realized it's ideal if you aren't in any stress or have sleep deprivation as this probably helped me feel nauseous.

Well, there's the report on that. I hope it helped anyone who was thinking of also doing the detox (or avoiding it). I think in conclusion, I will go by the old standby of healthy eating and exercise instead of doing periodic cleanses, but since it didn't have much of an effect on me, I may do it again in different circumstances (i.e. not during school)

In other news, I totally banged out a blazer.

It's not necessarily made for me since everyone had to use the same pattern, but I think I did a good job choosing the fabric and buttons. It's fully lined and padded at the shoulders! Victory! I will show better pictures once it's back in my possession . . .

I also visited the knitting lab. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. See for yourself . . .

It was right after a textiles class and my teacher decided to give us some swatches downstairs in this lab. Needless to say, I whipped out my camera and took pictures.
I'm seriously wanting to live there so I can knit myself a new wardrobe for fall. Or crochet. And THAT LADDER. Best kind of ladder in the world. One day I will work in a bookstore with that kind of ladder !

Recent lunch!

Salad at Guy and Gallard. This place is actually great for salads because they don't get too expensive (unless you get a bunch of things in it).

Recent outfit!

-H&M sweater
-Rooney Band Tee (btw, they're touring in the summer because of new album release, Eureka! I'm planning to go to their show in July!)
-Plaid scarf from Japan
-Uniqlo sweatpants
-Black tights
-XOXO boots

Now I should be getting off to eat some lunch. But the semester is almost ending! One more week of torture and sleepless nights left! Yes! So see you guys later~


  1. i'm def gonna try that froyo place! i prob know what you're talking about

    OHOHOH FASHION MAJOR: i just realized theres a workroom w/ sewing machines in the C building. can anyone go in??? :o i've always wanted to use their sewing machines....

    (i want to steal that ladder)

  2. Reply-I bought at century 21! I love socks departament there <3 I buy everything hahahaha

    Comment-The blazer is amazing!! *o* I love the buttons!
    What an amazing place!!Is it inside FIT?? :O

    I love your pirate look boots!

  3. That Blazer looks so professional!!! looks amazing!
    I have always secretly wanted to get a house one day that had a whole room devoted as a library with high ceilings and those slidey ladders to reach the high up books haha...*sigh*

  4. I recently did a detox where for two days you only eat plain, solid fruits and vegetables (nothing processed, cooked etc.) and eat every 5 hours, nothing in between (supposed to reform your metabolism the way its supposed to be?) It was very easy to pull off, atleast easier than it probably sounds! and for me it worked really, really well! It did evvvvvverything a detox is known to do. Maybe you can try this kind.

    From personal experience I think it works very well on those busy work days, beacuse the nutrient overload from those fruits and veggies kick in to give you loads of energy, but the work keeps you from thinking over the fact that 'wow dude im only eating fruits and veggies i hope i dont get cravings'

  5. I love those colors and stuff ~
    Aww !!!