Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Someone up there likes me . . .

Seriously, someone up in the Heavens must REALLY REALLY LIKE ME if I got an A in Tennis and furthermore, NOT a C in Textiles.

I mean, I'm good at things like yoga and rock climbing, but holy smokes! I have been sucking at tennis the whole semester. I did improve, but . . . I'm pretty sure the essay I wrote for my finals is what got me to the land of the higher GPA. And that not getting a C in textiles is a miracle because I spent the semester suffering under a smart alec teacher and being unmotivated.

That being said, I am a good student guys! Even though I am seemingly not so . . .

So, Memorial Day Weekend . . .

Well, let me tell you ahead of time, all weekend I found myself in St. Marks. I don't know why, but I guess my friends and I just gravitate towards that street.

On Saturday, I went to see Jukebox the Ghost and Free Energy.

On Sunday, I went to go see Exit Clov at the Rockwood Music Hall with my friend Melissa!

They were AMAZING! I found out about them a few months ago and really wanted to see them live, but the last time they were in NY, it had an age restriction so I couldn't go. Well, when I learned they were playing at Rockwood AND with no cover fee, I had to go, and go I did.
It was a small venue, but they rocked it. And seriously, Emily and Susan are so multi-talented. I'm jealous.

After that Melissa and I headed to St. Marks where we did some karaoke and I noshed on froyo.

The place was this Korean joint, and it was so clean and big and trendy looking. I think I prefer smaller cozier places, but the English song selection was actually more extensive than other places I've been to. AND THEY HAD MULAN'S I'LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU. That was a first.

Then on Monday, unexpectedly, my mother and sister were all "Lets Karaoke!" so I went again, to a different place, and sang my wee little heart out.

My food, followed by all the food.
And that's water by the way, next to my food.

After a few hours of singing random English and Japanese songs, my sis went home and I accompanied my mom to the Japanese grocery store.

On the way, I saw apparently an open art gallery! THIS blew my mind.

I couldn't stay for long, but just some of the things I saw. Seriously, I hope they do more of these because I love that anyone could just stroll around and enjoy art. It's also a great way for artists to showcase their stuff!

Now I'm off to eat some food. Seriously, I AM STARVING. Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!


  1. perhaps those places were duet and japas27? kakaka karaoke~ <3

  2. Congrats on your good grades, missy! Although I always thought it was unfair to give a letter grade for a gym activity.

    I've never karaoked! I am waaaay too shy. But I do love that you did it with your mom!

  3. I miss live conserts now, wanna see some bands.. :P
    And you know, I am hungry now when I saw these food pictures, it looks so DELICIOUS! Like I could bite and eat it just now! ~

    xoxo Sanna