Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have 8563 Unread Messages in my Inbox and I don't care.

My, what a day. Woke up early this morning (6:30??) instead of the recent 9:00 that I've been experiencing since summer vacation started. This is great because I need to do something about my bad sleeping habits anyway.

So today I have several things:

[1] Job Interview.
Hope it goes well, because this place that I'm applying for, I actually LOVE and visit frequently.

[1] Picture of Yesterday's Lunch.

I went to Guy and Gallard with a friend. It was a different one than the one near school, so I noticed they charged extra for some things. However, they were generous with other things, so I guess it all evens out.
Salad (Spinach + Egg, Chickpeas, Egg Noodles), bread, small steamed chai.

[1] Hair Modeling Experience

Okay, so on Tuesday, I met up with a friend's friend, who now I'm allowed to claim a friend of mine (wow, weird sentence huh?) at a salon in Soho called Projet.
I got asked maybe 2 weeks ago to go in as a hair model. At first, I thought Wait, my hair is equivalent to George of the Jungle. But I rolled with it, and after running around Manhattan, landed in this insanely clean and pretty establishment.
My hair was done by Leo, who's in training right now. After examining my hair, he shampooed, treated, and blow dried.


I personally love it. Its actually tame and feels good to the touch now. That, and he didn't disregard the fact that I sweep my hair to the side ! So no middle part. I can't vouch for anything when it comes to cutting since I just got it blown out, but still, quite snazzy, no?

I also thought it would be obnoxious to have a bunch of pictures of myself one after another. So I collaged them into a film strip instead. Haha, talk about NOT being obnoxious. Hush hush.

I tried to take it from different angles so you can see the hair better. Please excuse the "after-a-long-day" make-up on my eyes !

An extra pic, this is me make-up less and looking like a granny. "Get off my lawn, yer darn kids!" This is where if I did have a cane, I would shake it vigorously and angrily.

To commemorate such a good looking 'do, I dressed up the next morning (regardless of rain) and took pictures.

Wow, I look liked I robbed . . . a hipster.

- Fake glasses
- Gucci Necklace
- H&M Bolero
- Uniqlo Raglan Tee
- Blue Jean Shorts
- H&M Floral Tights
- Payless Booties
- Black Purse (technically it belongs to my mom)

I literally haven't worn heels since probably fashion week in February so I opted for my more comfortable chunky heeled ones. I should do it more often since it ups the trend factor.

Now I'm off to eat [1] lunch and mentally prep myself for the job interview I have. Toodles guys!


  1. Good luck on your interview!!

  2. Tell us about your job interview! Is a store?? tell me more tell me more *keeps singing*

    New hair cut <3

    MAN! Love your outfit!I am a tights addicted, here is so hard to find beautiful ones, so I spend all my money with NY's tights XD

  3. damn woman!! So that was the sweater i was talking about ;P ahahaha btw, this is sarah han XD and i have over 25000+ messages so THERE. :D
    plus this is my blog. >__< treat it with lovee~

  4. Good luck with the job interview. Lies and a smile will do. :)

  5. oh damn girl, your hair looks amazingg!!