Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Concerts, banters, and some duct tape

Everybody here wants to know
Did everybody say what a good day it was
For everybody who said what a good day that it was
Did they smile cause they liked it
Did they smile cause they liked it
Did they?

-"Good Day" by Jukebox the Ghost

I think it only fair to let you know that I used to think it was duck tape (stupid Aflac commercials) . . .

Hello everyone!
On Saturday I went to go see Jukebox the Ghost with Free Energy and opening act Miniature Tigers! As you can tell by my clever input of some Jukebox lyrics, I had a blast and smiled aheckofalot because I liked it.

The day started off as it normally does. I think I ate some weird yogurt concoction again, and then some potato salad for lunch. I don't know, on concert days I usually don't munch too much since I kinda forget about being hungry. I did later, but that's later.

I met my friend Crysbel up at 5 to wait in line for the concert.

NOTE: I'm pretty hard core about line waiting when it needs to be (don't get me started on morning trips to Japanese concerts because there's always someone there 2 days in advance). For local concerts, I give myself a good 3 hours before doors are supposed to open. It's also a great time to talk with your friend or make new ones!

Crysbel and I were first, so we decided to fool around and take pictures.

Outfit rundown:
-Ralph Lauren floral blouse
-Random Overalls (a story about these coming later)
-Gucchi necklace
-F21 tights
-Double Decker boots (BETTER story about these later)
-VW bag

A cheesy picture in between posters of the bands we were going to see:

Convincing Crysbel to do the same:

And together:

Yeah, so I took this at a high angle and well, my blog is pretty clean, so my friend Hello Kitty came to the rescue~ You will probably see her more on the blog in the future.

After much waiting and mango eating and spotting band members-ing, we went inside the venue. That's when my friend Juliana and her friend Gabby joined us.

That second picture is a win because we all look ridiculous and the guy in the background.

At around 9, Miniature Tigers came out to play!

They were pretty cool. I got this 50s-wedding-cover-band vibe from them (I think it was because of that one song they played that was supposed to sound kind of under watery). I actually checked them out prior to the show maybe 3 weeks ago? I like them better in the studio. But there is always time to amp up the energy! Also, frontman was wearing a Lady Gaga shirt under his plaid one . . .

After a couple of songs, they had to go, and we waited for the next band. Well, we were pumped (I was saying "I'M EXCITED" in every 5 minute interval I AM ANNOYING) because it was Jukebox the Ghost!



Jesse is always so far (which is why zoom is my friend)!

Okay, funny story. Tommy was on my left and it's not that he was necessarily really active, but HOLY SMOKES, this is the closest non blurry shot I got of him! Because every time he stopped, I raised my hand to take a picture, and then he moved just as I pushed the button.
P.S. I don't use flash so as not to disrupt "the moment" but flash may work out better in the blur department.


It was drenched in Heineken so we let it dry.

But overall performance: A-FREAKING-MAZING. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. Outta-this-world, slamming, psychedelic, and the williest thing I have ever seen.
Seriously, SO MUCH STAGE PRESENCE. Remember the last time I saw them, I didn't know them but I fell in love? Well, this time, I knew them and felt like I was falling for them again. Their cds are kick-butt but you are not living if you haven't seen them live. And if you think I contained my inner 50-year-old-that-lives-in-a-senior-home, you better think again because believe that I brought those old school dance moves. You know, the ones I would use if I were, uhhhhhh, a 50 year old that lived in a senior home.
Also, highlights would be the Donna Lewis cover, I Love You Always Forever, the witty banter between Ben and Tommy, Ben's ducking under the mike over and over again, mental illness songs, and noticing Ben also uses hand movements that resemble those used during a sermon.

After our minds were totally blown, we waited for Free Energy. I checked them out on myspace prior to the event, and I swear I kept going back. Their songs were GOOD.

Okay, so I don't know the origin of the name Free Energy, but if they meant it to mean they're so energetic that they're basically giving it to us in buckets, then I TOTALLY AGREE. But if it has to do with science, then sorry, that's my worst subject.
But they were CRAZY. Especially mr. guitarist to my right. I think I saw his face properly only 3 times, cause the rest of the time, he was KILLING, neigh, MURDERING THAT GUITAR. I haven't seen shreddage like that in a long time . . .
Right before they played though, there were these guys behind us, and one of them with a cowboy hat on was beefing on my overalls, and he was all "I hope you girls bring it, because we're going to rock it out." So of course, I was all "My overalls will rock harder than your cowboy hat." Which sounds lame, actually it is lame, but I'm also sure that the guys behind us were drunk so . . . yeah.

Oh, and there was no Lady Gaga shirt to be seen during this act . . .

After they played, the concert ended and my friends and I decided to wander around. We needed water, so off we went to a random deli a few blocks off. After stopping for water, we came back so Crysbel's dad could pick her up.
That's when the rest of us decided to walk to St. Marks and disaster struck!

The rubber sole of my left boot fell off.
These are my official concert boots (actually, they just happened to become that way since I wear them to almost every concert), and of course, Jukebox became too much to handle for my already broken shoes, so they just kinda died . . .
Well, not quite.
There was a nice fellow manning the entrance to a bar/club, and he happened to see this and brought out some duct tape! Voila!

Now they're wearable again! Oh, and the picture above was taken in the morning, hence the gorgeous lighting. I'm pretty sure I should stop trying to save these shoes because they are A MESS, but we'll just see how long they last until they literally fall off my feet.

Now I'm wiped from writing all of this. I'll update you guys on the rest of my memorial day weekend later! Toodles!


  1. Omg I need some overalls BAD! I miss the ones I used to have as a child, I had tons; a couple denim ones, a white one, a pink one, and I think I had a green one at one point too. xD

    I *might* try and sew myself a pair, probably not in denim. I want to make some our of some floral upholstery fabric or maybe corduroy? *adds to really really long sewing list*

    I love your outfit though! And LOL at Crysbel's Hello Kitty censor stamp xD

  2. is that the same boot you were when I was in NY? XD a survivor!!!
    WIN for lady gaga's tee!

  3. oh no!!! ur shoes!!! the man was a savior haha
    looks like u had fun, u look lovely in the first picture :D

  4. nice boots. where and when did you get these!?!?!
    Ana <3

  5. Don't throw them away! Destroyed shoes show character ;D