Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Food Adventure with a side of Art

Hey guys! What a lovely Saturday it is. Of course, it's going to be a killer day weather wise (88 degrees!), but I'm hopeful. Today I'm going job hunting with my friend. We're basically starting down and going up. If I'm up to it, I may join her for a concert later, but if not, just expect me to go home and sleep! I've written another set of goals for June, and one of them includes sleeping earlier. Hopefully that gets accomplished!

This morning I had a lovely breakfast of Fage Greek Yogurt + honey and a banana.

I also added raisins to that. (Note: I found Fage on sale at Westerly for $.99! That never happens . . . I love Westerly)

Okay, so about yesterday. It all started out with a text to my friend Lesley, asking if she was free for some good ole Moma hoppin' and possibly shopping. Eating wasn't really on the agenda initially, but OH MAN, I should always know that being with friends who are also foodies will ALWAYS lead to food.

I started off with this bad boy.

Yeah, I don't really do iced coffee, but on a blazin' day like yesterday, it hit the spot. I may or may not have had a donut with that.

After meeting up with Lesley and her sister and her friends in the Upper West Side, we decided it was only fitting to hit up Urban Outfitters. And of course, because we've been talking about going to the Lite Choice forever and Lesley just happened to have a phone with internet and she just happened to check their twitter and see that there was a bogo special for bars, we had to go. And go we did.

It was sad to see there was no almond butter left, but ah well, I never say no to frozen treats.

Buying retail now is really a challenge for me because unless it's really worth it, I tend to think I can make it for myself. Or thrift it. So nothing was bought at Urban Outfitters.

OH WAIT, but you know what was HAD at Urban Outfitters?

I call it the monster, otherwise known as a cookie from Levain. I remember seeing this insane monstrous cookie on Throwdown with Bobby Flay months ago and I've been dying to try it ever since. Well, we were in the area, and Lesley's sister so kindly got us one, so we split the devil.


Well, after stuffing our faces with sweets galore, we knew the only thing left to do was walk all the way to the Moma in the crazy weather. Yay, sore feet.

After getting to the Moma, we split into two groups and wandered around.

They had a weird curtain projection, so of course, everyone was taking pictures in front of it including us.

Lesley had a museum report so off we went to look for the gallery she was told to visit. We seriously went on a wild goose chase cause we couldn't find the Irving Penn gallery at all, until someone told us the gallery was actually CLOSED for a temporary memorial. Fun.
Well, some of the stuff was apparently upstairs, so after fooling around, we went to the third floor for some photographs.

I saw some Cindy Sherman which got me excited (since I actually know who she is). Although some of it got me a little annoyed because I feel like it wasn't really worth putting in the museum, or rather, the artist was banking more on their name than the quality of the piece. Just like my art teacher said, "Just because it's in a museum, doesn't mean it's necessarily good."

Well, we were all pretty exhausted after walking around the museum too, so we went downtown for some eats. Let me tell you, the village is PACKED after 7. We gave up on two places, and only when we say Hummus Place did we sit down to eat.

My Hummus Fava.

The decor was nice and I was kinda in love with the little hand wash station in front of the bathrooms. The service was also cheerful and polite, so no complaining there. I think the only thing may be to have a little more variety in the dishes, just because I didn't really expect my dish to be a plateful of hummus. Good hummus, but a lot of hummus. And beans. Everyone cleaned their plates well though, so me thinks this was a success!

After the meal, we all headed to the train, stuffed and tired.
When I got home, I blended myself a smoothie for today and went to sleep. I think I'm going to go and actually have that smoothie now.

I hope today will be as slammin' as yesterday was! Good day everyone!

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  1. Reply-Yes, is getting cold here! Finally!haha

    Comment-I want that frozen treat ;_; and the yummy cookie!

    Interesting pictures of the body parts. I must say I don't recognize some parts (or do I and I just don't wanna think that THEY ARE what I'm thinking XD)