Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Japan Day and Applications Galore!

Hey everyone. How is your Wednesday? Mine is pretty relaxed. I'm meeting a friend later, but for now, I'm just kicking it back.

So lately I've been on a job hunting frenzy, trying to find jobs in every place I may want to work. I know it's such a spoiled thing to say to do what you love in this economy, but I strongly believe that at least finding a job that involves things you like (for me, it would be clothes/food) would really help secure a job. It would also make the road ahead a lot less bumpy. Besides, I think managers can tell when you're not telling the truth anyway.

So Japan Day was last Sunday, and I haven't posted pictures yet, so thought you may want to see!

My eye make-up and wig. Since it was Japan Day and all, I thought I would kinda amp up the pop culture-ness of my outfit. That, and the super Asian pose does half the work for me.

I got to Central Park around . . . 2? IT WAS PACKED. Look at all those people! And the lines for everything was insane. I couldn't even get tea. [tear tear]

A pic with my friend Melissa. Note: I am actually tanner than you may think I am.

I haven't looked so Japanese in a long time . . . Oh, and face censor because I had a strange expression (looked painful . . .)

Outfit Lowdown:
- Aristocats Marie Cap from Tokyo Disneyland (or Sea? I can't remember!)
- Long Wig
- Homemade Bow
- Polka-dot t-shirt/dress from H&M
- Belt from 6% Dokidoki
- Pink tutu from Japan
- Lace Tights from F21
- Boots from Double Decker (these officially broke but I still want to repair them again!)
- Tote from Muji (and I painted on it)

The Taiko drumming booth, and some of the performances I saw. I'm amazed zoom came out really well (oh camera, I love thee). But furthermore, I'm amazed at myself for realizing just now the guy in the last pic holding the curtains.

So after watching some of the performances and playing phone tag with my friend Jenna (and FINALLY FINDING HER THROUGH MEANS OF A POLICE VAN), Melissa, Jenna, her boyfriend, and I all headed to midtown for a little snackage.

Vanilla Bean Frappe with WHIPPED CREAM YAY (yes, I am a little kid) and Melissa's Coffee Frappe (?) with a Chicken Sandwich from Zaiya Cafe.

After snacking, Jenna and her boyfriend left, and I broke my boots. So I bought replacement shoes at H&M (you will see them soon). Then Melissa and I got hungry, so we decided on a little field trip to Serendipity!

Inside decor pics and a menu picture. Man, I missed this place!

We started with a mint frozen hot chocolate!

Looks killer, don't it?

Then we moved onto entrees. I got a Bleu Burger, and Melissa grabbed a BLT.

Sorry to the bunch of people who are vegan/vegetarian out there!

We basically then walked to the train to go home. T'was a fun fun day! I hope to do something like it soon.
Also, I'll be introducing something cool that happened to me yesterday in another post. So wait for it~


  1. The food pictures on your blog are always so mouth-watering! :(

    Happy Japan Day? :)

  2. OMG! Central park seems to be a ants place XD GIANT ANTS ahahaha

    Dude, I wanna go to this awesome food place!

  3. :O U WENT TO JAPAN DAY?!!? EROFJDOFJ I WAS THERE THE WHOLE DAY. but so many people you would be difficult to find. :3
    i dont know how u were able to wear the wig in such hot weather tat day

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  5. "I haven't looked so Japanese in a long time"
    I LOL'd x3
    But your outfit was boss I got to say, it makes me want to go and buy a rainbow of tulle pannier skirts x_x

    FOOD *Q* Looks good! Where is that place? I never been o.o