Friday, June 18, 2010

Days of My Life . . .

Hey guys!
I just wanted to start off the post with a quick thanks to you guys for the advice about the phone issue. I ended up calling them and it just turned out to be a weird mishap. I guess I shouldn't worry so much next time, eh?

So here's a quick recap of the past few days:

I started work officially. I don't want to say where I work for safety issues, however, if I know you directly, don't worry, I'll let ya know. If anything, it's a place some of my readers would and do go to.
I met some really snazz-tastic people so far. And everyone reminds me of someone I've met before. It's like a reunion of strangers (is it just me or would that make a great band name?)
Oh! And there's this guy that just . . . LOOKS like Uncle Jesse from Full House (John Stamos). How GNARLY IS THAT? And I also met a guy whose running his first 10k this year, and he turned me over to It's great, I'm actually looking at it now!
Anyway, everything else is just like me, making space in my brain for all this information they're giving us, so I'm just a little wiped out right now.

Yesterday, I had cake for my brother's birthday!

It's from Black Hound. I swear I've tried almost all of their cakes. I highly recommend though, they're so delicious!

Then for breakfast, I had some of this:

Yogurt and berries are a winning combo on hot days.

Okay, so I told you guys how I've been working lately. And on the first day, I was given this packet concerning dress codes. Now lets be honest here, I'm so used to dressing for art/fashion schools, it's been YEARS since I've dressed for anything else, and the first thing I thought was "How can I dress so I can be as fashionable and me as I possibly can without breaking codes?"

Well, I've been testing the waters so far, and this is what I wore today.

I actually went and bought some new long pants for the job! Since if you haven't realized, I'm a tights and shorts kinda gal . . .


-Liz Lisa Hair Tie
- White fake glasses
- H&M Polka Dot shirt
- My mom's belt
- Uniqlo pants (SUPER comfy)
- Boutique 9 Metallic Oxfords

I got the oxfords at Bloomingdales the day I bought the pants. THEY ARE PERFECT. All I need now are golden cowboy boots (heck no, I've not given up this search!)

Then for lunch, I had vegan mac and cheese at Loving Hut.

It was my first time with vegan mac and cheese. I gotta say, t'was delicious, but not quite the same as good ole real mac and cheese. What can I say, a girl's gotta have her cheese.

So I got home mighty early and after a few hours of the Food Network, I realized I was bored outta my mind. That's when I got out some makeup and just decided to go with it.

The first two with my short wig on, the last without it.
I would say I edited the lighting of the images because it came out kinda dark on the images. But the eye make-up is basically a nice turquoise, which I blended with a light gray towards the inner corners. The outer corners I actually used scotch tape so it wouldn't go past a certain point, then I blended it back into the skin. Then I used pencil liner and two types of mascara, making sure to lengthen the outer eyelashes more.

What do ya think?

Anyway, this post took more time than I thought it would. I'll get off and rest up. See you guys around~


  1. You look so cute with short hair. It also matches with the eye make up :)

  2. i get what u mean w/ the dress code. sometimes i'm afraid my boss might not understand my 'bold-outfit' days....

    it sounds so mysteriouss about where you're working kaka. i might just ask you on facebook :D (when i get back on it)

  3. You got the jobb! Congrats.

  4. Your Yogurt and berries are a winning combo looks really yummy! :D

  5. I want your shoes! NOW!
    And the mac and cheese *o*

  6. Ahaha, I love that short hair on you. Looking at it makes me want to cut my hair that way now :o That makeup is pretty rockin' too!

    And I got to say, that cake looks super fun, harlequin cake? Automatic awesome ;)