Sunday, June 27, 2010

Groove, Slam, Work it Back, Filter that, Baby Bump that Track

I love how I quote a Lady Gaga song when this post has nothing to do with her. But then again, who hasn't quoted Lady Gaga out of context? She's just that random and everywhere.

Anyway, so I went to a concert last Tuesday with a great group of people. We went to see the Empires, but there were three other bands playing as well: Tiger Riot, Harvard, and Lights Resolve.
I'm normally more of an indie rock/folksy pop person, whereas these bands were a bit harder, but I still enjoyed myself!

Tiger Riot was the opening band. From what I get, they're from Long Island. And apparently it was their second time playing a show (their first time being a sweet sixteen). Well, after hearing that, I really gotta hand it to them because they were really quite catchy. The members were also super sweet and seemed happy to be there. I enjoyed watching them.

Before I say anything more, some of y'all know I don't like using flash because I think it destroys the moment. Well, I gave up, and I started using it. Trust me, I will be doing it again, because pictures turn out way better (and less editing).

Anyway, the second band was Harvard. They were GREAT. Such energy and stage presence! And I mean, any band with a frontman that collects random masks is totally cool in my book.
I talked to them the most after the show. The singer, Jesse (the one who collects masks) is THE SWEETEST PERSON EVER. He was super easy to talk to. My group and I also got posters signed by the members later, and we all got personal messages from Tim (I believe?) Anyway, I can't wait to check 'em out the next time they're in the city!

Empires came out third! We were actually confused because we thought they were the main act, but ah well, that didn't matter too much once they started playing.
They also exuded a lot of energy! Around this time, everyone started getting really sweaty and sticky, but it just upped the greatness factor. I could tell we were surrounded by a lot of empires fans (my friend Lesley included), so it was a lot of fun when they came out and played!
After the show, we spoke with Sean and Ryan, both of whom were great conversationalists and quite easy on the eyes as well (I swear, it's like a sweaty rock thing).

We had some time before the last act came out so we took some pictures:

Woah, I am tan.

Obligatory shoe shot! Also, our shoes were super mondo different, hence why. We are artists after all!

Woo hoo, finger star!

The last band was Lights Resolve. I got the best pictures of them but sadly, they were a disappointment. Their music was kind of generic emo music (for lack of better terms and quoted from my friend Tony), and I kind of got this cocky vibe from the bassist. Sorry guys. But hey, other people seemed to like them. It's just me.

After the show, we headed to the restroom. I don't usually take public bathroom pictures, but this was awesome!

I think I need to make a dress or outfit based off of this bathroom. It's just so kitschy and LOVE.

Oh, and bonus pictures!

The group with Jesse from Harvard!

Then with Sean from Empires! Sorry, I hid me face again, but you can tell I'm making a goofy face still.

Thanks for the great memories guys (as in, the bands and the great people I went to the show with)! Lets do it again~


  1. Hey aya, thanks for visiting and for the comment! :)
    Totally love the shoe shot! :D
    Kiss from Lisbon

  2. I've never been to a concert.. the vibe looks FUN!

  3. Looks like an awesome night! I haven't been going to nearly enough shows lately :-(